Friday, December 5, 2014

SmackDown Results 12/05/14

Smackdown results from Oklahoma City, OK:

Santino Marella arrived out to inform everyone he is the General Manager for SmackDown this week. He hyped up “Jingle All the Way 2,” his new holiday movie which co-stars Larry the Cable Guy.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Luke Harper due to disqualification in an Intercontinental Title match.  Harper hit a low blow kick to cause the DQ, then grabbed a ladder to try to power bomb Ziggler from. Ziggler countered him and hit a Facebuster. Harper started to retreat and Ziggler tossed the ladder out at him. Sanction Marella came out and booked a Ladder Match between them at the TLC PPV.

Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble all came out to talk about recent events. Rollins brought up smashing Cena through the table on RAW. Show talked about having a stairs match against Rowan at TLC. He slammed the steps on top of each other to taunt Rowan. Kane got on the mic saying he will feed Ryback chair after chair at TLC. Sanction comes out and tells everyone to calm down, then announced Ryback and Rowan vs. Rollins and Show as the main event tonight.

Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston of A New Day defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro via pinfall. They used a double team move including Woods hitting a double stomp to get the win. Stardust and Goldust showed up on the big screen to trash talk New Day’s positive message. Woods told them they won’t be held down by the darkness of the universe. Kofi challenges Gold and Stardust to a match with Big E preaching about the power of A New Day.

They showed Naomi backstage with some flower that were sent to her. Jimmy Uso is there and says they aren’t from him. The card says “Apologies from Miz.” Jimmy takes the vase and throws it to the floor, breaking it.

Ambrose came out to hype up getting to beat up Bray Wyatt in a TLC match at the pay-per-view. He said Wyatt’s plan has yet to work out for him and he will put him down at TLC. Lana and Rusev came out to interrupt, saying Rusev won’t compete due to the intimidation tactics America is trying to use on them (Swagger’s attack on Raw). Ambrose said he turned them out when they said Rusev wouldn’t compete because he’s here to fight. He started down the ramp towards them, but Bray Wyatt comes out and gives Ambrose a beatdown. Ambrose recovers but is knocked down again and then hit in his throat with a steel chair.  Wyatt smashed a chair against Ambrose against the steps. After Wyatt left Ambrose laying there, trainers had to come out. They put a neck brace on him and take him away by stretcher.

The Miz defeated Jey Uso via pinfall. Prior to the match, Miz said he didn’t get why Jimmy is so upset, since he’s only trying to help Naomi. The Usos came running out with Miz taunting Jimmy. The ref tells Jimmy to go backstage. Miz wins his match when Jey goes after Damien Sandow and he hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the pinfall.

Naomi defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. AJ Lee was on commentary. Divas champ Nikki Bella was ringside and tried to interfere at one point from the apron. AJ pulled her down and Naomi was able to grab Brie for a schoolboy pinfall to win.

They showed Santino backstage venting to The Bunny about all the pressure on him to be a good GM for tonight’s SmackDown.

Ryback & Erick Rowan defeated Seth Rollins & Big Show via pinfall. Kane was ringside but got sent backstage by the ref for trying to interfere. The ref also missed Show tagging in to Rollins. Rowan connected on a big boot to knock Show down. Rollins argued with the ref about things then turned around to get hit by Ryback’s Shellshocked for the win.

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