Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Super SmackDown Results 12/16/14

Super SmackDown results from Grand Rapids, MI:

Tom Phillips, Michael Cole and JBL were on commentary for the live Tuesday Super SmackDown. Fandango completed his entrance and then Roman Reigns’ music hit to bring him to the ring.

Roman Reigns defeated Fandango via pinfall. Reigns made the late comeback with a huge clothesline in the corner and a big slam. He followed up with a Superman punch and the spear for the win.

Ambrose came out to cut a promo about how he and Bray Wyatt have put each other through hell in their matches and he’s loved it all. He said they’ll compete at Tribute to the Troops in a Boot Camp Match. Wyatt came on the big screen after the lights went out and came back. He said Ambrose is still breathing because Wyatt’s enjoying this game they’re playing. He said he’ll watch it all burn down soon and laughed about it.

The Usos & Erick Rowan defeated The Miz, Damien Sandow & Luke Harper via pinfall. Late in the match, Rowan got the tag and unloaded on Miz in the corner. He tossed Miz across the ring before splashing on him. He had a Full Nelson slam for the near fall. Mizdow broke up the pinfall attempt. The Usos came in to knock Mizdow out of the ring and hit a double super kick on Harper. A double super kick to Miz. Usos did their running dive out onto Harper. In the ring, Rowan hit a splash off the top rope on Miz for the win.

Naomi was warming up backstage. Jimmy came up to get her hyped for tonight. She said she wants to do this on her own tonight and doesn’t need him at ringside. He told her he’d still root for her from backstage. They kiss and Jimmy walked off.

Ryback vs. Seth Rollins was a no contest. Seth Rollins made his way to the ring with J&J security before a commercial break. After SmackDown returned, Ryback made his entrance down the ramp, but was attacked from behind by Rusev. They fought out near the ramp with Rusev connecting on a big kick to level Ryback. He posed with Lana on the stage to conclude the segment with the match unable to take place.

Rollins got on the mic and said without The Authority, WWE is out of control right now. He talked about Reigns robbing him at TLC, then said he won a cage match all by himself on Raw. He said he came out tonight to fight with bruised ribs, but the match isn’t happening now. He told Mercury to get the limo ready because they’re going out to celebrate. Dolph Ziggler’s music hit. He came out and reminded Seth he beat him at Survivor Series. He said the fans deserve to see Rollins in a match tonight so he’s challenging him. Rollins said he’s in a giving mood and accepted. Ziggler said he was going to put his gear on so he could beat Rollins because that’s best for business.

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via pinfall in a non-title match. The Miz came down to ringside to give Naomi his support. At one point, Jimmy Uso rushed down to get into it with Miz, causing a distraction. Nikki took advantage to get the pinfall on Naomi for the win. Post-match, Naomi looked upset at Jimmy with what happened.

Kane defeated Adam Rose via pinfall. Late in the match, Kane ran into a boot from Rose. Rose followed with the crossbody. Rose danced a bit rather than pinning Kane. As he turned around, Kane nailed him with a big boot then followed with a chokeslam to win. Post-match, Kane grabbed The Bunny and put him in the ring, then hit a Tombstone Piledriver on him.

Renee Young interviewed Seth Rollins backstage. He said he’ll cost John Cena at the Royal Rumble and he’s not going to stop until he brings back The Authority. He said until they’re back he’s going to make everyone’s life hell.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in a non-title match. Mercury and Noble got on the apron late to try to interfere. Ziggler took a swing at them so they dropped to the floor. Rollins charged at Ziggler but Dolph dumped him out over the top onto J&J on the floor. Back in the ring, Ziggler hit a Fameasser for a nearfall. J&J interfere and the ref throws them out, sending them backstage. As Rollins was distracted, Ziggler hit a Zig Zag for the win. Post-match, J&J ran back to the ring, but Ziggler rolled to the outside and then posed on stage with his title as Rollins and crew looked on from the ring.

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