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ECW Recap 05.06.08

ECW recap from Toronto:

Tonight marked ECW's historic 100th episode on Sci-Fi. The show opened with a promo video with highlights of various ECW incidents including Vince McMahon as ECW champ, Kelly Kelly dancing, Boogeyman drooling worms into Matt Striker's mouth and more.

The ring announcer introduced Mike Adamle, the new voice of ECW wrestling. Adamle came down the ramp and got into the ring to discuss what happened last week. Adamle told everyone he lost his cool last week and needs to apologize to Tazz and all the ECW fans. Adamle discussed how he's been a broadcaster for longer than many fans have been alive. Adamle discussed his previous work with NFL, NBC sports and American Gladiators. Adamle said he had no idea how tough this job would be. Adamle said he loves WWE & ECW and will do everything in his power to bring the best possible product he can to everyone.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox
Extreme Rules match

Dreamer wheeled down a shopping cart full of weapons to the ring. Stevie Richards joined the commentators for the match, who noted he fought he in the very first ECW match. Dreamer started off punching away at Knox before clotheslining him out of the ring. Dreamer went out and began choking Knox with a towel then threw him into the steps. Tommy tried to retrieve a weapon but Knox was quick to clothesline him down.

Knox smashed a metal tray across Dreamer, then brought him into the ring for long standing suplex. Knox choked Dreamer against the ropes a bit then left the ring to grab a hockey stick. As Knox turned to the ring, Dreamer did a slide dropkick to knock him down. Dreamer tossed Knox back into the ring then grabbed a boat paddle and a Singapore Cane to hit Knox with. Dreamer left the ring and grabbed the whole shopping cart to throw into the ring. Knox countered Dreamer's suplex attempt, then slammed Dreamer onto the cart. Knox went to the corner ropes, but Dreamer hit him then hung him upside down.

Dreamer set a metal trash can and the shopping cart in front of Knox in the corner, then delivered a hard dropkick. Dreamer retrieved a table from under the ring, then brought it to the corner. Dreamer attempted to bulldog Knox, but Knox countered to slam him through it. Knox failed at a pin but brought a steel chair in to hit Dreamer. The two fought a bit more with Knox eventually getting the Corkscrew to slam Dreamer face first on the chair.

Winner: Mike Knox wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

Highlights from the first ever episode of ECW from June 13, 2006 were shown with a Zombie-type wrestler arriving to the ring. Sandman emerged from the crowd with a beer in hand and his Singapore Cane. As the bell rang, Sandman smashed the cane across the zombie wrestler multiple times, eventually winning the match.

Kelly's Expose

ECW diva Kelly Kelly danced to the Timbaland song "Throw it on Me" in the ring. Kelly unzipped a black leather outfit she had on, but diva Layla got into the ring and pushed Kelly away so she could dance. Kelly came back over to push Layla. The two divas continued trying to out-dance each other in the ring. Eventually Layla grabbed Kelly and Kelly turned to slap her. The two divas began to fight on top of each other in the center of the ring. Two WWE refs had to enter the ring to break the divas apart.

Highlights of the September 26, 2006 Extreme Rules match between Hardcore Holly and RVD was shown. Holly eventually suplexed RVD from off the apron through a wooden table outside the ring. Both men lay across the wrecked table, and Holly's back was shown bleeding profusely.

Highlights shown from ECW's 55th episode on June 26, 2007 where Roddy Piper sang Happy Birthday to Matt Striker before smashing a birthday cake in his face. The Boogeyman appeared afterwards and slammed Striker to the mat, then put a handful of worms in his mouth to droll down into Striker's mouth.

Tazz and Adamle revisited last week's beatdown by Chuck Palumbo on CM Punk. Backstage, Lena Yada interviewed Chuck. Palumbo delivered the message to Punk if he gets in his face again he's knocking him out.

Matt Striker vs. Kofi Kingston

Shelton Benjamin joined Tazz and Adamle for commentary on the match. Adamle asked Shelton if he can ever beat Kingston, and Shelton said of course, and he will. Striker took control early using several moves before trying a pinfall. Kofi was able to duck a Striker clothesline, then got a huge vertical leap dropkick. Kofi continued using his quickness and did a double leg drop, but failed to capture a 3 count.

Striker battled back and punched Kofi to the ropes, then tried to throw him out of the ring. Kofi bounced back off the ropes and hit a roundhouse kick to knock Striker down for the pin. Kofi's victory was shortlived, as Shelton rushed into the ring, kicked Kofi, then hit his finisher to plant him face first into the mat.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Matt Striker.

Backstage, Colin Delaney was shown walking on his way to the ring with various wrestlers lined up to applaud him. CM Punk, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Nunzio and several divas were amongst those encouraging Delaney.

April 3, 2007 the 43th episode of ECW was shwon with the ECW Originals taking on the New Breed in an Extreme Rules match. The match ended with Elijah Burke running into a table in the corner and hurting his knee, but able to grab a pin on Sabu for the win.

Colin Delaney came down to the ring for his wrestling contract opportunity, and then ECW General Manager Armando Estrada came down to the ring, wearing just a vest to show off his 8-pack abs.

Colin Delaney vs. Armando Estrada
Colin's ECW Contract match

Delaney tried to roll up Estrada as soon as the bell rang, but Estrada kicked out, then took control. Armando started to punch away at Colin in the corner then threw him into the middle of the ring. Armando failed at the pin but put an armlock on Delaney down on the mat. Delaney got to his feet to fight out, but Estrada pulled his hair and yanked him down to the mat. Estrada eventually tried to charge Delaney in the corner, but Colin moved aside.

Delaney began to mount serious offense, landing a dropkick near the ropes. Estrada recovered and eventually hit Delaney off the apron. Estrada tried to pull Colin Delaney into the ring from the apron. Colin slid under the ropes and under Estrada's legs, then pulled him down for a quick pinfall victory. Colin began to run around after the bell to celebrate the victory, slapping hands with audience members.

After the win, Tazz interviewed an excited Colin Delaney. Colin said he wants to thank everyone including Tommy Dreamer, the ECW fans and even those who thought he couldn't do it because they helped him.

Winner: Colin Delaney wins via pinfall over ECW GM Armando Estrada to earn an ECW contract.

Smackdown Rebound covered last Friday's incident with Undertaker set to defend his title against Great Khali. The match was canceled as Vickie Guerrero and Edge showed up on the ramp. Vickie told Undertaker his choke hold is too dangerous and not legal, and he's injured too many wrestlers. Vickie told Undertaker the hold is banned and his title is stripped. Vickie ordered Taker to bring the title up the ramp to her, but since he wouldn't she sent Khali to the ring. Taker delivered a huge boot to Khali to knock him down, then slapped the Chokehold on Khali. As Taker was busy with the hold, Ryder & Hawkins ran into the ring, grabbed the World Heavyweight title and ran it up to Vickie Guerrero.

CM Punk & Kane vs. Bam Neely & Chavo Guerrero

WWE Tag Team champs John Morrison and The Miz joined Adamle and Tazz at ringside to call the match. Kane started off with Neely and the two traded shots at one another. Kane eventually gained the advantage, slamming Neely down then tagged in Punk. Punk flipped over the top rope onto Neely and began to attack. Punk tried to run at Neely several times, but Neely wouldn't fall. Neely hit Punk with the shoulder to knock him down, then Chavo came in.

Punk got the upperhand, but Chavo battled back. Chavo punched Punk to the corner where Neely was. As the ref turned, Neely tried to get a shot in, but Punk turned to knock him off the apron. Chavo charged at Punk near the ropes, but Punk lifted him up to toss him out of the ring. Neely was there to catch him as ECW went to commercial. ECW returned with Punk holding Neely in a wristlock, then kicking him. Neely eventually countered a Punk move and whipped him hard to the corner, before eventually tagging Chavo in. Chavo began to take it to Punk and seemed to have the advantage as he kept Punk down with his arm pulled back. Neely and Chavo began to isolate Punk, keeping him away from Kane for the tag.

Eventually, all four men got into the ring and began battling. As Kane cleared Neely from the ring, CM Punk was able to hoist Chavo up on his shoulders then hit the GTS for the pinfall victory. As ECW ended, Miz and Morrison held their tag team titles up for Kane and Punk to see from the ring.

Winners: CM Punk & Kane win via pinfall over Bam Neely & Chavo Guerrero.

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