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Raw Results 06/08/15

Raw Results from New Orleans, LA:

The opening segment featured John Cena talking about his anticipated rematch against Kevin Owens this Sunday at Money in the Bank. He talked about how even the fans who chant he sucks know he is the safest bet to win on Sunday. Owens came out to interrupt, calling Cena “delusional” for thinking he can beat him. He said Raw has opened with Cena so many times and it’s time a for a change. He proposed to start Raw with an NXT Title open challenge. Cena said “I accept,” but Owens called him delusional again. Cena said his US Title challenge starts “now.” 

Cena told Owens if he wants some to come get some. Owens shrugged it off and said the next superstar to come down the ramp gets to choose which title they will compete for. Neville came out from backstage and said he’s faced Cena before for the US Title and would love to face him again someday, but tonight he’s going against Owens for disrespecting the NXT Title. Cena joined the commentators for guest commentary on the match.

Kevin Owens defeated Neville via pinfall to retain the NXT Championship. Neville went for the Red Arrow late in the match, but moved away. Neville still landed on his feet and delivered a kick to Owens. He went to the top again, but this time Owens knocked him off the rope and then followed with his pop-up power bomb for the win. Cena stood up and applauded the win. Owens taunted Cena, holding up the ropes to get Cena in the ring. Owens ducked out and left the ring to boos.

Seth Rollins complained backstage to Stephanie and HHH about Ambrose still having his championship belt and running around with it. Steph and HHH said they were still upset over him claiming he didn’t need them last week. They allowed Rollins to pick his own opponent for a tuneup match tonight and said they would evaluate his performance.

Renee Young interviewed Nikki Bella backstage who claimed that Paige is projecting her frustrations onto Nikki and Brie. She said she is giving opportunities to all comers and tonight, Summer Rae gets a match. She said Paige is living in the Bellas world.

Nikki Bella defeated Summer Rae via pinfall in a non-title match. Nikki hit the Rack Attack on Summer in a match that lasted just over two minutes.

Roman Reigns came to the ring though the crowd. He looked at the MITB briefcase hanging over the ring and said he used to hate what it stood for, but now he’s over that since the briefcase is no longer connected with Rollins. He said he’s going to win the briefcase Sunday and then cash in on Ambrose who will win the title at MITB against Rollins. Kane came out to interrupt saying everyone else in the ladder match has a better chance of winning than Reigns. He said he’s in the match to make sure Reigns doesn’t win. Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt, insulting Kane and talking about why Ziggler has everything on his side to win. R-Truth came out and was talking up his chances in the match when Kane informed him he’s not even in the mach. Truth apologized and went backstage. 

New Day came out next to interrupt, until Sheamus’ music hit to interrupt them. Sheamus talked about how they are all crazy to think anyone but him is going to win MITB. Finally, Randy Orton’s music hit for the match against Sheamus.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton due to disqualification. Sheamus avoided an RKO at one point and Orton dodged the Brogue Kick. A chair became involved with the ref calling for the bell when Orton used it. Post-match, Orton beat up Sheamus a bunch and eventually hit him with the RKO.

Backstage, Noble and Mercury said they forgave Rollins for him saying he didn’t need them and they’d be honored to be in his corner on Sunday. Rollins said he didn’t need either of them. They got into an argument and Rollins said he was picking them as his handicap opponents for tonight’s match.

Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. During the match, Rusev came out on crutches and Lana ended up getting startled and falling off the ramp. Ziggler was distracted by it and Kane took advantage as he hit the chokeslam for the win. Rusev smiled and laughed as he talked trash to Lana who told officials she was hurt.

They had a MizTV segment in-ring with Miz’s special guest, Ryback. Miz and Ryback had some trash talking before Big Show came out. He got in the ring and told Miz he’s the only tag team partner he had that he immediately hated. At one point, Miz hit Show with the microphone, but Show recovered. He cleared Miz and Ryback out of the ring. Ryback got in and managed to put Show up for ShellShocked.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated Los Matadores via pinfall. Harper and Rowan hit a move similar to The Dudleys’ 3D for the win. Post-match they got on the mic to say “tick tock, your time to pay for your sins is coming.” Rowan said “it’s ok to be afraid, you should be.”

There was a backstage segment with Kane and Rollins arguing over about what will happen at MITB. Kane said either he will be cashing in on Rollins or Ambrose, but either way the title will stay with the Authority. Rollins said he doesn’t need anyone’s help to defeat Ambrose Sunday.

Big E defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. Titus got distracted by Woods and Kingston during the late part of the match. E eventually hit The Big Ending for the win. Post-match, New Day celebrated in the ring, until Roman Reigns’ theme music hit as he entered for the next match.

Roman Reigns defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall. Two of the MITB ladder match participants squared off in this one. Kingston kicked out of several of Reigns’ moves, frustrating Roman a bit. Reigns chased off Woods he tried to run in and get involved. Kingston grabbed Reigns for a quick rollup attempt, but Reigns got out of it. Kingston went for a top rope move but Reigns hit him with a Superman Punch and then took the winning pinfall.

After the win, Reigns went and took a seat at ringside. Dean Ambrose showed up with soda, popcorn and the WWE Championship belt. He sat near Reigns and showed him his ticket for Raw that he'd bought from a scalper outside.

Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Reigns had left the ringside area before the match started. Kane was in J&J’s corner. Late in the match, Rollins threw Mercury into Noble for the Buckle Bomb move. He tossed Mercury out of the ring and went for a Pedigree on Noble. Ambrose hopped over the guardrail and then slid the WWE Championship belt into the ring. Rollins saw it and quickly grabbed it. Mercury took advantage with a quick rollup pinfall for the win. Post-match, Kane raised up J&J’s hands as the winners. Rollins held his title belt up on the floor, then was attacked by Ambrose. Ambrose got the title belt back and then climbed up the ladder in the ring to celebrate with it as Raw ended.

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