Friday, May 9, 2008

Smackdown Preview 05.09.08

On last week's Smackdown, the Undertaker was stripped of his World Heavyweight title by Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie first informed Undertaker that the Triangle Choke submission hold he has been using has been outlawed from WWE matches. Next, Vickie sent the Great Khali to retrieve Taker's title, but Undertaker wouldn't budge. After a Triangle Choke subdued Khali, Ryder & Hawkins snuck in the ring to steal Undertaker's title, giving it to Vickie. Now the question becomes how will the World Heavyweight title be awarded, and to which wrestler?

Last week also saw the new United States Champion, Matt Hardy, successfully defend his title against the previous title holder, MVP. MVP held the title for nearly a year. Will Matt Hardy be challenged by MVP yet again? Will Hardy be able to retain the title as long as MVP did, or longer?

Big Show and Mark Henry also appear to be on a massive collision course. Show has already proven he can defeat big wrestlers, after beating Great Khali at the last Pay-Per-View. Now it appears Big Show has his sights set on the World's Strongest Man. Which one of these two forces will budge first if they cross paths again?

Also, last week the Animal Batista vowed he would "hurt Shawn Michaels" if he wasn't truly injured. Will Batista make good on his word? The WWE tag champs, Miz and Morrison continue to defend their titles successfully as well. How long before another tag team takes them to the limit or takes the belts?

Find out the answers to all of the above on Friday Night Smackdown, 8PM EST on CW Network!

See official preview here.

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