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Raw Results 02/24/14

Raw results from Green Bay, WI:

As Raw started up, Hulk Hogan's music came on and he arrived out to greet the fans in the arena as he walked to the ring. He played up his traditional in-ring hand-to-the-ear move to get the crowd riled up. Hogan talked about being back home finally with WWE and hosting WrestleMania 30. He brought up WWE Network which launched today and has all sorts of superstars to watch on it. He finished off asking "Whatcha gonna do when Hulk Hogan, the WWE Network and WrestleMania 30 run wild on you, brother?"

Cole, JBL and Lawler talked about the value in getting the WWE Network for the monthly pay-per-views including WrestleMania 30 in addition to hyping up Hogan's appearance on the show already.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Batista via pinfall. During the match, Randy Orton's music hit and he cane out on stage with a mic and both title belts. Batista was distracted by it and Del Rio rolled him up in a pinfall. Post-match, Orton fake apologized for the distraction then said he wouldn't doubt it if Batista was sorry he came back, since the fans don't like him much. Batista told Orton he couldn't be more ring, and that everyone needs to get something through their heads "I love this business." He said when the fans cheer him, he cheers back, and when he gets booed, he boos them back. He told Orton "It's called being real." Batista finished by telling Orton he's looking at the next champion and he needs to "deal with it."

Big E defeated Cesaro due to disqualification in a non-title match. E made a late comeback and hit a one-armed slam on Cesaro. E was able to elude Swagger trying to interfere at ringside. Cesaro capitalized and achieved a Cesaro swing with the fans counting the spins. Swagger got into the ring and put on the Patriot Lock to draw the disqualification. Post-match, E went after Swagger, but Cesaro grabbed him and hit the Neutralizer.

John Cena came out to the ring to call out Bray Wyatt for last night's attack inside the Elimination Chamber that cost him the match. Wyatt appeared on the Titantron with his two stable members, before blowing out the lantern light. Wyatt came down to the dark arena and sat in his rocking chair near ringside to cut a promo talking about Cena being hoolow and full of empty promises. He said Cena stands for illusions while Bray Wyatt stands for everything that is real. Wyatt introduced himself to Cena as the "reapers that bring death to this era of lies."  Cena promised that if any of them stepped into the ring they would be starting something they might not be able to finish. The Wyatt Family eventually entered the ring with Cena fighting back but to no avail. He was overpowered and looked to have hurt one of his legs. A trainer kept checking on Cena but he waved him off. Eventually Bray threw himself into cena causing Cena to hit the mat. Bray did his crucifix pose over Cena. After the incident, Cena was taken backstage on a stretcher.

Sheamus defeated Christian via pinfall. Towards the end of the match, Sheamus put on the Cloverleaf but Christian managed to get to the ropes to break the hold. Christian was visibly bleeding from the mouth as he later traded near falls. Eventually he hit a kick and went for a move off the second rope, but Sheamus connected with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Backstage earlier, Renee Young caught up with The Authority as they arrived to the building. She asked about WWE Network, and Triple H and Steph hyped up the historic moment. They were interrupted by Daniel Bryan yelling. A guy in a suit was holding Bryan back as he asked what Hunter's problem is with him. He said Hunter has continued to screw with him ever since his title fight at SummerSlam. Bryan asked if he has to fight HHH at WrestleMania to prove it. Hunter asked if Bryan has "delusions of grandeur," while Steph let him know he's facing Kane tonight. They walked off with Hunter mocking Bryan's idea of a WrestleMania fight.

They had a backstage segment with The Shield as Dean Ambrose said he was tired of explaining himself over what happened last night. He said if they didn't believe him, that he was out there. Ambrose walked off, with The Wyatt Family showed up. Reigns challenged Bray Wyatt to a singles match, saying he'd leave his hounds behind if Wyatt left his family behind. Wyatt said he's an "interesting creature" and accepted.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane via pinfall. Late in the match, Kane hit a chokeslam but Bryan kicked out of the pinfall at 2. Later still, Kane went for another chokeslam but Bryan avoided it then went for an arm lock. Kane pushed Bryan away, but moments later Bryan caught Kane with the running knee for the win. Post-match, Bryan called out HHH as a coward for hiding behind his wife's skirt. He said he challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 30 and they need to give the fans what they want. Lawler said fans should tweet with "#yes" to try to get the match made.

Emma defeated Summer Rae via submission. Emma won the match in over three minutes after applying the Emma Lock. Santino and Fandango were at ringside for the match. Cole hyped up Emma being a part of NXT on WWE Network.

The Usos defeated New Age Outlaws via pinfall in a non-title match. Road Dogg taunted the Usos before the match, telling them to go to ringside so they could do their intros. The Usos did so but after Road Dogg finished, he got hit by a Superkick. One of the Usos did the Superfly Splash off the top rope on him for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeated Roman reigns due to disqualification. Late in the match, Reigns prepared for a finisher but the Wyatt Family sound effect hit and the lights went out. As the lights cme back, Rowan and Harper were ringside. Seth Rollins appeared and performed a flip over the top rope onto both Wyatts on the outside. Bray tried to steal a roll up on Reigns but only got a two count. Harper and Rowan went for a double team on Rollins, but Dean Ambrose rushed over to break things up. Reigns hit his Superman Punch on Bray Wyatt, then knocked Harper off the ring apron. While Wyatt was already down, Dean Ambrose got in the ring and started to punch him causing the DQ. Both teams battled after the bell, with the announcers noting that Ambrose was the one who caused the DQ loss for Reigns.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came to the ring for the final segment of Raw. Heyman talked about how Lesnar should be the main event at WrestleMania instead of Orton vs. Batista. He said the winner of that match should face Lesnar. He said WWE tends to give you everything thing you want except what you want the most. Heyman said that they gave Lesnar and open contract for WrestleMania, but to him that's a consolation prize. he said Lesnar wants to make history in WWE, so their answer is "no thank you." As Heyman started to leave, the bell tolled and Undertaker's theme played.

Undertaker made his slow entrance to the ring before getting in the ring to pace around and face Lesnar. He went face to face with Brock then eyed the WM30 sign hanging up in the arena. Heyman looked concerned nearby, but Brokc pointed to the open contract. Heyman opened the folder and Brock signed it. Lesnar shoved the pin to Taker's chest. Heyman said Lesnar signed the contract so Taker can too to have a match at Mania. Taker did so, but he grabbed Lesnar's arm to make him sign for him. Taker then grabbed Lesnar and chokeslammed him through the table. Taker flipped his hood up to show off his new mohawk look. He posed in the ring before Raw closed out.

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