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2008 Judgement Day Matches

The WWE's Judgment Day Pay-Per-View arrives on Sunday May 18th 2008 at 8PM EST via satellite, dish and cable PPV. Matches on the pro wrestling card involve several title defenses as well as ongoing feuds. Here's a look at all of the announced matches for this year's Judgement Day, as well as background on how they were set up.

Randy Orton vs. Triple H
WWE Title Steel Cage Match
This match was arranged by Raw General Manager, King William Regal. The two wrestlers were fighting in a rematch on Raw weeks ago, when an angry Regal shut the lights out on their main event, in order to punish the WWE fans. Soon after, Regal set up the steel cage contest for the title at Judgement day.

Edge vs. Undertaker
World Heavyweight Title match
The World Heavyweight title is currently up for grabs, as Vickie Guerrero stripped the Undertaker of the belt just 2 weeks ago. The decision was made to ban Undertaker's Triangle Choke as it is hazardous to other wrestlers. Then Vickie called for the surrender of the championship belt. To decide the opponent for Undertaker at the PPV, a "Championship Chase" tournament was held in which singles matches produced 6 winners. These winners fought in a Battle Royal last night. It seemed Batista had won, but Edge was a last minute entrant who charged down to the ring and knocked the Animal off the apron to win!

JBL vs. John Cena
JBL has been on a mission for revenge ever since Backlash. At that Pay-Per-View, JBL was the first man eliminated in the Fatal Fourway for Randy Orton's WWE title. The man to eliminate him was John Cena. Since Cena took JBL out of the contest, JBL now wants to extract revenge and do damage to the former WWE champion. Cena has been missing in action for weeks, so the PPV will determine if he will be able to compete!

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
For weeks Chris Jericho has instigated Shawn Michaels. First, Jericho helped inflate the claims that Shawn Michaels asked Vince McMahon to set up Flair's retirement situation. Jericho also played a part in officiating the Michaels vs. Batista match at Judgement Day. Michaels won it, but after seeming to injur his leg. Jericho proceeded to present Michaels with an actor's award on "The Highlight Reel", claiming HBK is faking the injury. Now Michaels must get back into the ring and face the man who is calling him out, the Intercontinental Champ, Y2J.

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

Triple Threat for Women's Title
After Mickie James was able to quickly pin Beth Phoenix weeks ago and regain the WWE Women's title, Beth has been on a tear. The Glamazon has accused Mickie's win of being a fluke, and tried to win back the title just a few weeks ago in a Lumberjill style match. Melina had the intention of trying to knock out Mickie James with a boot, but accidentally hit Beth instead, allowing Mickie to keep her title. Now these 3 divas will battle it out for the right to be called WWE Women's Champ!

CM Punk & Kane vs. The Miz & John Morrison
WWE Tag Team title match
The Miz and Morrison have been bragging for weeks about their greatness. Two ECW stars feel differently, the Big Red Machine Kane, and Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Now the Straight edge superstar and the monstrous force will combine to try to win the WWE tag team titles!

There could be more matches announced as the PPV is only a week away. Stay tuned as more matches are announced for this year's explosive Pay Per View event!

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