Friday, May 29, 2015

SmackDown Results 05/29/15

SmackDown results from Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Dean Ambrose came out to start the show, talking about how he was able to make it back before the end of this week’s Raw to sign the title match contract vs. Rollins for Elimination Chamber. He said thanks to YouTube video footage from WWE’s YouTube channel, he was able to get exonerated from his charges of assaulting a cameraman. He also said he’s made plenty of friends within the ranks of the various police departments and they arranged to provide him an escort back into the building. Ambrose brought up Elimination Chamber and said he plans to end the Reign of Rollins and begin the Age of Ambrose. 

Lucha Dragons defeated Kidd and Cesaro via pinfall. This was a lumberjack match with the various tag teams from the Elimination Chamber title match on the outside. Late in the match, Cesaro delivered a Superkick on Sin Cara, after Cara had broken up Kidd’s sharpshooter on Kalisto. New Day was among the outside lumberjacks and distracted Kidd and Cesaro. Kidd walked right into a finisher due to the distraction.

R-Truth defeated King Barrett via pinfall. Truth ducked a Bull Hammer attempt late and then later hit the Lie Detector for the win. Post-match, Sheamus got in the ring and hit the Brogue Kick on Truth and Barrett. He pointed at the IC title belt which was set up on a ringside exhibit. Sheamus got outside the ring and posed with the belt in front of him.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Lana about her relationship with Ziggler, while Renee also suggested that Lana and Rusev were more than just friends. Lana brought up how Dolph is competing on Sunday at the IC title Elimination Chamber match. Rusev came in asking Lana where Ziggler was and making some remarks. Rusev told Lana he isn’t jealous and will make Ziggler suffer for his kisses to Lana. He told her she dug her own grave and now will rot in it.

Ryback defeated Rusev via disqualification. At one point in the match, Rusev landed awkwardly, appearing to hurt his ankle in the process. He nursed it a bit threw the match and seemed to be having trouble with keeping his weight on it. On the outside, Rusev smashed Ryback into the ringpost twice causing the ref to call for the bell.

Paige defeated Naomi via pinfall. Tamina was on the outside. At one point, Page tried for a PTO but Naomi avoided the move. Paige kicked Tamina at ringside before hitting the Rampaige for the win. Nikki and Brie Bella walked out post-match on the stage, with Nikki holding the Divas title belt up to boast.

Michael Cole interviewed NXT champion Kevin Owens in the ring about his upcoming non-title match against John Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday. Cole brought up how tough a competitor Cena is. Owens talked about hurting his good friend Sami Zayn who he’d known for years and asked if he would do that to a good friend, what would he do to John Cena? He said on Sunday everyone will find out, because the real champ is here.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins and Kane due to disqualification. Late in the match, Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Rollins after several reversals by the two competitors. Reigns had the winning pinfall, but J&J got involved to break it up, causing a DQ. Post-match, New Day came down to the ring to help out Kane and Rollins against Ambrose and Reigns. They ganged up on the duo with Kane hitting a chokeslam on Reigns and Rollins hitting a Pedigree on Ambrose. The heels celebrated to close out SmackDown.

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