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ECW Recap 06.12.07

Recap of 6.12.07 ECW on Sci FI:

A replay show of the end of last night's 3 hour RAW, with Mr. McMahon coming down to the ring to speak to the crowd on "Mr.McMahon Appreciation Night". Vince dropped the microphone to the mat in the ring without saying a word, and then exited, walking solemnly up the ramp. Vince then walked backstage through various superstars lined up against the walls, and Johnathan Coachman directed him to go the other way, saying "sir your limo is that way". Vince then proceeded to exit the arena and get into a white limosine. After Vince closed the door, the limo exploded, erupting in flames and smoke.

The ECW commentators announced there would be a series of matches on tonight's card dedicated to the memory of Vince McMahon. Mr. McMahon's face was shown up above the ramp with his years of birth through death also displayed. The crowd was then asked to rise and remember Vince McMahon as the bell was rang several times.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Balls Mahoney (Extreme Rules) - Mahoney and Dreamer exchanged a series of punches early. Dreamer able to dropkick Balls into the commentator's table outside the ring. Dreamer then grabbed several objects from under the ring, including a kitchen sink which he clocked Balls on the head with. Mahoney able to reverse a move and whip Dreamer into the steel steps. Once both men got back into the ring, several objects were laying around the ring. Including a garbage can and a metal chair. Mahoney able to trip Dreamer off the ropes causing Tommy to hit the chair face first. Balls went onto the turnbuckle for a move, but Dreamer able to come over behind him. Dreamer able to tangle Mahoney in the corner ropes, then smash a garbage can over his head. Dreamer followed up with a dropkick into the trash can right into Mahoney's face. Dreamer then retrieved a wooden table from under the ring, and tossed it into the ring. Once the table was set up, Mahoney able to smash a trash can over Dreamer's head and then put Dreamer onto the table. Mahoney went to jump off the ropes at Dreamer, who then moved. When Mahoney staggered up, Dreamer DDT'd him into a steel chair in the ring and then pinned him.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer wins via pinfall (under extreme rules).

Matt Striker vs. Boogeyman - Boogeyman made his debut on ECW after being drafted with the 2nd pick last night. Early on Boogeyman kept a hold on Striker's one arm/hand and managed to clothesline and elbow him. Striker finally able to get out of the ring then slide back in with Boogeyman chasing. Striker then dropkicked Boogeyman in the head and started to attack. Boogeyman regained momentum and did a splash on Striker followed by throwing him to the corner for a bodysplash there. Boogeyman with a strong slam/finisher move to then pin Striker. Afterwards, Boogeyman took a fistful of worms which he put in his mouth and then dropped them down onto Matt Striker's face and mouth.

Winner: Boogeyman wins via pinfall over Matt Striker.

Exclusive footage shown from moments after Vince McMahon's limo exploded with firetrucks arriving to the scene. A fireman then began hosing down the burning limo, which continued to burn strongly. According to firefighters it took about 10 minutes and 30 seconds to hose down the burning limo.

Main Event: Chris Benoit & CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von Early on the Alpha Male managed to knock CM Punk down off the ropes. Punk isolated by his opponents, who kept him away from tagging Benoit for a bit. Punk finally able to use an armbar takedown and hold and pulled Burke over to Benoit's corner. Benoit came and was able to clothesline Burke down hard off the ropes. Burke then slid out of the ring,but Benoit chased and threw him back in. Cor Von came in and was able to start hammering away on Benoit. Eventually Benoit tagged Punk back in who flew off the ropes at Cor Von. Punk cleared Cor Von out of the ring and then looked out at him. As Burke tried to run in to attack Punk, Benoit headed him off and knocked him down. ECW hit commercial break.

Back from break, Burke had Punk down in the ring and dropped an elbow on the back of his head. Burke able to bring Punk to their corner and allow Cor Von into the ring to continue beating up Punk. Burke and Cor Von continued to tag in and out to abuse Punk. Punk eventually able to reverse a Cor Von move and whip him to the corner, but Cor Von able to drop Punk to the mat. Cor Von then catapulted Punk into the corner turnbuckle. Punk kept trying to find a way to get over and tag Benoit in, but Burke and Cor Von kept Punk down. As the 2 continued beating up Punk the ref called for the bell and Benoit then came into the ring. All four men in the ring, and Punk was able to knock Cor Von out of the ring. Benoit then did 3 German Suplexes on Burke followed by a Sharpshooter. Punk and Benoit then stared out at Cor Von and Burke who were on the floor outside the ring.

Winners: Chris Benoit and CM Punk win via disqualification (ref counted Marcus Cor Von remained in the ring for a 5 count after he had tagged Burke in).

Another replay shown of Vince getting into the exploding limosine, as ECW left the air.

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