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SmackDown Results 02/14/14

SmackDown Results from Ontario, CA:

SmackDown opened with Michael Cole hyping Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton in the main event.  Daniel Bryan came out for the first match followed by Christian, Sheamus and their opponents: The Shield.

The Shield defeated Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Christian via pinfall.  Late in the match, Bryan came in to help out Christian, then took all of The Shield.  He hit a suicide dive on Reigns on the outside, but then Rollins hit one on him.  Back in the ring, Sheamus accidentally hit Christian with the Brogue Kick.  Reigns speared Sheamus and then Ambrose pinned Christian.

Zeb Colter playfully asked Vickie Guerrero to be his Valentine backstage, but she told him to cut the act.  He talked about having Cesaro in a title match at the Chamber PPV, and wanted Swagger in one.  She said he's been on a losing streak and may not deserve one.  Zeb suggested he could earn one to make her feel better.  She booked a Fatal Fourway match with Swagger, Mysterio, Kingston and Mark Henry with the winner becoming #1 contender for the IC title.

Antonio Cesaro had an interview backstage with Byron Saxton.  Cesaro said nobody believes he can leave EC PPV as the champion, but tonight he'll defeat Randy Orton in the non-title main event to prove he's ready.

They talked about WWE Network which will have the WWE Hall of Fame 2014 induction ceremony.  They showed the latest inductee: Amy Dumas aka Lita.

Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston in a Fatal Fourway match via submission to become #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title.  The match came down to a spot with Swagger, Mysterio and Kofi in a double german suplex move.  Swagger threw Kofi out of the ring, then Rey tripped Swagger down to hit a 619.  Kofi came back in and hit Trouble in Paradise on Rey.  Kofi was able to kick Henry into the announcers table outside the ring.  Kofi tried to skin the cat to get back into the ring, with Swagger grabbing him and putting the Patriot Lock on.  Kofi struggled a bit, then tapped out to Swagger's move.

They recapped Betty White's night as guest host on Raw this past Monday including the prank with New Age Outlaws.  Bad News Barrett rose up on his big podium to deliver a message about Valentine's Day.  He said American women will gorge themselves on candy and chocolate, gaining several pounds overnight so when they wake up in the morning they'll be ashamed of what they see in the mirror.

The Usos and Rhodes Brothers defeated Ryback, Curtis Axel and New Age Outlaws via pinfall.  Late in the match, Curtis Axel broke up a pinfall attempt.  All of the superstars brawled and ended up outside the ring, after some splashes from off the apron.  Eventually, Jimmy Uso was able to hit the Superfly Splash off the top rope on Road Dogg for the win.

Backstate, Randy Orton talked about The Authority always having his back.  He said he realizes all the challenges they've given him were to make him stronger as champion.  Orton said Cesaro thinks he can beat him, but he won't face Randy Orton, he'll be facing The Viper tonight.

Darren Young defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall. Titus O'Neil was on guest commentary. During the match, Young and O'Neil started to trash talk at one another.  Sandow took control and was able to toss Young into the barricade.  In the ring, Young reversed Sandow's hip toss attempt, turning it into the pinfall win.  Post-match, Young and O'Neil got into it with Titus getting his clothes ripped to pieces.  Titus was irate after it and threw the ring steps before a referee held him back.  He walked backstage, while Young celebrated.

The Miz defeated Fandango via pinfall.  Late in the contest, Emma and Santino came out, with Summer Rae going up to them on the ramp to confront them.  They shoved one another a bit, with Emma shoving Summer down.  Fandango was distracted by it, which allowed Miz to hit Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Randy Orton via pinfall in a non-title match.  Orton hit a draping DDT on Cesaro late in the match, then looked up at the WrestleMania 30 banner sign.  He went for the RKO, but Cesaro countered with his uppercut, then hit a European Uppercut for a near fall.  Orton headbutted Cesaro in the chest as Cesaro was bringing him to his feet, giving Randy a near fall.  Later, Orton knocked Cesaro into the ring post on the apron and went for a superplex.  Cesaro countered it and hit a sunset flip powerbomb, followed by a European Uppercut.  He finished with the Neutralizer to score the winning pin.

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