Saturday, July 14, 2007

Surprises for the Bash?

Chicago Sun-Times had an article several days ago discussing how Bobby Lashley finally gets his shot at the top WWE prize after winning the hair vs hair match at Wrestlemania and after his ECW title run.

The Sun-Times also reports the following possibles surprises for the Bash and WWE:

"Word is that Rey Mysterio, Triple H and The Undertaker all could make surprise appearances at the show.

AROUND THE RING: Expect to see King Booker in main-event matches again after signing a new deal. WWE management had been very worried that Booker was going to jump to rival TNA ... ''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin could be on his way back on a regular basis in order to help boost ratings in the fall ... WWE is close to finalizing a deal that will turn ''Raw'' into a three-hour program every week. Strange timing, considering chairman Vince McMahon just said a few weeks ago that he thinks 90 minutes is the ideal length for a wrestling show"

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