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ECW Recap 12.18.07

ECW Recap from Rochester, NY:

Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang vs. The Miz & Morrison

Miz faced off and Moore took him down fast with several pinfalls. Miz retreated to the ropes to recover. Miz backed to the corner and tagged in Morrison. Morrison gave an uppercut to Moore, but Moore fought back as he pushed Morrison over neard Miz and began to punch each. Moore was able to land several arm drags to bring Morrison down. A tag was made to Yang and he landed a dropkick off the ropes onto a seated Morrison. Yang continued to elbow Morrison and isolated him down on the mat.

Morrison was able to hit Yang with an uppercut from down on the mat, then tried to take control. Yang was able to get the headscissors off the ropes then failed with the pinfall. After a tag, Yang suplexed Morrison down and Moore splashed onto him over the ropes. Morrison finally escaped and Miz tagged in. Moore took control and whipped Miz to the ropes. Yang with a dropkick and then went to work on Miz. Yang went over and punched Morrison off the apron. Miz rushed at him but Yang was able to toss Miz over the top rope. With both opponents out, Moore and Yang got into the ring and went to do a double slide dropkick. Miz and Morrison got to their feet and grabbed both men by the feet, yanking them out onto the floor. ECW hit commerical with Moore and Yang down.

ECW came back with Morrison applying a headlock to Yang on the mat. Yang got to his feet and Morrison began to punch him. Yang got whipped to the corner, then eluded Morrison. Yang went to stretch for a tag to Moore and finally jumped to make it. Moore began to fly around the ring and flip Morrison overhead. Moore got to the corner and kicked a charging Morrison. Miz came over on the apron and Moore kicked him down. The ref was temporarily down and didn't see Miz shove Moore off the corner ropes. Miz and Morrison continued to tag in and out, beating up Moore.

Moore finally escaped Morrison with a dropkick. Yang tagged in as did Miz, with Jimmy knocking Miz out of the ring. Yang flew at him outside the ring. Morrison then kicked Yang down outside the ring. Moore ran over with a slide dropkick and knocked Moorison out too. Yang finally got back into the ring with Miz. The two fought it out near the ropes. Morrison climbed up on the apron and went to kick Yang but missed and hit Miz. Moore then took care of Morrison outside the ring as Yang did a moonsault off the corner to land on Miz. Joey Styles said the win gave Moore and Yang a future title shot.

Winners: Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore win via pinfall over The Miz & John Morrison.

Replay shown of the Armageddon tag match with CM Punk and Kane facing Henry and Big Daddy V. Punk went to jump at Big Daddy V off the corner, but V caught him and slammed him back to the mat for a pinfall victory. Styles said Punk's injury from the event may play into his match with MVP tonight.

Colin Delaney vs. Shelton Benjamin

Tazz was in the ring with Shelton and an amateur wrestle, Colin Delaney from Rochester. The amateur told Tazz he's nervous and this will be his first match. As the bell rang, Colin went to grapple and Shelton shoved him to the ropes, then slammed him back hard. Shelton took control and stood the man up. Colin got a quick punch in, but Shelton responded with a sold kick to his head. Shelton went wild kicking the man around on the mat, then picked him up and tossed him back first into the corner. Shelton stood him and did a leaping inverted bulldog, driving the youngster face first into the mat.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin wins via pinfall over Colin Delaney.

Kofi Kingston promo shown from Jamaica with Kofi's catch phrase "looks like there's trouble in paradise". Kofi saw a man stealing on the beach and beat him up to take the bag back, then hung the guy upside down.

Nunzio vs. Kenny Dykstra

Nunzio came out dressed as one of Santa's elves and carrying a bag full of candy canes. Nunzio tossed several candy canes into the crowd, then offered Kenny one as their match began.

Kenny with a quick clothesline took Nunzio down to the mat. Kenny used a vertical suplex after a delay, then failed at the pin attempt. Kenny took the bag of candy canes and emptied it out in the ring, then started beating away at Nunzio. Nunzio started to punch back, but Kenny continued to dominate. Kenny with a backdrop of Nunzio off the ropes. Nunzio was able to kick Kenny when he charged him in the corner, then sat on the ropes. Kenny grabbed Nunzio by the leg and dropped him to the mat. Kenny finished things up with a serious leg drop flying high off the ropes to land on Nunzio.

Winner: Kenny wins via pinfall over Nunzio.

Promo video shown of MVP as he defeated various opponents and bragged about being half man half amazing and better than You.

MVP vs. CM Punk

MVP bragged on the mic prior to the match telling everyone he will prove why he's better than them. The match was in progress after ECW took a commercial break. MVP tried to keep Punk down to the mat in a hold. Punk stood up then tripped MVP down to grab his arm. MVP eventually forced Punk back down and tried for a pin. MVP continued to apply a hold and the two men continued to stay locked up on the mat.

MVP continued with takedowns and holds on Punk's arm. Punk was able to get out of it and put a scissors head lock on MVP down on the mat. Punk landed several kicks to MVP then came off the ropes. MVP flipped MVP up over him, then ran at him with a boot. MVP re-applied a hold on Punk down on the mat. During the match, Joey Styles noted that MVP has held the US title for 7 months now.

Punk got to his feet briefly and tried to fight out of MVP's hold, but MVP delivered knee shots to Punk's face. With Punk down on the mat, MVP started taunting him with slaps to the head. Punk got up and slapped him back, then MVP went off the ropes. Punk went for a dropkick, and MVP held himself to the ropes to let Punk fall to the mat. Another boot to Punk's face and another submission hold applied to his neck and arm on the mat. MVP continued with submission holds on CM Punk including a modified Camel Clutch. Punk eventually stood up and slammed MVP back to the mat. Both men recuperated and Punk eventually mounted some offense.

Punk was able to hit MVP with a knee to the face in the corner, followed by a bulldog. Punk did a springboard clothesline off the ropes and landed on MVP, but was unable to get the 3 count. MVP rammed Punk to the corner and Punk punched out. MVP ducked a Punk kick then did a bridge pin back but only got the 2. Punk got the corner ropes again, but MVP shook the ropes and Punk fell, hanging upside down in the corner. MVP began to kick and punch at the upside down ECW champ. MVP continued the attack even when the ref warned him to stop, and eventually the ref called for the bell. Afterwards, MVP prepared from the opposite corner. As Punk got to his feet, MVP ran at him and delivered the solid knee to his face. MVP left the ring with the US title with Punk down in the ring.

After MVP left the ring, all of a sudden Chavo Guerrero ran down and entered the ring. Chavo took advantage of a beaten down Punk and started to suplex and beat up Punk even more. Chavo went to the outside then did a Frog Splash off the corner onto CM Punk. ECW left the air with Chavo screaming at the fallen Punk.

Winner: CM Punk wins due to disqualification of MVP.

You can watch the entire ECW show at WWE.com

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