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Raw Results 05/11/15

Raw results from Cincinnati, OH:

The opening segment had Triple H make his return to Raw. He talked up Payback and introduced Seth Rollins who came out with J&J. Kane eventually came out and got into it with Rollins verbally. Triple H said they need to be on the same page or maybe Kane should part ways with the Authority. He eventually booked a match with Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Rollins vs. Orton tonight. Jamie Noble got on the mic saying Rollins shouldn’t have to fight six days before his title defense. HHH got irritated by that and booked J&J to face Dean Ambrose in the opening match.

Dean Ambrose defeated Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury via pinfall. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Noble to get the win.

King Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Sheamus was there for guest commentary and ended up causing a distraction late. That allowed Barrett to hit a Bull Hammer elbow for the win. Post-match, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Ziggler for further damage.

Erick Rowan defeated Fandango via pinfall. Rowan won the match in just over 30 seconds. Luke Harper arrived out with him with Cole saying “This is very dangerous for the WWE locker room” with regards to the potential of the tag team reuniting. 

John Cena came out and cut a promo about his renewed sense of pride in the country since winning the United States Championship. He spoke about the symbolism of the title, and then about the open locker room challenge he has for it each week. He said he was strongly advised against it, but it’s a democracy and it’s up to the fans, who cheered for it.

John Cena vs. Neville was a no contest for the United States Championship. At one point, Neville kicked out of Cena’s AA. Late in the match, Rusev attacked Neville and tossed him out of the ring. Rusev attacked Cena and then put The Accolade on him for a bit before releasing it.

Tamina defeated Brie Bella via pinfall. Naomi and Nikki were ringside during the matchup. Brie did a running knee late and tried for a second one, but Tamina blocked that and then super kicked her to get the pinfall.

Curtis Axel vs. Macho Mandow was a no contest due to interference. Damien Sandow came out in Macho Man gear and theme music. At one point he set up for an elbow from the top rope, but The Ascension’s music hit and they came to the ring. Axel and Mandow joined forces to eliminate them from the ring.

Daniel Bryan made his return to the ring carrying the Intercontinental Championship belt. He talked about being in and out of doctor’s appointments lately and having a lot of downtime. He said he doesn’t do well with that and would be prefer to be fighting in the ring for the fans. Bryan talked about them not knowing how long he will be out of action, saying it could be a few weeks, months, or he may never wrestle again. He said the fans deserve a fighting champion and the IC title belt shouldn’t be sitting on a physical therapist’s chair. He said the title deserves to be in this ring and that’s where he’s going to leave it. Bryan placed the title belt down on the mat. The fans chanted “Thank you Daniel,” but Bryan said thank you to them for all they’ve done for him. He led them in a Yes chant once he got to the top of the ramp.

Cesaro defeated Big E via pinfall. Late in the match, Cesaro went for the Swing but Kingston started to run interference. Kidd got rid of Kofi so he couldn’t interfere. E went for an attack on Cesaro as Xavier Woods was talking trash, but Cesaro was able to counter for the win.

They announced the Elimination Chamber will be added as a special second pay-per-view at the end of this month on WWE Network.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo about Ryback overcoming the odds with his injuries, but then said “along came the spider.” He said Ryback has never seen anything like him before. Ryback eventually came out. Wyatt tried to attack him, but Ryback countered and was able to get the apprehend before leading the crowd in a “Feed Me More” chant.

Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins due to disqualification. Orton went for an RKO late but Rollins was able to avoid it and had a near fall rollup pin. Rollins hit a superkick but later Orton hit the draping DDT. He prepared for another RKO attempt, but this time J&J ran in to attack, causing a DQ. Post-match, Orton fought off J&J but Rollins got several punches in. Kane’s music hit and he came down to ringside where he grabbed a steel chair. The commentators discussed how it’s time to see if he’s on the same page with Rollins.

Reigns and Ambrose rushed out to get into the ring, causing a big brawl. Eventually, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Rollins. Next, Reigns hit a spear on Rollins and finally, Orton hit the RKO on him. Reigns speared Orton and then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Reigns. Kane continued to stand by and watch as it all went down. The show went off the air after JBL questioned what it would be like if that “lunatic” (Ambrose) ends up winning the WWE Title at Payback.

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