Saturday, July 14, 2007

Michelle McCool Story

The Palatka Daily news website has a nice write up on Michelle McCool and how her talent has brought her a long way in the WWE. The article discusses Michelle's use of WWE promos and gimmick which aretrue to her life; that of being an "all-American girl" or the school-teacher. It also discusses the unique wrestling moves Michelle has been using in her matches.


"A Hancock Trophy winner who was all-county in volleyball, softball and basketball at PHS, McCool also has a background in gymnastics. By far the most accomplished athlete in the Diva “class of 2004” (and probably subsequent classes), McCool is, in cooperation with WWE image makers, trying to parlay her skills into a move up the women’s wrestling ranks.

“It’s basically just Michelle McCool, All-American girl living life — shots and vignettes where I’m playing volleyball on the beach, football on the beach,” she said last week. “An athletic, All-American girl people can aspire to. It’s really just me being me. It’s nice.”

She’s trying moves seldom seen during a women’s match.

There’s a spinning backbreaker in which McCool drops to one knee while bringing her opponent down on the other knee. There’s a suplex that calls for her to stand straight up, bring her arm around the opponent’s waist and bring her down.

McCool was in Biloxi Sunday night when she defeated Victoria with what a Wrestling Observer Web site correspondent described as a “cool triangle choke variation.”

“I’m glad somebody’s noticed because I’m trying to incorporate moves other women don’t try,” she said. “It seems in the past the women’s arsenal has been clotheslines and arm-pulls and hair-pulls.”"

Read the full article at here.

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