Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grading the WWE Draft

Grading the 1st 10 WWE Draft Picks:

Pick #1: The Great Khali: Obviously a "huge" pickup for Smackdown and this just might revitalize the whole Khali vs Kane feud. Or Khali may feud with Batista or even Mark Henry. They needed someone of his size since Undertaker's injury. The fact he has been defeated several times by John Cena now doesn't make Khali look so impressive, but he is still imposing and can dominate matches. Adds another heavyweight to the show now. Main question is will he go after Edge?

Grade: A

Pick #2: Boogeyman to ECW: It seems as if maybe the whole "eating worms" gimmick was too much for a Friday primetime show like Smackdown, but will work on Sci Fi. Boogeyman has never been a title contender really, and seems to do more dancing and other theatrics than wrestling. Now Boogeyman takes his antics to ECW, and we will see just how extreme a wrestler he is or isn't.

Grade: B

Pick #3: King Booker w/Queen Sharmelle to RAW: Booker seems to be back and forth between RAW and Smackdown. This move seems purely to send title contenders from Smackdown to RAW. Having seen Booker here before, it is a bit irritating to see him back, but he does add good championship caliber to the show. He is also 1 of 2 wrestlers recovering from injury (along with Mr. Kennedy).

Grade: B+

Pick #4: Chris Benoit to ECW: Adding a guy of Benoit's caliber to ECW only helps improve the product. Since Kurt Angle and Big Show left, and now Lashley has been sent to RAW, Benoit makes for a top notch title contender. He should gave the show that extra wrestling talent it needs to thrive.

Grade: A

Pick #5: Torrie Wilson to Smackdown. Torrie Wilson has seemed to serve as purely "Diva eye candy" (yes which DIVA isnt?) Sending her to Smackdown seems merely to be as a replacement for the suspended Ashley. Why Ashley was suspended baffles me, although it might have been done so she can participate in Playboy promos and magazine shoots or TV/movie roles. Back to Torrie, there's no women's titles on Smackdown, and her main foes are really Jillian and Kristal. It appears with Ric Flair heading over with her, she will remain as "eye candy".

Grade: C

Pick #6: Chris Masters to Smackdown: Chris Masters seemed to be a viable Intercontinental title contender. In a real fight, he would always beat Santino Morella. Recently, it seems Masters' only role has been to showcase the Masterlock or to allow Lashley to break it. On Smackdown he can face guys like Batista, Kane and Finlay now. Masters might be a contender for the US Title but right now this move seems a bit weak.

Grade: C

Pick #7: Bobby Lashley drafted to RAW: Most probably saw this pick coming a mile away. After all, Lashley had been wrestling almost every week for the past few months on RAW in his feud with Umaga, Vince and Shane. Now RAW adds a solid performer and champion who might provide John Cena's toughest opponent yet. A solid move for the RAW roster.

Grade: A

Pick #8: Ric Flair drafted to Smackdown: Flair adds personality and his legendary presence to any roster. Obviously this move can't really hurt Smackdown, it even provides a new challenger to Edge. The only problem is Flair's age. He's a legend yes, but he should probably be managing or commentating by this point. Either way the personality factory will give Smackdown a boost.

Grade: B+

Pick #9: Snitsky to RAW: This pick baffled me, in that Snitsky just returned to ECW and he seems more fit for Smackdown's format. I've seen a rumour that Snitsky will be the next feud for Cena, following Umaga and Khali. Overall I don't see this pick as making RAW any stronger. Snitsky was already on RAW back when he debuted and just seems as if he would be better on the Smackdown show.

Grade: B-

Pick #10: Mr. Kennedy to RAW: Not only is this a great pick for RAW but you can almost see Mr. Kennedy starting to get the sorta crowd "pop" and positive response that maybe the Rock first started getting. Kennedy has that great personality and cockiness that fans might have seen in such stars as the Rock and Stone Cold back in the attitude era. He makes for a great opponent for many wrestlers and plays off other wrestlers great. This was probably the best pick of the night next to Lashley.

Grade: A+

Overall Draft Grades:

Smackdown: B+

I give RAW the best grade because it added 3 title contenders in Booker, Lashley and Mr. Kennedy, all capable of giving John Cena a great feud and a run for his title. Snitsky may be a 4th title contender. ECW only added 2 new faces so far, 1 being a guy who never contends for titles, in Boogeyman. Smackdown simply added a few slumping stars who seem to be filler (except Great Khali). More picks will be made this coming Sunday on WWE.com at 12Noon EST.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, The Mr. Kennedy draft pick was the best pick of the night because I see Mr. Kennedy as the next big thing and I see Mr. Kennedy as the next Rock.

June 13, 2007 at 12:40 PM  

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