Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 WWE Royal Rumble Entries & Eliminations

The 2015 Royal Rumble match took place on Sunday, January 25th in Philadelphia, PA. Thirty men entered the match, with only one able to walk away as the winner. The match included several impressive feats and performances, including Bray Wyatt lasting in the match well over 40 minutes, as well as he and Rusev pulling off five-six eliminations each. Big Show and Kane set the all-time elimination records for their career too. However, in the end, there was one winner, and that was Roman Reigns who eliminated Kane, Big Show and Rusev as his last three eliminations in the match. (View complete PPV results)

Check out the order of entry and eliminations below.

01 The Miz elim. #1 by Bubba Ray Dudley
02 R-Truth elim. #2 by Bubba Ray Dudley
03 Bubba Ray Dudley elim. #3 by Bray Wyatt 
04 Luke Harper elim. #5 by Bray Wyatt
05 Bray Wyatt elim. #25 by Big Show & Kane
05 Curtis Axel (Erick Rowan attacked him on way to ring & entered unofficially) elim. #4 by Rowan prior to entry
07 Boogeyman elim. #6 by Bray Wyatt 
08 Sin Cara elim. #7 by Bray Wyatt
09 Zack Ryder elim. #8 by Bray Wyatt 
10 Daniel Bryan elim. #12 by Bray Wyatt 
11 Fandango elim. #11 by Rusev 
12 Tyson Kidd elim. #9 by Daniel Bryan 
13 Stardust elim. #16 by Roman Reigns
14 Diamond Dallas Page elim. #10 by Rusev 
15 Rusev elim. #30 by Roman Reigns 
16 Goldust elim. #15 by Roman Reigns
17 Kofi Kingston elim. #14 by Rusev
18 Adam Rose elim. #13 by Rusev 
19 Roman Reigns - Winner
20 Big E elim. #19 by Rusev 
21 Damien Mizdow elim. #17 by Bray Wyatt 
22 Jack Swagger elim. #21 by Show 
23 Ryback elim. #20 by Show and Kane
24 Kane elim. #28 by Reigns 
25 Dean Ambrose elim. # by Show and Kane
26 Titus O’Neil elim. #18 by Ambrose & Reigns 
27 Bad News Barrett elim. #22 by Dolph Ziggler
28 Cesaro elim. #23 by Dolph Ziggler
29 Big Show elim. #29 by Reigns

30 Dolph Ziggler elim. #24 by Kane & Big Show

With the win, Roman Reigns will go on to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. That will be several months from now as the Road to WrestleMania gets going. Make sure to check out WWE Raw on Monday night for all the fallout and followup to this huge pay-per-view event!

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