Friday, June 8, 2007

WWE Draft Thoughts

With the WWE Draft scheduled for this coming Monday Night on RAW, the WWE just might give us some surprises and shakeup the rosters quite a bit. With recent injuries to primetime players such as Undertaker, Booker T and Shawn Michaels, the brands are in need of fresh rivalries and new faces. Questions surface as to just who is safe and who's going to be heading to a new home?

It's quite possible that the WWE will do what it did a few years ago, with exchanging the two current champs (John Cena to Smackdown, Edge to RAW). It's also possible that Bobby Lashley could move to RAW, although it makes it strange to have a guy holding the ECW's brand belt on RAW, Lashley has made many an appearance on the show. Rumours have circled that Matt and Jeff Hardy will start to feud and they will be competing with each other for MVP's US Title, so those 2 just might be on the move to Smackdown. CM Punk may move to RAW or Smackdown..Santino Morella could go to Smackdown.. Umaga could go to ECW. The possibilities seem endless. It seems the current champs and probably Batista& Randy Orton seem safe to stay put. But you never know these days. Stay tuned, the draft airs live on a special 3 hour Monday Night RAW which starts at 8PM EST.


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