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2015 WWE Elimination Chamber Results Coverage (Updated)

Welcome to 2015 WWE Elimination Chamber results coverage! The latest WWE pay-per-view arrives just two weeks after WWE Payback and is held at Corpus Christi, Texas. On the card are four championship matches, with two of them being contested inside the unforgiving steel structure known as the "Elimination Chamber." The Intercontinental Title was relinquished recently by title holder Daniel Bryan, leading to an Elimination Chamber match for the belt. Also, New Day's tag team titles are on the line in the structure in the first-ever tag team version of the match.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as champion Seth Rollins goes against challenger Dean Ambrose. Also on the card, United States Champion John Cena will take on NXT Champion Kevin Owens with neither of their titles on the line. The Divas Championship will be contested in a Triple Threat match featuring Naomi, Paige and current champion Nikki Bella. Also appearing will be Neville and Bo Dallas.

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Latest Elimination Chamber Matches & Results:

Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber Match

PrimeTime Players were the first team introduced and were both locked together in a pod. Next out was Los Matadores with El Torito. Torito stood on top of the pod with Diego and Fernando locked in the pod. Cesaro and Kidd came out next along with Natalya. New Day arrived out and Cole noted all three members will be allowed to compete in the match per Kane. The Ascension and Lucha Dragons came out last and would face off to start.

At one point, Sin Cara hit a huge Swanton off one pod on top of one of The Ascension. Kalisto got caught up on top of New Day’s pod and then they yanked his leg through the mesh on top to crotch him. A countdown started and Cesaro & Kidd rushed into the match to start taking control. Kidd went for a Superplex on Kalisto from the pod but got shoved off. Cesaro jumped up there and hit a huge European uppercut, then moments later a Superplex. Kidd hit a springboard elbow drop for the near fall. Several minutes passed and Los Matadores were released. Kalisto managed to get up to the way top of the ceiling of the Chamber and dropped down on several guys at once. “This is Awesome” chant broke up by the fans moments later.

First elimination came as Torito dropped when hanging off the top of the chamber ceiling on Ascension but they caught him and threw him at one of Los Matadores. They hit Fall of Man on the other for the elimination. Moments later, they hit Fall of Man on Lucha Dragons for the second elimination. That left The Ascension and Kidd & Cesaro. PrimeTime Players and New Day were still in pods. PrimeTime Players were released from their pods next. Titus beat up one the Ascension against the Chamber wall. In the ring, D-Young hit his double knees to the gut move on one of Ascension for the pinfall. PTP started on Cesaro and Kidd with New Day still locked in their pod.

All three members of New Day were finally released and they immediately started attacking as many of the remaining two tag teams as they could. The two other teams teamed up and hit a triple suplex on New Day. Kidd and Cesaro grabbed Woods then shoved him into an empty pod and shut it closed. Cesaro hit the Swing move on Kofi. Darren Young stole a quick rollup pinfall on Cesaro right after the move to eliminate them. That left PrimeTime Players against New Day. Big E let Woods out of the pod he was in so they could gang up on PTP. They ganged up on Titus, shoving his head through the side wall cage mesh. D-Young managed to avoid a double team move and shoved Big E shoulder first into the corner ring post and pod.

The final elimination came as Titus leveled Big E. Woods jumped off the side ropes at him but Titus caught him. Big E clipped Titus’ leg and he dropped to one knee, still carrying Woods. Kofi delivered a kick to Titus’ head and he fell on the mat with Woods covering him. The other two members of New Day helped make the cover to retain their titles.

Winners: New Day won via pinfall over PrimeTime Players for the final elimination to retain their WWE Tag Team Championship.

The announce team covered the news that Rusev is out of the Elimination Chamber match and will have a mystery replacement in the Intercontinental Title match. They showed video of how he hurt his ankle on SmackDown against Ryback. Backstage, Lana visited Dolph Ziggler saying tonight isn't about Rusev or making him jealous, it's about Dolph. He said yes it is and maybe after tonight it will about he and Lana. She said she'd like that and wished him good luck as he walked off.

Naomi vs. Paige vs. Nikki Bella (c) - WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat

Early on Naomi got control of things, pulling Nikki to the outside and tossing her against the commentators table. Paige tried to pull her into the ring but Naomi delivered a kick from the apron. Those two mixed it up in the ring for a bit with Nikki Bella on the outside. At one point, Nikki grabbed Paige up in the Rack Attack but Naomi hit the Rear View and tried for a pinfall on the champ but Paige pushed her off. Paige threw Naomi out of there and put the PTO on Nikki but Naomi rushed in to kick Paige. Naomi delivered a head scissors take down on Paige and went for the pin. Paige managed to kick out. Moments later, Nikki fought off Naomi and hit the Rack Attack for the win. Brie rushed down to celebrate with Nikki.

Winner: Nikki Bella won via pinfall over Naomi to retain the Divas Championship.

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena

Cena got an early advantage with the big shoulder takedown from the ropes, causing Owens some frustration. The Cena chants started up for and against him, and moments later Owens gained control of things until Cena hit a running bulldog. Owens responded with a huge kick when Cena ducked down for a backdrop move. Owens started to dominate the pace and worked to wear Cena down with a chokehold as the fans rallied the US Champ to his feet. 

Later, Owens countered a Cena AA attempt with a DDT for a near fall. Owens got cocky and taunted the crowd giving Cena a chance at a quick pinfall from behind. Owens responded by blasting Cena back down with a clothesline. Owens hit several big moves for near falls including a running cannonball on Cena in the corner. Cena was able to recover and started his move set including the shoulder takedowns and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Owens hit the Popup Powerbomb moments later and Cena barely kicked out of it.

Up on the turnbuckle, Cena went for a Superplex but Owens shoved him down. Seconds later, he tried for a huge reverse moonsault with Cena rolling away. Owens popped up hurting and Cena hit the AA. Owens kicked out at the last moment as both men were down on the mat for the reset. Owens got cocky again with Cena down and taunted with the You Can’t See Me hand. He went for Five Knuckle Shuffle and Cena tripped him up for an STF. Owens managed to get to the ropes. Cena tried to pull him back to center ring and Owens kicked him away. Moments later he hit Cena’s move the AA on Cena, but Cena got out at the last second.

Cena tried for an AA but Owens blocked it and hit a power bomb move on Cena for another near fall. Owens pounded the mat in frustration before getting back up. JBL said Owens has taken Cena to the limit in his first WWE match here. Cena was able to land a springboard stunner moments later for a near fall but showed frustration when the pin didn’t get to 3. Owens countered a huge superplex attempt by Cena with a spinning slam move off the ropes. He followed with a Swanton for another near fall. Moments later, as Cena rushed at him from the ropes, Owens hit a pop up power bomb for the winning pinfall, shocking plenty of fans in attendance.

Winner: Kevin Owens defeated John Cena via pinfall in a non-title match.

Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Neville made a late match comeback with several strikes on Dallas. He hit a Shooting Starpress for the near fall. Bo tried for his running Bo-Dog, but Neville shoved him and kicked him in the head. Bo fell to the mat in the perfect position for Neville to climb to the top rope and nail the Red Arrow for the pinfall victory.Winner: Neville defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall.

Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber Match

R-Truth vs. Ryback vs. Rusev* vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett vs. Sheamus

Mark Henry was the replacement for Rusev. Barrett and Ziggler started things off for a while before Truth got entered. Barrett went over and opened the pod door and attacked Truth in the pod to get the early control. Ziggler was down on the mat as Barrett and Truth fought it out for a bit. Barrett grabbed Ziggler on the outside and smashed him into Henry’s pod, breaking the side wall, which allowed Henry into the match early. Moments later, the countdown started and Ryback was entered in the match with Sheamus still looking on from inside a pod.

Ryback hit a big move on King Barrett and then Truth hit the Lie Detector to put him down for the first pinfall. The four competitors all faced each other before starting to go at it, right before Sheamus’ countdown came and he was supposed to be released into the match. Somehow his pod door was stuck and two refs couldn’t get it open. Meanwhile, the match continued inside the ring. Ziggler, Truth and Ryback teamed up to hit several moves on Henry. Ryback went back on the deal and hit a Meathook Clothesline on Ziggler then picked up Truth for Shell Shocked to make the second elimination.

Ryback hit a long standing suplex on Ziggler then revved up the crowd with a Feed Me More chant. Ziggler responded with a big Superkick to put him down. Meanwhile, Sheamus managed to use his Celtic cross on a chain to open the lock on his pod door and finally get in the match. He beat up on Ziggler, Ryback and Henry who were all down already. Mark Henry fought back and hit a couple splashes on Sheamus, but he kicked out of the pin attempt then blasted him with a Brogue Kick for the third elimination. 

It was down to Sheamus, Ryback and Ziggler. Ziggler managed to avoid a big move from Sheamus and hit a DDT for a near fall. Moments later, Ryback popped up and went for a big powerbomb on Ziggler. Ziggler avoided it and super kicked down Ryback, but moments later Sheamus blasted Ziggler with a Brogue Kick to eliminate him. It was down to Sheamus vs. Ryback for the IC title. Outside the ring, Sheamus hit White Noise on the steel on Ryback. Later on, Ryback was able to grab Sheamus on the outside and slam him against the side of the Chamber and then threw him into the ring. He picked up Sheamus and hit Shell Shocked for the win. Cole said it’s Ryback’s first singles championship ever.

Daniel Bryan stepped into the ring with the Intercontinental Championship belt and got the crowd going with a Yes chant before handing it over. Ryback took the mic and told Bryan he’s an inspiration to all these people and him, so thank you. They raised each other’s arms up before Bryan left the ring and Ryback posed with the title.

Winner: Ryback pinned Sheamus to become new Intercontinental Champion.

Cole announced breaking news that John cent will take on Kevin Owens at the Money in the Bank PPV. Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston and Sheamus were announced as six of the participants in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (c) - WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Rollins was accompanied to the ring by J&J Security with Kane. At one point, Rollins was arguing with Joey Mercury on the side apron. Ambrose was able to rush into Rollins, causing him to bump Mercury off the apron down onto Noble on the outside floor. From there, he got a rollup pinfall on Rollins for a near fall. Rollins had a near fall of his own moments later. On the outside, Ambrose got distracted by J&J with Kane, which allowed Rollins to gain control again before bringing it back in the ring.

With the apprehend, Rollins taunted Ambrose in the corner saying “it was never about you” and telling him he was “never championship material.” Rollins hit a running clothesline splash on Ambrose in the corner and then headed back for another but Ambrose chased him and clotheslined him in the corner instead. Rollins came rushing back to try another on Ambrose, but Ambrose moved to the side and then DDT’d him for a near fall.

Moments later, Ambrose hit his Pendulum clothesline to level Rollins for a near fall. Next, he hit a huge elbow drop off the corner for a near fall. Lawyer asked JBL if Ambrose is going to take the title and JBL responded, “If he does I’ll eat my hat.” Another distraction came from J&J allowing Rollins to gain control. He knocked Ambrose out of the ring and hit a running dive to crash him into the commentators table. He went for a buckle bomb back in the ring but Ambrose was able to snap back from the ropes with a big clothesline. He took out J&J and Kane before going to the top rope and jumping out on them again.

A few moments later in the ring, Ambrose hit a high flying move and Rollins seemed to yank the ref in the way. Ambrose hit Rollins and the ref down, with the ref rolling out of the ring. In the match, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and had a pinfall but there was no official. A new referee came rushing down and slid into the ring to count the pinfall, giving Ambrose the victory and the title.

On the outside, the two referees had a conference with Rollins, J&J and Kane standing nearby. After the refs had talked it over, one went over to inform Lillian something. She got on the mic saying the winner of the match was Dean Ambrose, but it was by disqualification that means Seth Rollins is still champion.  Ambrose threw a fit in the ring as the two refs tried to calm him down. Rollins and his team rushed in the ring to start attacking Ambrose. However, moments later Roman Reigns’ music hit. Rollins and crew looked up towards the stands where Reigns usually enters from. Seth left the ring and held his belt up at the bottom of the ramp.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns had rushed down the ramp and hit a Superman Punch on Rollins. He picked up the title belt and got back in the ring where he Speared Kane down, then hit a double Superman Punch to knock J&J off the apron. Reigns made sure Ambrose had the title belt. Ambrose got on the mic saying he won the match so he’s taking the title because Seth doesn’t have any goons standing to do anything about it. Ambrose and Reigns went up into the stands where the fans celebrated as he left the arena with the belt.

Winner: Dean Ambrose won due to disqualification of Seth Rollins. Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

* Rusev was injured on SmackDown and had to be replaced in the IC title Elimination Chamber match.

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