Thursday, January 4, 2007

Raw Gets 2.5 Million New Viewers


"Raw is always one of the highest-rated weekly programs on cable television. This past Monday, however, over 2.5 million new viewers tuned into WWE’s flagship show. In total, Raw reached nearly 9 million people on New Year’s Day, making it the highest rated episode since the summer.

The American Airlines Arena in Miami was sold out for the much-anticipated battle between Kevin Federline and WWE Champion John Cena. Many celebrities were in attendance that night, including Shaquille O’Neal and several members of the Miami Heat."

It appears many new WWE fans were made just by wanting to see Kevin Federline get slammed, once again. It also provided headlines and stories for tabloids and other entertainment shows and online reports for days. Another smart move by Vince McMahon to get attention on his product..Love it or hate it, you can see how it worked.. Congratulations to WWE Raw for the highly rated episode and maybe catching a few new fans!

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