Monday, July 16, 2007

WWE Heat Results 7.13.07

Results from the July 13 edition of WWE Heat, with Todd Grisham and Coach doing commentary.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeats Daivari

On his Heat debut, Daivari seemed to have control most of the match, but Hacksaw Jim Duggan picked up a pinfall victory using his running clothesline from the football stance.

Brian Kendrick defeats Charlie Haas

Brian Kendrick's successful debut on WWE Heat.

Video Promos of John Cena & Bobby Lashley

Coach stated that Lashley has displayed a "raging hunger" for gold since arriving at Raw. Coach said Lashley is a fan favorite and uncrowned champ heading into his match with Cena. The promo piece features a look at Lashley's career from his Smackdown debut to ECW to Raw. It also shows highlights of Lashley's wins versus Big Show and JBL for the ECW and US Championship titles.

A look at John Cena's career shown, with JR's opening comments that Cena had always wanted to win the WWE title when he was growing up. Footage shown of Cena saying nobody believed he would amount to anything when he debuted. Highlights shown of various Cena wins including him beating Big Show for the US title and JBL for the World Championship belt.

Heat Main Event: Carlito defeats Val Venis

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Notes: As of today the video player for the Kendrick match and the Carlito match was not working properly.
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