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RAW Recap 06.11.07

Here is a recap from the 3 hour WWE Draft on RAW from Wilkes Barre, PA:
(summaries shortened for this due to the 3 hourshow length)

The show kicked off with Chairman McMahon reading from a printed paper saying tonight is the WWE Draft and "Mr McMahon Appreciation Night". Vince assured the crowd he has not lost it completely. Vince said tonight there would be comments seen from many of those who have crossed paths with him over the years. Vince said tonight will be "the defining moment" of his life".

Commentators from RAW, ECW and Smackdown were all present for tonight's event. The winner of each inter-brand match would give that brand the next draft pick. The picks would be done randomly and shown on the Titantron. For a summary of the 10 draft picks made please read: WWE Draft Results.

Edge vs. John Cena - The champs from both RAW & Smackdown faced off in what has been known as a great rivalry over the past year or so on RAW. Edge managed to knock Cena out of the ring and clothesline him down in ring several times. Cena had a near STFU but Edge crawled to the ropes in time to prevent it. Cena had a series of flying shoulders into Edge off the ropes followed by a slam. Cena went for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Edge got up. Cena saw Edge came at him and moved away causing Edge to fly out of the ropes out of the ring. Cena went outside the ring and removed the cover to the ECW announcer's table as well as the TV monitors. Cena then hoisted Edge up on his shoulders to "F U" him off the steel steps. Edge able to rake Cena in the eyes and then slid back into the ring just as the reft counted to 10.

Winner:Edge wins via countout on Cena giving Smackdown the first draft pick.

First draft pick: The Great Khali was randomly drafted by Smackdown as the 1st pick in the draft.

A short documentary piece shown about how Vince McMahon got involved in the business, starting as a promoter, and announcer. It was also told that Vince didn't originally want people to know he was the Owner of WWE, but eventually it got to a point where Vince had to let people know on the shows. Jessie Ventura then talked about Vince McMahon being a dictator who wasn't kind and that he better pay attention to the fact that all dictators fall.

Coach backstage outside Vince's office announced that in 2 weeks at Vengeance Pay Per View it would be a "Night of Champions" with every title being put on the line. Coach also added that at the end of tonight, every former WWE champion still on the RAW roster would be eligible to compete for the WWE title.

CM Punk vs. Carlito- RAW & ECW superstars faced off for the 2nd draft pick. Carlito capatilized on a rib injury by CM Punk with body scissors on the mat. Punk managed to switch things up to a Boston Crab, but Carlito crawled to the bottom rope to break things up. CM Punk continued to dominate for a bit, until Carlito got the "Backstabber" on him in the corner. CM Punk rolled out of the ring and fell to the floor. Carlito threw Punk back in for the pin, but only got the 2 count. CM Punk able to land his finisher on Carlito with a knee to the midsection and then pinfall victory.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Carlito giving ECW the 2nd pick.

2nd Draft Pick:ECW randomly received Boogeyman as the 2nd draft pick.

Snoop Dogg spoke about Mr. McMahon, and thanked him for everything he's done for wrestling, including making it as big as he has, and having the caliber talent he does of Cena and Stone Cold. Snoop told Vince to "keep it raw".

Highlights shown of Mr. McMahon's antics in and out of the ring. Included were several "You're Fired" clips, clips of McMahon abusing his own family members, and the "Kiss My Ass" club.

Mick Foley came out onto the ramp to say he overheard Coach say there is an Open WWE Championship match for all former champs on the RAW roster. Mick Foley said he would throw his name into the mix for this challenge. Foley then spoke about Mr. McMahon, saying how he's affected the life of everyone in this area, backstage and at home. Mick Foley said Vince has sorta done good things to help others with his money and power. Mick finished up by calling McMahon arrogant and manipulative and wishing Vince to "have a nice day".

Balls Mahoney vs. Umaga- For the 3rd pick in the WWE Draft, ECW's Balls faced RAW's Umaga. Umaga with a very quick victory as he dodged a move by Mahoney, and then kicked him in the head. Umaga followed with a thumb jab to Balls' throat and then a pinfall victory.

Winner: Umaga wins via pinfall over Balls Mahoney, giving RAW the 3rd draft pick.

3rd Draft Pick:RAW randomly received King Booker.

Steve O spoke to Vince and thanked him for all his entertainment, saying "Vince you are the man".

Chris Benoit vs Bobby Lashley - A Smackdown vs ECW matchup for the 4th draft pick. Lashley used his strength and power early to keep Benoit down to the mat. Benoit began to chop away at Lashley and escaped a move where Lashley put him on his shoulders. Benoit tried for the Crossface but Lashley's strength countered this and allowed him to slam Benoit on his shoulders. Lashley went to slam Benoit who slid off his shoulders and then German Suplexed Lashley 3 times. Lashley escaped another attempted suplex, but Benoit knocked him to the mat and slapped the Sharpshooter on. Lashley used his leg strength to break the hold. Lashley finally able to grab Benoit and slam him down off his shoulders for a pinfall victory.

Winner:Bobby Lashley wins via pinfall over Chris Benoit giving ECW the 4th draft pick.

4th Draft Pick: ECW randomly received Chris Benoit.

Donald Trump spoke to Vince saying how pathetic it is for Vince to make his own appreciation night. Trump revisited what happened to Vince at Wrestlemania getting shaved bald. Trump said the fans don't like what Vince is doing and Trump doesn't like it either.

Ashley appeared live via Sattelite and said she isn't allowed in any WWE arenas, but wanted to thank Vince for the WWE Diva search. Ashley then showed the footage of when Vince made Trish Stratus bark like a dog on all 4's in the ring. Ashley said she thought Vince might like to see 2 DIVAS re-create this tonight. Mae Young and ______ then came out and revealed night gowns. The two then started to bark like dogs in a front of a dog house set up on the ramp.

Jimmy Snuka and Iron Sheik had a few words for Vince McMahon which were tough to understand. Snuka thanked Vince for his many years in the WWE.

Santino Morella vs. MVP RAW vs. Smackdown for the next pick in the WWE draft. Santino with a flying shoulder block off the turnbuckle to knock MVP late in the match. Morella tried to whip MVP to the corner, but MVP reversed and threw Morella to the corner, then ran at him with a boot to the face. MVP able to then use his finisher and knock Morella down for the pin.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Santino Morella to give Smackdown the 5th draft pick.

5th draft pick: Torrie Wilson randonmly drafted to Smackdown.

Bret Hart spoke about how Vince needs to be punched several times, and that's all he has to say about that.

The Miz vs. Snitsky- Snitsky used his strength early but Miz tried to counter by flying off the turnbuckle at him. Snitsky caught Miz mid air and then slammed Miz into the corner. Snitsky continued to dominate with his strength, and was able to knock Miz out for the pinfall victory. After the bell, Snitsky continued to beat on Miz despite the ref warning him. The ref then reversed the decision and awarded the match to Miz, and Smackdown the next draft pick.

Winner:The Miz via referee decision, after Snitsky refused to stop beating up the Miz.

6th draft pick: Smackdown randomly receives Chris Masters at the 6th pick.

Bobby "the Brain" Heenan spoke about Vince McMahon saying that by how he walks down the ramp he's either the safest guy around, or has the biggest set around. Bobby Heenan said "you figure it out because I can't".

Rowdy Roddy Piper came onto the top of the ramp for Mr. McMahon appreciation night and had a highlight reel shown of Vince's kiss my ass club and other various embarassing moments involving DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince's own family. Roddy said on behalf of the WWE fans around the world "Vince, we appreciate you for what you really are".

Mark Cuban spoke about Vince being a true entrepeneur, saying Vince got bigger and stronger when others doubted him.

Candice Michelle vs. Kristal - RAW vs. Smackdown for the 7th WWE draft pick. JR announced there will be a "supplemental draft" shown on as of Noon EST this Wednesday. Candice picked up a quick victory over Kristal with a slam and then pinfall.

Winner:Candice Michelle wins via pinfall, giving RAW the 7th draft pick.

7th Draft Pick: RAW randomly drafted Bobby Lashley with the 7th draft pick.

Just then Johnathan Coachman came out with a mic in hand and congratulated Lashley for being drafted to RAW. Coach said per Mr. McMahon's orders since Lashley is now a part of RAW, he can no longer wear the ECW title. Coach told Lashley to surrender the ECW title to him. Lashley handed the belt over to coach then grabbed the mic from him. Lashley said even though Coach took away his title, he is still a champion and will prove it to everyone on RAW.

Bob Costas spoke about Vince never giving him a WWE announcer's spot, and how he went on to do Olympics, baseball and other sports commentating. Costas spoke about the interview he did with Vince and how it made his next guest, Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight the most gentile, endearing guest of the night.

Highlights seen from "Fast Cars & Superstars" which features NASCAR drivers paired with celebrities, including John Cena. The show airs on ABC tomorrow night.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elijah Burke vs. Batista (Triple Threat Match) - A match featuring a wrestler from each of the 3 brands. Hardy chased Burke outside of the ring earlier then tossed him back in for Batista to work on. Jeff Hardy came back into the ring to dropkick Batista who had pinned Burke. Jeff Hardy able to use head scissors to prevent an early Batista Bomb from Batista. Hardy also landed "Whisper in the Wind"and a Swanton Bomb on Batista. Hardy tried to cover Batista, but Burke pulled Hardy out of the ring and tossed him face first into the ring post. Eventually Batista was knocked out of the ring, allowing Hardy to try to go 1 on 1 with Burke. Hardy missed a move off the ropes when Elijah moved away. This allowed Batista to get back into the ring and slam Jeff Hardy down, then Batista Bomb Elijah Burke for the pinfall win.

Winner:Batista wins via pinfall over Elijah Burke, giving Smackdown the 8th pick in the draft.

8th Draft Pick:Ric Flair drafted to Smackdown for the 8th pick.

Captain Lou Albano had a few choice words for Vince McMahon on Mr. McMahon appreciation night.

American Dream Dusty Rhodes came out to speak on "Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night". Rhodes said he grew up with McMahon in this industry, and knows Vince had a vision to build the biggest empire in sports entertainment no matter what it took to get there. Rhodes said whether the things Vince did was right or wrong his legacy is proven by the "Sold Out" sign outside the arena tonight. Rhodes said one thing everyone has to do like it or not, is respect Vince McMahon.

Mean Gene Okerlund spoke about giving him the show Tuesday Night Titans, which was eventually cancelled. Gene said Vince even fired him after 10 years and he got a good job out of it with ECW. Gene said Vince is "simply the best".

15 Man Battle Royal for Final 2 Draft Picks - A battle royal involving 5 men from each roster would decide the final 2 WWE draft picks (#9 and #10). Participants were as follows:

Smackdown: Matt Hardy, William Regal, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero and Mark Henry

RAW: Viscera, Randy Orton, Eugene, Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro.

ECW: Marcus Kohr Von, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Thorn, Matt Stryker

Matt Stryker eliminated first, followed by Sandman,leaving just 3 ECW representatives in the match. William Regal was next to go, followed by Chavo Guerrero who was eliminated by Mark Henry. Next, Viscera tossed Tommy Dreamer out of the ring. Mark Henry threw Thorn out of the ring leaving just 1 ECW rep. Viscera and Mark Henry ended up facing each other in the ring, colliding several times. Viscera tried to push Mark Henry out, but couldn't. Henry followed up by clotheslining Viscera down, then tossing Viscera over the ropes. Matt Hardy able to duck near the ropes as Marcus Kor Vohn came running at him. Kor Von then flew over the ropes leaving it just Smackdown and RAW in the ring. The sole winner would give that brand the final 2 draft picks. Hardy tried to drag Mark Henry over the ropes as the two grappled. Just then Randy Orton came over to grab Henry and help toss him over the ropes. Matt Hardy able to hang on by 1 hand to the bottom rope and roll back into the ring. Orton remained versus Matt Hardy. Hardy went for Twist of Fate but Orton countered and then was able to knock Matt out of the ring with an uppercut near the ropes. RAW would receive the final 2 draft picks.

Winner: Randy Orton wins the 15 man battle royal on behalf of the RAW brand.

9th Draft Pick: RAW randomly received Snitsky at the 9th pick.

10th Draft Pick: RAW randomly received Mr. Kennedy at the 10th pick.

Vince McMahon, seen with a strange smile on his face exiting his office, en route to the ring for "Mr. McMahon Appreciation" night.

Stone Cold spoke about Mr McMahon Appreciation Night, saying he appreciates the times he got to whoop Vince's ass, and beat him down in the ring. Stone Cold finished with his trademark "that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so".

Mr. McMahon then came down to the ring to close out the show. Vince stood in the ring with mic in hand, but simply dropped the mic down to the mat, then exited the ring and walked up the ramp, as the fans booed him. Vince seen walking backstage through the lines of wrestlers who were awaiting their draft status. Coach stopped Vince and told him he was going the wrong way and pointed him in the direction of his limo. Vince turned and walked the other way and exited the arena to his limo. Vince paused briefly before opening the back door to a white limo and getting in. Then out of nowhere the limo exploded in a burst of flames and fire, as RAW went off the air.

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