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Smackdown 6.08.07 Recap

Smackdown 6.08.07 Recap from Orlando, Florida..

The Cutting Edge - Edge Interview with Vince McMahon-
Edge arrived to the ring carrying his World Heavyweight Championship belt. Edge told the crowd that just because he's hosting "Cutting Edge", it doesn't mean he won't wrestle tonight. Edge said tonight's guest is bigger than Batista, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Vince McMahon. Vince came down to the ring looking a bit crazy again and took a seat in 1 of the 2 chairs with a mic in hand. Edge told Vince it was an honor to have him as a guest, and asked Vince how he is feeling. Vince began to spout off a popular quote about evil and walking through the "valley of the shadow of death". Edge mentioned the upcoming draft on RAW this Monday, and that this Monday will also be "Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night". Edge said he wouldn't disrespect Vince like John Cena, Ric Flair or Lashley. Edge said that Mr. McMahon is the reason people watch WWE, and that he still has his empire despite losing the title. Edge told Vince he's a world champion in the squared circle of life and placed his title on Vince's lap, then asked the crowd to applaud. Vince put the belt onto Edge's chair and said Edge is no better than the others. Vince then told Edge he would have to put the belt on the line against Batista, at Vengeance. Vince then rattled off more strange quotes to Edge and exited the ring as Edge held a confused look on his face.

Boogeyman vs. Mark Henry - Boogeyman crawled out to the ramp with his mini-sidekick Little Boogey riding on his back. The 2 then made their unusual entrance and "boogied" down to the ring. Boogeyman started off with an early flurry of punches on Henry, until Henry countered with a punch of his own and several chops as well as a headbutt. Mark Henry wrapped Boogeyman up with a serious bearhug for a good minute or so. After breaking the hold, Henry turned his attention to Little Boogeyman and kicked him down on the side apron. Henry then grabbed Boogeyman and used the "World's Strongest Slam" to drop him to the mat. Henry scored a pinfall victory over the layed out Boogeyman. Henry then dragged Little Boogey into the ring and put him in a vicious bearhug. Henry then used the "World's Strongest Slam" on Little Boogey, followed by a splash off the ropes. The ref attended to Little Boogey as Henry exited the ring and walked up the ramp.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over Boogeyman.

Vickie Guerrero seen backstage standing in front of Teddy Long. Vickie announced Smackdown's double main event for the night. First Edge would be facing off against Chris Benoit. And in another main event match, MVP would go up against Batista.

Backstage Teddy was seated with Vickie and Kristal. Vickie asked Teddy to rate her first major match announcement. Teddy said not bad for her 1st time. Just then Vince McMahon came into their office and went off when Teddy said he needed to talk to Vince in private because there was a problem. Vince said the problem was Kristal because she is half Teddy's age. Vince said he was keeping his eyes on Teddy now and left. Teddy was upset Vince talked to him like that as Vickie and Kristal tried to calm him down.

Daivari, Jamie Nobel and Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang, Brian Kendrick & Paul London (6 Man Tag Match)- Yang and Noble faced off and exchanged arm take downs and holds. Yang tagged in London who continued the fight on Nobel until Nobel was able to back him into his partners' corner and tag out. London able to make a tag to Kendrick with Chavo in the ring, allowing for a takedown and then dropkick on Chavo by Kendrick. Wang Yang landed a great bodypress splash off the ropes on Chavo but failed to score the pinfall. With Daivari in versus Yang, Yang tried to do a jump kick off the corner turnbuckle, but Daivari avoided it and then pushed Yang down. This allowed Chavo, Daivari and Noble to take control of the match as they kept Yang close to their corner and dominated. Yang able to escape against Daivari and then a running Jamie Noble. Yang finally tagged in Kendrick who started to run off the ropes at all opponents using kicks and clotheslines. Jamie Noble managed to grab Kendrick's leg from outside the ring and trip him, allowing Chavo to land a move and try for a pin. London came in to dropkick Chavo off his partner, then all men fought in the ring. Eventually with Nobel and Daivari knocked out of the ring, Wang Yang jumped over the ropes onto the 2 men, landing in a pile. In the ring, Chavo climbed the corner turnbuckle with Kendrick to try to suplex him. London got into the ring and under Chavo's legs. From there Kendrick was able to land an interesting suplex move with the help of London to slam Chavo to the mat. Kendrick then scored the pinfall victory for his team, despite looking extremely beaten and worn out.

Winners: London, Kendrick and Wang Yang win via pinfall.

Chris Benoit vs. Edge- Edge in his first official match on Smackdown since coming back to the brand. Early on Benoit each put an arm hold on Edge. Edge able to force the ref to break the hold by grabbing the ropes. Benoit able to land about 3 or 4 chops to the chest of Edge, eventually dropping him near the ropes. Benoit then with a headlock on Edge down on the mat. Benoit with a serious whip of Edge to the corner at one point, causing Edge to hit the corner hard and bounce off. Edge able to escape a Crossface Crippler by getting his feet onto the bottom rope. Benoit tried to land German Suplex on Edge while on the side apron, but Edge broke it up by elbowing Benoit in the face. Edge then tried to run at Benoit off the ropes, but Benoit put his head down and then managed to flip Edge over him and the ropes. Edge landed outside the ring on his back as Smackdown went to commercial.

Back from break, Edge kicked out off a near pinfall by Benoit. Benoit continued to use a submission hold on the neck/head of Edge to wear him down. Edge raked Benoit in the eyes to regain some momentum. Benoit continued to fight back with punches and then chops to Edge's chest. Edge fell out through the ropes. As Edge stood up stunned, Benoit then ran at him and dropkicked him through the ropes into the side crowd barrier. With Edge back in the ring, Benoit landed a German Suplex then had another near pinfall. Edge able to counter Benoit by whipping him hard to the corner turnbuckle. Edge placed Benoit up on the corner turnbuckle, then climbed up with him. Benoit able to headbutt Edge several times causing the champ to fall off. Benoit with an attempted flying headbutt off the ropes, but Edge rolled out of the way. Edge dominated from here, landing several moves on a fallen Benoit. Edge focused on Benoit's injured shoulder to try to prevent Benoit from using the Crossface. Benoit finally able to fight his way out of an arm hold and kick Edge in the back of his head. Benoit then landed a series of Suplexes on Edge, about 5 or 6 total. With Edge layed out, Benoit went for a flying headbutt which he landed. Benoit had an extremely close pinfall which Edge barely kicked out of.

Edge went for a Spear on Benoit after both men collided, but Benoit used a trip move to take down Edge and slap the Crossface on. Edge able to barely grab the side ropes to break the hold. As Benoit came at Edge who was slumped in the corner, Edge grabbed Benoit by his tights and pulled him into the corner steel post. Edge followed this up with a quick Spear to gain victory over Chris Benoit.

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Chris Benoit.

Ashley getting her makeup done in a chair backstage when Jillian came up to her and taunted her. Ashley got up and told Jillian she better pray she gets drafted to RAW because if Jillian stays on Smackdown she would personally end her career. Jillian then slapped Ashley in the face and ran off. Ashley then chased her off backstage.

Matt Hardy seen signing copies of a magazine backstage when Vince McMahon walked up to him. Matt and Vince discussed how Vince put the Hardy's into a tag title match the night after their ladder match at 1 Night Stand. Just then Jillian came running through with Ashley chasing her. Ashley bumped into Vince who was holding a cup of coffee. Coffee spilled all over Vince and prompted Vince to put Matt Hardy into a handicap match next. Vince then told Matt to go out for his match. Vince then told Ashley she was suspended indefinitely. Vince then yelled at Ashley until she was in tears and threw his coffee cup against the wall.

Matt Hardy vs. Deuce & Domino (2 on 1 Handicap Match)- Deuce & Domino took it to Matt Hardy early, dropping him to the mat. Matt able to run off the ropes at Domino pushing him out of the ring into the side barrier. This allowed Matt to go 1 on 1 with Deuce in the ring. Deuce used his strength to start to dominate Matt. Matt able to gain some advantage with a leg drop off the ropes onto Deuce. After a failed pin, Matt stood up Deuce for a Twist of Fate, but Domino got back in the ring to clothesline Matt down. Deuce & Domino then started to dominate Hardy and worked on his injured ribs. Despite Matt holding onto the ropes, they managed to kick him in the ribs and drop him to the mat. Matt was able to foil Domino trying to jump off the ropes, by pushing Deuce into the ropes, causing Domino to fall on his groin on the ropes. Matt able to score a sidewalk slam on Deuce but missed the pinfall. Matt able to toss Deuce out of the ring and tried to roll up Domino for a pin. Matt landed a Twist of Fate, and was sitting up when Deuce came back into the ring. Deuce able to run at Matt with a strong boot to the face, and score a pinfall victory.

Winners: - Deuce & Domino win via pinfall victory over Matt Hardy.

MVP interviewed backstage and told the interviewer he is a champion unlike the interviewer, the fans or the Orlando Magic. MVP then proclaimed he is even better than former World Champion Batista and that he stays "straightup ballin". MVP then left for his match.

Batista vs. MVP- MVP taunted Batista early on with trash talk and ducking moves by Batista. Batista finally able to shove MVP into the corner and ram into him. Batista threw MVP to the ropes, but MVP slid out of the ring and started to walk up the ramp. With Batista staring out at him, MVP started to walk back, then ran to the side apron and pulled Batista down by his head onto the ropes. MVP got back in the ring to try to capitalize. MVP tried to keep Batista in the corner, but as MVP ran at him, Batista speared him down. MVP rolled out of the ring as Smackdown went to break.

Back from break Michael Cole noted Batista had dominated MVP during the break. Batista with a boot to a seated MVP's face in the ring. Batista with a suplex and pinfall attempt on MVP. At one point, MVP able to grab Batista by his trunks and throw him face first into the corner. MVP then with a running boot kick to Batista's face in the corner, causing Batista to fall over the top rope and out of the ring. MVP started to dominate Batista at this point, and was able to knock Batista out of the ring a second time. JBL noted that MVP should be mentioned with the names Batista, Undertaker, Edge and Benoit. Batista able to get back onto the side apron and battle his way back in against MVP. MVP dropped Batista down in the ring and put a headlock on him. Batista able to stand up as MVP started to knee him. MVP tried to run off the ropes at Batista who then flipped MVP up over him.

Batista with momentum in the match threw MVP to the ropes then clotheslined him down. Batista threw MVP to the corners of the ring and clotheslined him in 1, but MVP then kicked him in the face in the other. Batista able to land a sidewalk slam on MVP, as well as a spinebuster. Batista signaled for his finisher. As Batista turned, Edge had ran down and slid into the ring, as MVP slid out. Batista ran at and speared Edge down. The ref then called for the bell to be rang for a disqualification. Batista then prepared to Batista Bomb Edge, but Edge managed to escape and slide out of the ring. Edge backed up the ramp as Batista remained in the ring staring him down.

Winner: Batista wins via disqualification when Edge interfered in match.

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