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2014 WWE Elimination Chamber Results (Updated)

Welcome to 2014 WWE Elimination Chamber results coverage, updated throughout the pay-per-view and after its conclusion. Sunday's event arrives from the Target center in Minneapolis with Randy Orton defending his championship inside the Chamber against John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Cesaro and Christian. Also, Batista has his first singles match since returning to WWE, as he takes on Alberto Del Rio, and The Wyatt Family faces The Shield in a six man tag, among other matches on the card. A special live online Kickoff Show comes at 7:30 p.m. EST with Cody Rhodes and Goldust against Ryback and Curtis Axel in a free match for fans.

Below are the latest updated results for the 2014 Elimination Chamber:

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall. Cody Rhodes survived a late outside attack from Ryback by hitting a Disaster Kick off the steel steps. In the ring, Axel went for a finisher on Rhodes, but Cody reversed into CrossRhodes to get the victory.

Big E defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title. Big E was able to break out of Swagger's Patriot Lock with an enziguiri kick, then hit the Big Ending for the win.

The New Age Outlaws defeated The Usos via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team titles. Late in the match, Billy Gunn hit a big clothesline. Moments later, Jimmy avoided Gunn's Fameasser and hit him with a superkick for a near fall. The match continued with Jey Uso and Road Dogg brawling on the outside. After some back and forth action, Billy Gunn grabbed a quick rollup pinfall for the win.

Titus O'Neil defeated Darren Young via pinfall. In the late part of the match, Titus put an abdominal stretch on Young. Young had a late comeback though including a neckbreaker from the apron for a near fall. However, Titus hit him with a kidney punch then hit Clash of the Titus to win the match.

The Wyatt Family defeated The Shield via pinfall. Late in the matchup, Ambrose was missing in action after falling over the crowd barrier and fighting Bray Wyatt into the crowd. Bray later returned to the fight outside the ring to work on Rollins, but Ambrose was still missing from the fight. Later, Rowan and Harper double chokeslammed Rollins through the Spanish announcers table. The finish saw Roman Reigns in the ring battling all three of the Wyatts. Bray went for Sister Abigail, with Reigns able to avoid it and hit a headbutt. He hit a huge Samoan Drop and then Harper tried to intervene with Reigns throwing him to the outside. Reigns hit a Superman Punch on Rowan, then Bray. Reigns was standing tall in the ring when Harper ran back in, but Reigns hit a spear. However, Bray was waiting nearby and hit him, then hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Cameron defeated AJ Lee via disqualification in a WWE Divas Championship match. During the match, Tamina tried to get involved to help out. Cameron and AJ ended up on the outside with Tamina going for a kick. Cameron ducked it and AJ got knocked out instead. Cameron had the pinfall with Tamina breaking it up from the outside. Cameron went to the outside to argue but Tamina ran her over with a clothesline to cause the DQ. Post-match, Tamina stomped away on Cameron a bit before bringing the divas title belt to AJ in the ring. AJ seemed upset that Tamina kicked her before.

Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall. When Del Rio first came to the ring he was in street clothes wearing a neck brace and using a crutch to walk. He said he's unable to compete tonight due to Batista putting him through a table on RAW. Batista talks to the ref about it, but Del Rio takes off his warmup suit and is in wrestling gear. He starts to smash the crutch on Batista. Batista eventually stands up in the corner, as the ref calls for the bell. Later in the match, after plenty of back and forth action, Del Rio landed a kick to Batista's head, then pointed to the WrestleMania XXX sign hanging up. Batista countered a move from Del Rio then shoved him into a turnbuckle that was uncovered earlier. Batista followed with a Batista Bomb for the win.

Randy Orton won the Elimination Chamber match to retain the WWE Unified championship. The first elimination happened deep in the match after all the competitors had been released. Sheamus went for a huge slam with Christian out on the steel, but Christian slid out and climbed on top of a pod instead. Orton fought with Sheamus a bit before Superplexing him down to the mat. Christian hit a splash on Sheamus from off the top of a pod, then scored the pinfall to eliminate Sheamus. Moments later, Daniel Bryan ran over to hit a flying knee on Christian, scoring a pinfall to eliminate him. Both Sheamus and Christian were helped out of the chamber.

Cesaro was the next to go. Later in the match, he had a near fall on John Cena, then a big boot to Orton's face. Cena dropped Cesaro for an STF, but Cesaro countered it. He hit a gutwrench move, but Cena countered with a hurricanrana. Cena hit the AA on him onto the steel, then Cena pulled him into the ring and slapped on the STF to make Cesaro tap out.

After that, Cena went for an STF on Randy Orton, but the lights went out and signaled the Wyatt Family sound effects. As the lights came back on, all of The Wyatts were inside the chamber. Orton hit Cena from behind. Luke Harper then ran over Daniel Bryan, with Harper and Rowan then beating down Cena. Bray turned upside down in the corner of the ring, then hit Sister Abigail on John Cena. The Wyatt Family left the Chamber and Orton slid over to make the pinfall on Cena, eliminating him. It's down to Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton.

The Wyatt Family looked on from outside the chamber, as Kane came out and told them to leave. He got into the Chamber to check on John Cena as trainers helped him out. Bryan hit a leaping move, taking Kane down with a flying knee. Orton quickly took advantage, throwing Bryan into a pod, then taking him onto the corner. Bryan countered and turned Orton upside down in the corner, then nailed him with kicks and running dropkicks. Later still, Bryan hit a flying knee on Orton and had a winning pinfall, but Kane pulled the referee off the count. Bryan hit Kane with another kick, but Orton hit Bryan with an RKO. Bryan barely kicked out at 2. Bryan was able to get a near fall moments later on a roll up pin. The match ended as Kane hit a huge right hand punch to clock Bryan, allowing Orton to get the RKO for the win. Post match, Orton grabbed his titles and posed on the ramp. Cole mentioned that Bryan was screwed once again.

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