Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Main Event Results 02/19/14

Main Event results from Colorado Springs, CO:

The Shield defeated Sin Cara and Los Matadores via pinfall. At one point, Sin Cara gained control after hitting a tornado DDT on Reigns. Cara tagged in Diego who went through several moves on offense. All the superstars ended up getting involved in the action. El Torito hit a senton right in front of the referee, but there was no disqualification called. Later, Reigns hit a double spear to take down Sin Cara and Fernando. Rollins performed his finisher on Diego to score the pinfall.

Cameron defeated Aksana via pinfall.  The match lasted over 3 minutes of TV time. Aksana attacked Cameron early, then went after her with knee drops to the face.  Aksana remained in control for most of the bout, but at one point Cameron surprised her and everyone with the rollup pinfall for the win.

Kofi Kingston defeated Curtis Axel via disqualification. Ryback was ringside for Axel during the match. Kingston had a shot at Trouble in Paradise early on, but Axel rolled to the outside. Ryback looked like he was going to enter the ring, but Mark Henry’s music hit.  Henry came down to the ring to even the odds, providing Kofi some help if needed. After a break, Kofi was dominating the match. Axel got in a bit of offense of his own, but Kofi regained control. Ryback soon had enough of it and began attacking Kofi, causing the ref to call for the bell. Post-match, Henry got in the ring to clear it. Kofi hit a running dive on the outside on Ryback and Axel. Kofi and Henry celebrated in-ring to close out Main Event.

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