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Raw Results 06/15/15

Raw Results from Cleveland, OH:

Seth Rollins came out with his championship belt to gloat about winning his match against Ambrose at MITB. He talked about getting it done without The Authority. He listed off a list of people he wanted to thank for helping him get to the top. All of the names he said were “Seth Rollins.” Dean Ambrose’s music hit and he rushed into the ring, clotheslining Rollins over the top rope. The two fought on the outside with Ambrose getting the better of Rollins who escaped through the crowd. Ambrose set up a chair in the ring and said the title slipped through his hands last night, but he’s not going to leave the ring until Rollins gets back in there with him.

Backstage, Rollins came into the office of The Authority. They said they had Ambrose handled. They didn’t like Rollins’ earlier comments about not needing them. He said he was just trying to put it in everyone’s faces that he got it done on his own. Triple H said he’d have another title match coming up. Rollins asked if he could pick his opponent and HHH said he had it handled.

Sheamus came out with his Money in the Bank briefcase, saying he and Ambrose both made bold predictions heading into MITB, but he was the only winner and Ambrose was a loser. He said he’s one Brogue Kick away from becoming WWE Champion. Ambrose slid his chair out of the ring and invited Sheamus to join him inside.

Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus via pinfall. Late in the match, Ambrose ducked a Brogue Kick attempt. He quickly rolled up Sheamus for the win. Post-match, Randy Orton rushed out to attack Sheamus. Orton got in a few moves including the DDT off the ropes. Sheamus was able to get away before the RKO.

Rollins interacted with J&J backstage telling them “I told you so.” Noble put over Mercury pinning Rollins and said that maybe Mercury will get the next title shot. Rollins brushed it off, with Mercury claiming Rollins is scared of him. Mercury said it’s not a question of “if Rollins will lose the title, but when.”

R-Truth defeated King Barrett via pinfall. Truth came out wearing his own homemade cape and crown along with a plunger as his scepter.  Barrett threw some punches at Truth and tried to put him away quick with the Bull Hammer, but Truth rolled him up to get the surprise win. Barrett angrily hit a Bull Hammer on Truth post match and cut a promo on the mic saying Truth is making a mockery of his King of the Ring win. He said “you will all hail King Barrett.”

They had a backstage segment with various superstars and divas gathered around Machine Gun Kelly. Heath Slater referred to him as Shotgun Gordon. Ryder corrected him and then Paige introduced herself, saying “this is for the ladies.”

The commentary team discussed the Owens vs. Cena match from MITB and how Owens attacked Cena after the match leading to contusions, spasms and bruising.

Kevin Owens came out to the ring and said Cena can only blame himself for what happened to him last night. He said Cena disrespected him saying he could be in WWE, because he doesn’t need Cena to tell him that. He said Cena didn’t want to shake his hand he just wanted more spotlight for himself. He said he’s beaten Cena before and can wants a rematch, but this time for the WWE US Championship. Owens said usually Cena would rush out and issue his open challenge for the title but since Cena’s not around tonight, he’s going to issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.

Dolph Ziggler came out with Lana. He said Owen had a lot of guts to stand in the ring talking about sacrifice. He said he’s scratched and clawed for everything he’s got in the WWE. He told Owens if he wants an NXT challenger, “you’re looking at him brother.” Lilian Garcia did ring introductions for a title match but Owens cut her off and said he never said the title was on the line tonight.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a non-title match. Owens went for his finisher late, but Ziggler avoided it and came back to hit the Zig Zag for a near fall. Moments later, Owens kicked Ziggler in the knee and then Superkicked him. He finished him off with a Pop-up Powerbomb for the win.

Paige had a meeting with all the other divas (besides Bella Twins) backstage. She told the other divas they need to take a stand against the Bella Twins dominating their division. The other divas seemed to have trouble trusting Paige since she abandoned her previous tag partners. Paige apologized for that. She said she’s got a handicap match against The Bellas and invited the other divas to join her. The Bellas showed up and Nikki talked about becoming Divas champion ever since she helped out Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam. Nikki said it’s a free country and the other divas could join Paige if they like. The other divas walked off. Paid said “this isn’t over,” and Nikki said “looks like it is.”

Kane defeated Randy Orton via pinfall. A bit into the match, Sheamus’s music hit and he came out with the MITB briefcase in hand. Kane got on the mic to say he decided the rest of this match is a No Holds Barred contest where anything goes. Moments later, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick to lay out Orton. Kane took the winning pinfall.

Backstage, Seth Rollins ran into Kane and congratulated him on his win. He brought up Kane losing on the same night he won, last night, and said maybe now Kane is in a better mood. Rollins and Kane trash talked a bit with Rollins bringing up how Kane always had the help of his family such as Paul Bearer or his brother. Kane grabbed Rollins and told him never to bring up his family again. Rollins said he hopes The Authority makes Kane his next opponent, because he's a sad human being who needs to be put out of his misery.

The Miz defeated Big Show via contout. Ryback was on guest commentary, and apologized for Tough Enough bringing The Miz into everyone’s lives. During the match, Show threw Miz to the outside and then hit a chest slap on him in front of the commentary team. He tossed Miz onto Ryback. Miz managed to get away and crawled back into the ring as Ryback and Show were trash talking at each other.

Roman Reigns came out demanding Bray Wyatt get out there now because he isn’t waiting until Battleground for him. Wyatt appeared on the big screen laughing and talking about how he took away his dream last night because Reigns did the same to him a few weeks ago. He said he will haunt and destroy Reigns, but not tonight. He asked what example that would set right before Father’s Day. He held up a photo of Reigns with his daughter having a tea party. He sang the teapot song and told Reigns to be patient because their fun is just getting started.

The Bella Twins defeated Paige via pinfall in a handicap match. At one point, Paige gained control against Brie, hitting some clotheslines on her before kicking her in the corner. She shoved Brie into Nikki on the apron and Nikki fell off. Paige hit the Rampage on Brie, but Nikki was in to break up the pin. Nikki hit a Rack Attack and then got the pinfall win.

Machine Gun Kelly was introduce as Cleveland’s own. He came out and performed a song with a live band. After his song was done, Kelly slapped hands with ringside fans. Kevin Owens came out and was clapping on stage. Kelly went up for a handshake. Owens didn’t reciprocate, so Kelly shoved him. Owens responded by kicking MGK and then powerbombing him off the stage before commercial.

The Prime Time Players & Neville defeated New Day via pinfall. Neville got the win for his team by hitting the Red Arrow on Kingston.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose was throwing darts at a dartboard with Rollins’ picture on it. Kane entered and Ambrose laughed at him. Kane said his job is to make sure everything runs smoothly around there. Ambrose said Kane’s still loyal to The Authority, as much as he talks smack about Rollins. Ambrose told Kane he lives for trying to obtain the WWE title and won’t stop until he gets it. He asked Kane, “What do you live for?” as the segment closed.

The Authority came out to Triple H’s music. Stephanie apologized to fans for what happened to Machine Gun Kelly earlier and said disciplinary action will be taken against Owens because it’s best for business. They began to talk about the WWE title situation and said Rollins’ next opponent won’t be Mercury, Noble, Kane or Dean Ambrose. Fans booed that Ambrose won’t get a shot. Rollins’ music hit and he came to the ring gloating. In ring he said The Authority was right about him all along, because no one on the roster is good enough to defeat him for the title. Triple H said sometimes as a business you have to evaluate your investment to see if it will pay off or is a lost cause.

He said when you need to know what you have, you treat it like a piece of coal; stick it under immense pressure to see if it is crushed into dust, or turns into a diamond. HHH said they will now see if Rollins is the diamond they have invested in. He told Rollins “the pressure is on.” Rollins nodded in agreement, until Brock Lesnar’s music hit. Lesnar and Heyman came out and down to the ring. Lesnar came staring down Rollins who looked away a couple times. Rollins stepped back as Lesnar took a step forward. Rollins backed out of the ring and up the ramp. “You got this,” Hunter said to Rollins. Lesnar’s music hit to end the show. Cole said Lesnar takes on Rollins in five weeks at WWE Battleground PPV.

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