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Raw Results 05/18/15

Raw Results from Richmond, VA:

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came to the ring to start the show, talking up how Seth Rollins proved he’s the top guy last night at Payback by beating multiple opponents to retain his title. They turned their attention to Daniel Bryan relinquishing the IC title, with Stephanie saying it’s the second time his body couldn’t hold up so he had to give over a title. They announced the IC title will be decided in an Elimination Chamber match in two weeks. Sheamus came out and suggested they hand the title over to him since he was mostly responsible for Bryan’s injury. Ryback came out to intervene, cutting off Stephanie at one point and challenging Sheamus to a fight. Steph and Triple H said they’ll both be in the IC title chamber match, but said they’ll leave the ring so they can fight it out now.

Sheamus defeated Ryback via pinfall. Ryback was favoring his ribs still that Bray Wyatt injured last night. At one point he had Sheamus up for Shell Shocked but Sheamus hit the injured ribs until Ryback dropped him. After raking Ryback’s eye, Sheamus waited for the ref to pull Ryback away and then hit him with the Brogue Kick while he was distracted.

They had a backstage segment with Triple H and Steph praising Kane for his work last night. Kane said it seemed Rollins is growing up. Rollins came in with J&J and champagne glasses to celebrate the victory. Ambrose came in and reminded Rollins they are 1-1 against each other in matches. Ambrose said he’d give Rollins a rematch at the next pay-per-view if he puts the title on the line. Rollins suggested Ambrose should be at the back of the line. Kane backed up Rollins, who left the scene. Ambrose asked Kane what Paul Bearer and his brother would think of Kane these days. Kane took exception to it and booked Ambrose in a match against Bray Wyatt.

Renee Young interviewed Neville in the ring about his match against Barrett and his debut on Raw the night after WrestleMania. Bo Dallas interrupted and tried to attack Neville’s hurt knee a bit, but Neville hit a kick on him to knock him out of the ring.

King Barrett defeated Neville via pinfall. Neville’s hurt knee from last night seemed to affect his moves in this match, with a missed suplex and springboard move due to his leg buckling. Barrett hit the Bull Hammer for the win. Post-match, Dallas attacked Neville and got the upperhand, eventually attacking the knee and smashing Neville’s knee several times against the ring post.

Rusev came out by himself to tell the crowd there’s no Lana with him tonight because she needs to learn her place. He suggested that he didn’t quit last night and that Lana quit because she is weak. Rusev called out Cena to come out right now so they could restart the match. Lana came out instead of Cena, and Rusev chastised her for last night’s situation in the Payback match. She said that she quit for him because she cares about him and she "did it for us." She said he was screaming “I quit” in Bulgarian so she quit for him. Rusev got irritated and told her she makes him weak. He told Lana to get out of there and go back where she came from. Lana left the ring and walked backstage. JBL said he agrees with Rusev.

Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall. J&J Security came out at one point to get involved, distracting Ambrose on the top rope. Mercury distracted the ref as Noble shoved him off the top rope. Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro defeated Big E & Kofi Kingston due to disqualification or no contest in the tag team title match. Late in the match, the heels tossed Cesaro to the outside, then they kept attacking Kidd in the corner, causing the ref to call the match. Afterwords, multiple tag teams came out to get involved including Lucha Dragons, The Ascension, Los Matadores and Prime Time Players.

John Cena came out to hype the United States Championship after pointing to several members of the military in the crowd. He said the title is for all of them and has more meaning than ever before. Cena brought up his open challenge and out came NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Owens said he’d introduce himself but Cena already knows who he is and for all the people that don’t know who he is, they’re just a waste of time. Owens talked about how when Sami Zayn came out to challenge Cena he was injured, and it was because of Owens. He said he’s going to finish what he started on the NXT Live special. Cena told Owens it was a fine speech but he has a lot to learn. He said nobody there is a waste of time as there would be no Owens, Raw or WWE without the fans.

Cena said he had some veteran advice for Owens and said he doesn’t seem to have the same passion in his eyes that Zayn did when he looked at him. Cena said if Owens wants part of the open challenge to come get some, but Owens said he’s already got his prize, the NXT title. He said he and Cena will fight some day, but on his terms. Owens ended up kicking Cena and then powerbombing him, to leave him laying on the mat. He picked up both titles, but then dropped the US Title and stepped on it.

They announced the full list of competitors for the IC Title match at Elimination Chamber: Sheamus, King Barrett, R-Truth, Ryback and Rusev, with the final competitor to be announced later on Raw.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Stardust via pinfall. The match lasted just over a minute with Ziggler able to kick his way out of Stardust’s set up for the finisher. Ziggler hit a Zig Zag on him to get the win. Post-match, Cole got in the ring to ask Dolph how he’s feeling after last night’s head bump with Sheamus. Dolph joked that he’s fine and chicks love the scars. Cole informed Ziggler he’s the final competitor in the IC title match at Elimination Chamber. Ziggler said if he wins the title he’ll take on all comers. Lana came walking out and to the ring. The fans chanted “We want Lana,” and she smiled at them, then at Ziggler. She pulled in Dolph and kissed him. The fans chanted “one more time,” so Lana obliged the request. Rusev came storming down to the ring and yelled at Lana in Bulgarian. She slapped him and he got enraged. Ziggler made a save by hitting Zig Zag on Rusev and then left with Lana to go backstage.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Fandango and Zack Ryder via pinfall. Harper hit a Superkick on Ryder late, and then Rowan slammed him for the pin.

The Bellas were walking backstage when Stephanie approached them. She acted sincere in saying she was wishing Brie’s husband the best as the superstars’ health is their top concern. She told Brie she arranged some counseling sessions to help her deal with it, so she wouldn’t need to go to the ring with Nikki tonight. Brie wasn’t happy by the orders, nor was Nikki.

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via disqualification in a WWE Divas Title match. Late in the match, Nikki had control and went for the Rack Attack. Tamina got involved and super kicked Nikki, causing the DQ. Paige rushed out to clear the heels to save Nikki, but then ended up hitting the RamPaige DDT on her. Paige hoisted the divas title up and paraded around the ring with it.

Backstage, it was revealed that Kevin Owens will face John Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

The final segment featured Triple H, Stephanie, Kane and J&J Security as they did their “Architect of a Dream” bit to honor champion Seth Rollins. Rollins and Kane had a bit of jawing, with Kane introducing a video package he created to show how great Rollins is. Kane also thanked Rollins for saving his job. Dean Ambrose came out to interrupt with Stephanie saying he has a lot of nerve. Ambrose demanded a title rematch at Elimination Chamber. He and Rollins ended up brawling to ringside with Ambrose getting the upperhand and taking out J&J. He put Rollins’ head on some cinder blocks and put his foot on Rollins’ head. Stephanie eventually screamed he could have his title match. Rollins got away, with Ambrose taking down J&J. Kane tried to subdue Ambrose, but ended up getting clotheslined down. Rollins was able to attack Ambrose from behind and hit The Pedigree on him to put him down as Raw closed.

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