Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cena's Cause

John Cena's latest cause has been fighting drunk diving, as the matter has hit home with his family.

From the Eagle Tribune News site (eagletribune.com):

It was nearly four months ago that Dan Cena, John’s younger brother and a Newbury police officer, had his cruiser twisted into a pretzel after being struck by an alleged drunken driver in front of the Ould Newbury Golf Course on Route 1.

Luckily, Cena faired better than his heavy duty police vehicle, escaping with a broken leg and lacerations. He is still several months away from re-joining the force.

To help raise awareness and money to fight drunk driving Daniel’s dad, John Cena Sr., orchestrated the charity card at Triton and had no problem supplying the biggest name in wrestling to referee the main event.

“The reason I have become involved is because it really hits home,” said the world champ prior to spending the next 21/2 hours affixing his signature to every piece of wrestling memorabilia imaginable.

Read more here at eagletriubne.com: WWE champ Cena hasn’t forgotten his roots

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