Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Main Event Results 03/04/14

Main Event results from Detroit, MI:

A special live Tuesday edition of Main Event aired on the WWE Network. The show opened with highlights from Raw where Daniel Bryan challenged the Authority and attacked Kane, but was later attacked during his match against Batista. The final segment of Raw had The Authority, Batista and Orton standing tall over Bryan.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane via pinfall. During the match, Kane had control after a commercial break, using slams and holds to keep Bryan down. Bryan started to make a comeback after dropkicking Kane to the floor. He hit a missile dropkick in the ring for a nearfall. Kane got control back and hit his flying clothesline. He prepared for a chokeslam but Bryan hit a roundhouse kick to prevent it, then hit a diving headbutt for a near fall. The match finished when Kane grabbed Bryan for a chokeslam, but as he lifted him, Bryan rolled through and pinned Kane's shoulders down.

Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall. Aksana and Brie were both at ringside. At one point, Aksana distracted Nikki from ringside, allowing Fox to hit a shot from behind. Alicia went on offense with a suplex for a near fall. Nikki eventually finished the match under five minutes with a torture rack back breaker.

Renee Young did an interview in the ring with the new Tag Team champs, the Uso Brothers. They talked about how the feeling has quite sunk in yet and they knew the former champions won't be happy with the loss. New Age Outlaws interrupted the interview and came to the ring. Dogg said they have to postpone their rematch due to not feeling 100%. Brad Maddox arrived on stage and confirmed an injury. He said since the crowd wants a tag team title match, there will still be one right now.

The Uso Brothers defeated Los Matadores via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. New Age Outlaws stayed out on guest commentary. Late in the match, Los Matadores got some control after Fernando hit a DDT on Jimmy. Jey got into the match to change that though. The finish came when The Usos hit a double Superkick and then a Superfly Splash for the pinfall. Post-match, Billy shoved Torito, causing Torito to fight back. Eventually, Los Matadores hit a finishing move on Billy Gunn with help from Torito.

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