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Smackdown Recap 07.13.07

WWE Smackdown Recap 07.13.07 from New Orleans, LA:

Smackdown opened with Edge backstage talking on a cell phone about a party that was going down tonight. Just then, Edge heard something from a locker room door nearby and stopped talking briefly. Edge resumed talking on the phone telling the other person "not to worry".

Michael Cole said tonight's show will feature Edge's Rated-R Mardi Gras Celebration and a Contract Signing between Khali and Batista for their match at Great American Bash.

MVP came down to the announcer's table in a suit, carrying his US championship belt. Michael Cole announced that earlier this week said Matt Hardy will face MVP for his title at the Great American Bash. MVP told Michael Cole he was there to do some scouting during the next match.

Chris Masters vs, Matt Hardy

MVP stated during commentary that while Hardy has won the tag title many times, he's never held a significant singles title. Early on, Masters tossed Hardy into the corner then taunted him. Masters took Matt down with a hard shoulder off the ropes. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate early off the ropes, but Masters pushed Matt into the corner. Masters landed an elbow on Hardy off the ropes, and had a missed elbow drop. Masters took control of the match with his power, keeping Matt down to the mat and using a knee to his back several times. Masters pressed Hardy above his head and dropped him to the mat. Masters signaled for the Masterlock. As Hardy got up, Smackdown hit commercial break.

Back from break, Masters had Matt down on the mat in a jaw/head hold to wear him down. Matt able to get to his feet and drop Masters' chin onto his shoulder. Hardy went for a leg drop off the ropes but Masters moved, then followed with a sideslam. Masters continued to use strength to dominate, but Matt fought back. Masters tossed Hardy to the corner then clotheslined him down, Masters had a close 3 count. Masters continued trying to wear Hardy down. Matt finally able to gain momentum and got an elbow drop off the corner ropes. Masters pushed Hardy away from the Twist of Fate several times, but Matt finally landed it off the ropes to score the pinfall victory.

Matt stared at MVP after the match. MVP removed his suit jacket and jewelry with Matt looking out at him. Suddenly, Chris Masters got up behind Matt and threw the Masterlock on. Hardy managed to drop his weight down with Masters to the mat, but Masters kept the hold. MVP got in the ring to attack the fallen Hardy as Masters left the ring. MVP did his finisher, the Playmaker, followed by a elbow drop off the ropes leaving Hardy laying in the ring.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs, Finlay

The two men grappled early on with the ref breaking them apart twice near the ropes. Finlay with a quick takedown on Yang followed by a suplex. Finlay used his power early on to dominate Yang. Yang gained momentum briefly off the ropes using a headscissors to flip Finlay out of the ring. Yang went to do a baseball slide dropkick under the ropes at Finlay. Finlay lifted the apron cover up causing Yang to slide into it out of the ring. Finlay started to dominate back in the ring sideslamming Yang onto his knee. Finlay started to wear down Yang by applying pressure to his arm down on the mat. Yang started to kick his way out and stood up but was met by a hard clothesline from Finlay. Finlay continued to dominate, tossing Yang around the ring, but Yang was able to escape a slam attempt and gained momentum.

Yang able to get a flying bodypress off the top rope. Finlay escaped a near fall then used his strength to finish off Yang with a hard bodyslam. After the pinfall victory, Finlay went out of the ring and lifted up the apron cover to get Hornswaggle. Hornswaggle came into the ring and jumped on the fallen Yang, then Finlay picked up and slammed Hornswaggle down onto Yang. Hornswaggle then rolled out of the ring and crawled back under the ring.

Winner: Finlay wins via pinfall over Jimmy Wang Yang.

Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble vs. The Major Brothers

Brian Major and Noble started things off, with reversed armholds and takedowns. Noble fought like a "pitbull" as described by JBL as he battled back versus the brothers. Chavo came in and was able to escape a doubleteam move attempt by the Major Brothers. Noble got back into the action with the Major Brothers doing a double leapfrog followed by a double armbar takedown on Noble. Despite this, Noble managed to escape and tag in Chavo who took started attacking Bret. Noble came back in and continued the beatdown, using a Camel clutch type submission hold. Bret Major able to crawl towards his partner with Noble still on his back. Noble got up and ran over to knock Brian off the apron. Bret had a bodypress on Noble and pin attempt, but the ref was out of position to cover it. Chavo and Noble continued good tag work, bringing in each other and cheap shotting Bret behind the ref's back. Bret finally able to escape Chavo and Noble's attack and tagged in Brian. Brian began to clean house in the ring. Brian landed a spinebuster on Chavo, but Jamie Noble ran in to break up the pin. Chavo tried to do a suplex but was too close to the Majors corner allowing a tag to happen , A missile dropkick off the corner ropes onto Chavo followed by a pinfall of Chavo. After the loss, Chavo and Jamie argued outside the ring about whos fault it was.

Winners: The Major Brothers win via pinfall over Chavo and Jamie Noble.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was seen walking. The Great Khali's manager/pitchman Singh came up to Vickie saying that he and Khali want to cancel tonight's contract signing and the match versus Batista at Great American Bash. Singh told Vickie that Batista is loved by the fans and they wouldn't want to see him get hurt. Vickie said the fans want to see this match, so the match stands. As Vickie started to walk off, Khali came up to her and began yelling incoherently. Vickie went into her office and closed the door. Singh and Khali then saw WWE workers moving a chair and table. Singh asked what was going on. One worker with a headset on told him they were preparing for the contract signing and even had a special chair for Khali to use. Singh asked if he was calling Khali a freak. The man said no he wasn't, but Singh said some words to Khali who then threw the man into the steel garage door.

Promo highlights shown for te return of Rey Mysterio to Smackdown.

Edge seen watching the Mysterio promo on a monitor in the backstage lockerroom area. As Edge turned his back to admire his championship belt, Kane appeared on the monitor behind him. Edge sensed someone was watching him and turned to look at the monitor, but it had changed back to a picture of Rey Mysterio's mask.

Contract Signing - Batista and The Great Khali

Teddy Long came down to the ring with a clipboard and introduced Khali first. Khali came to the ring with his manager and posed for the crowd, then stood in front of Teddy Long. Teddy then introduced Khali's opponent Batista to a cheering crowd. Batista came down to the ring in a suit and stood in the ring staring at Khali. Teddy Long stood between the competitors and asked both wrestlers to have a seat for the signing. Batista signed first and slid it over at Khali. Khali's manager grabbed the mic and said last week when Khali issued his challenge he was looking for a sportsman not an untamed animal. Singh said Batista should be locked up in a cage not in a match with Khali. Singh said Khali fears no one, especially not Batista. Khali yelled some things into the mic and finally signed the contract.

Both men stood up and Batista offered a handshake. When Khali didn't shake, Batista slapped him in the face. Khali got riled up, but Singh got in front of him to hold him off from attacking Batista. Khali and his manager exited the ring. Outside the ring, an enraged Khali ripped the top steel steps off and tossed them into the ring at Batista. Batista picked up the steps inside the ring and then threw them back out at Khali on the ramp. Batista began to throw chairs and the table out at Khali as he and his manager backed up the ramp.

Luke Hawks vs. Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo with a jobber to wrestle this week who he completely dominated with his strength. Palumbo made extremely quick work of Hawks using several powerful moves and completed a spinning sideslam on Hawks to capture a pinfall victory.

Winner: Chuck Palumbo wins via pinfall over Luke Hawks.

New tag team Jesse and Festus shown. Jesse discussed how excited they are to come to Smackdown and meet all the beautiful divas. Jesse said he's shy but Festus drives the ladies nuts with his "look of a ladies man".

Edge seen brushing his teeth in the locker room area. As he ducked down to spit in the sink, Kane appeared in the bathroom mirror. Kane stood there looking into the mirror and moved away just as Edge jerked his head up to see who was there.

Deuce and Domino seen backstage with Cherry near their car, as Eugene came up and started admiring the convertible. Eugene told them he really likes their car. Deuce and Domino said they'd give Eugene a ride down to the ring so he could take on one of their scheduled opponents for tonight.

Eugene rode out onto the ramp in Deuce and Domino's convertible with them and jumped around happily in the ring. Eugene's opponent, Mark Henry was then introduced and Eugene realized he got the short end of the stick.

Eugene vs. Mark Henry

Eugene offered a handshake to Mark Henry, who ran at him and clotheslined him down. Henry slammed Eugene into the corner of the ring then ran into him. Deuce and Domino watched from outside the ring, laughing as Mark Henry tossed Eugene around the ring. Henry slammed Eugene down, the picked him back up in a crushing Bear Hug. The ref called for the bell as Eugene was out of it. Mark Henry stared down Deuce and Domino before exiting the ring. Deuce and Domino got into the ring with the fallen Eugene and posed with their tag team belts over Eugene.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via submission over Eugene.

Footage shown of Michelle Mccool on roller skates on a boardwalk saying how she enjoys seeing the sights on roller skates and is loving life.

JBL and Michael Cole replayed footage of last week's fight between Torrie Wilson and Victoria backstage during Torrie's photoshoot. Cole said the two divas would face off next.

Teddy Long seen backstage talking wedding plans over with Kristal. Vickie Guerrero entered into the office. Teddy told Vickie she handled things with Khali and his manager earlier great when she stood her ground. Kristal then asked Vickie to be her maid of honor for the wedding and Vickie said yes as the two hugged several times.

Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria

Early on Victoria kicked Torrie in the stomach and head then kicked her in the head. Victoria got on top of Torrie's back and put a submission hold on. Victoria began to slap Torrie's face asking her if she thought she was better than her. Victoria slammed Torrie face first into the mat then tried to pin but Torrie kicked out. Victoria continued to throw Torrie around the ring then started choking her on the ropes. Victoria tried to do a backflip onto Torrie in the center of the ring but Torrie moved. Torrie tossed Victoria off the ropes and clotheslined her down several times. Torrie tried for several pins with no luck. Torrie managed to knock Victoria out of the ring, then jumped down onto her from the apron. Victoria stood back up and rammed Torrie into the side apron. Torrie grabbed one of the ropes and used it to pull herself up and dropkick Victoria down. Torrie got back into the ring at the count of 9 leaving Victoria out for a countout loss.

Winner: Torrie Wilson wins via countout over Victoria.

Backstage Edge seen in the locker room with a bunch of people in jester, King and Queen costumes. Edge said how great they all looked then told them to follow him out to the ring for the celebration.

Cole and JBL discussed the upcoming match between Edge and Kane at Great American Bash, before Edge came out to the ring on a Mardi Gras float with his cast of characters.

Edge's Rated-R Mardi Gras Celebration

Edge rode down the ramp on a truck pulling a float full of costume characters, with a man on stilts walking next to them. Edge started dancing around the ring with his belt and then got into the ring still dancing. Edge took the microphone saying how great this is. Edge said New Orleans is the real "city of sin" and this city is meant for the Rated-R superstar. Edge said he was going to give the city the biggest party its ever seen. Edge said this party would pale compare to the party he throws when he beats Kane at Great American Bash. Edge said he'd leave the event still the champ. Edge said it was time to get the party started and had the music start again, Costume characters started to throw beads into the crowd, as Edge danced around the outside of the ring.

Edge stopped when he got over to the large King and Queen characters. Edge yelled to stop the music and looked strangely at the Queen character. After a brief revelation, Edge then speared the Queen down. Standing behind Edge was a character dressed as a large King, and he removed his headpiece/mask to reveal it was Kane. Kane punched Edge then tossed him into the ring. Kane took off the costume then got in the ring. Kane tossed Edge to the ropes and flipped him up over his back. Kane was about to chokeslam Edge, but one of the other characters ran into the ring to attack Kane. Kane turned and knocked them down. Edge escaped the ring as the other characters all went into the ring to attack Kane. One by one Kane beat up each and chokeslammed a jester down onto the mat. As Edge backed up the ramp, Kane laughed, raised his arms up and then brought them down with an explosion of flames from the ringposts.

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