Saturday, July 21, 2007

Headline Prime Glenn Beck - Wrestling Issues

Headline Prime's Glenn Beck Show on CNN Headline News aired a segment called "Spoiled Sports" on late Friday. The show focused on the issues being discussed about professional wrestling lately.

Former WWE star, Marc "Wildman" Mero appeared on the show discussing the wrestling lifestyle. Mero mentioned they are on the road 250 days a year which is more than any other pro sport has for its season. Mero said there's no offseason for pro wrestling. He discussed how they have their biggest event, Wrestlemania and then wrestlers are wrestling again the next night on Monday Night Raw. He said nearly every wrestler has to take some sort of painkiller or medication to deal with their injuries and go out and perform at the level they do. Mero held up a piece of paper entitled "Death List" which showed the names of 25 pro wrestlers who have died in the past decade before age 45. He said you won't find a list like this in any other sport today.

Jack Singer, PHD Clinical and Sports Psychologist appeared as well. Singer discussed the effects watching wrestling is having on popular culture, where kids are having trouble distinguishing between what's real or fake, and are imitating it. Singer also said the more successful wrestlers are the ones who try to prevent themselves from getting hurt.

The segment ended with the discussion of how trouble in sports these days seems to be taking over the headlines so much.

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