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Raw Results 01/19/15

Raw results from Dallas, TX:

After a tribute video for Martin Luther King Jr, the show opened with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar heading to the ring to call out Seth Rollins. Instead they got Triple H who tried to calm things down with Lesnar wanting a fight. Stephanie came out next to interrupt with Big Show and Kane. Rollins appeared on the big screen to laugh about things saying Lesnar gets his crack at him this weekend. John Cena came down to interject, and tried to add a stipulation to Sunday’s match that if he wins, Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan get their jobs back. Triple H said it would be added to a match Cena has tonight, but if Cena loses he is out of Sunday’s match as well. The fans would vote on WWE app if Cena must accept the match or is a failure.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall. The match lasted over 15 minutes with Bray hitting Sister Abigail due to Kane hitting a cheap shot on Bryan from ringside while the ref wasn’t looking. Post-match, Kane beat up Bryan some more to leave him laid out.

Backstage, Triple H was on the phone when Nash and Hall showed up. They suggested HHH should drop this Authority gimmick so he can come out and cause trouble with them. Shawn Michaels came in to add he should join the legends panel and get them drinks. Mizdow showed up dressed as X-Pac, but then the real X-Pac showed up too. The Miz walked in and told them that Mizdow is his stunt double. He gave the Wolfpack sign before saying “Call Me” and leaving. Nash asked HHH what sort of show he’s running with Triple H responding “I’m so ashamed.”

Byron Saxton hosted a legends panel in the ring to discuss the Royal Rumble. Flair chose Dean Ambrose as his pick. Shawn Michaels picked Bray Wyatt, while Hogan picked Daniel Bryan. Big Show came out to interrupt the bit, calling them washed up legends who vanished because of him. He vowed to win the Rumble. Show told the legends to get out of his ring, but Flair stood up and took off his coat. He got in some shots on Show, but as he came off the ropes, Show KO punched him down saying that was Flair’s own fault. Roman Reigns’ music hit and he arrived through the crowd. The legends took off and Reigns clotheslined Show out of the ring over the ropes like a Rumble elimination. 

Dean Ambrose defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match. Barrett crotched Ambrose on the ropes late. When the IC champ went for Wasteland, Ambrose countered and hit Dirty Deeds to win the match.

Big E and Kofi Kingston defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro via pinfall. Late in the match, Cesaro was carrying Kofi towards the corner of the ring for a tag but Kingston pushed off the ropes and got the rollup pinfall for the win.

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac came to the ring to talk about the glory days of NWO and how they were the biggest aspect of the Monday Night War. They brought up that fans can relive it on WWE Network for $9.99. They continued talking about being one of the greatest teams in the history of wrestling, but were interrupted by The Ascension who came to the ring. Ascension did some trash talking that they are better than any team past or present. JBL stood up and took off his headset to speak on a mic, saying they shouldn’t insult legends. He took off his dress shirt to reveal an APA shirt. Ron Simmons also came down in APA gear to join him in the ring. Next, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg came to the ring. The teams ended up taking turns beating up The Ascension, with them getting laid out. The legends stood over them to conclude the segment.

Backstage, The Authority had a guy do a drumroll as they announced who Cena will face in his big match tonight. They first announced Seth Rollins, then Big Show and then Kane as part of a handicap match. They told the drumroll guy he was fired. 

Paige & Natalya defeated Summer Rae & Alicia Fox via submission. The Bellas were on commentary for the match. Paige was able to put the PTO on Alicia to make her submit.

Rusev defeated R-Truth via submission in a non-title match. Rusev was able to get the Accolade on Truth in about 45 seconds to win this one by submission.

They had an encounter backstage where Rollins was walking with J&J security when Brock Lesnar stepped in front of him. He told Seth “I’m a prize fighter,” and mentioned he hopes Rollins does them a favor tonight by taking out Cena. Lesnar added that he’s paid to take out Rollins on Sunday, adding in “And I will take you out.” One of the commentators said Rollins looked nervous after Lesnar left the scene.

Jey Uso defeated The Miz via pinfall. Miz said in a promo pop-up video during the match that he’ll have two chances to win the Rumble because he has a stunt double. Jey Uso was able to win the match by hitting his trademark top rope splash.

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane via pinfall in a 3-on-1 handicap match. The odds were stacked against Cena with Triple H and Stephanie watching from ringside. J&J Security got involved to help the three-man team opposing Cena. At one point, Sting showed up on the big screen standing in front of the WWE logo. After the crowd popped, Sting was shown walking to the entrance area before heading out into the arena to stand on stage. Rollins was distracted which allowed Cena to grab a rollup pinfall for the win. Triple H was fuming post-match. He stood up on the broadcast table yelling “No!” and “Sting!” with Sting leaving the scene as fans chanted for him. Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he came out with Heyman to head to the ring. Lesnar tackled Rollins before hitting an F5 on Kane. Show tried to attack Lesnar, but also was hit with an F5. Rollins was able to escape the scene with Lesnar standing tall as Raw ended. 

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