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Smackdown Recap 05.09.08

Smackdown recap from Toronto, Ontario:

Smackdown opened with highlights from last week's show. The main event was set to have Undertaker defend his World Heavyweight title against Great Khali. GM Vickie Guerrero showed up on the ramp with her lover, Edge, to inform Undertaker his Triangle Choke hold is banned. Vickie also told Undertaker his title has been stripped, and asked him to surrender it to her. Undertaker didn't comply, so Great Khali was sent to the ring to retrieve it. Undertaker kicked Khali down to the mat, then put him into the Triangle Choke. As Taker was choking out Khail, Ryder & Hawkins slid into the ring, grabbed Taker's belt and took it up the ramp to Vickie.

Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero started the show at the top of the ramp with Edge and Teddy Long. Vickie said the World Heavyweight title will be decided in just a few weeks at Judgement Day. Vickie said Undertaker will be part of the title match. To determine the other contender, Vickie announced a "Championship Chase" tournament for tonight's show which will have any former US, ECW or World Heavyweight title holder competing tonight. Big Show, John Morrison, CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, MVP, Kane, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Hardy, Finlay, and Batista will compete in singles matches. The winners advance to an Over the Top Rope Challenge for the Main event. The winner of that match goes on to face Undertaker at Judgement Day.

Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk
Championship Chase

In the first of the Championship Chase matches, Mr. Money in the Bank faced the US Champion. Matt Hardy used an armbar on Punk early, with the ref forcing him to break things up. Punk started to comeback for a while, until Matt regained composure and hit Punk with the Side Effect. Matt failed at the pin then tried for a Twist of Fate. Punk countered to hit Matt to the ropes, then hit the bulldog.

Punk was able to hit a backbreaker on Matt, but Matt kicked out of the pin. The match continued with both superstars going back and forth. Punk went for the GTS, but Matt escaped and went for Twist of Fate. Punk countered that to slam Matt down. As Punk tried to do a rollup pin on Matt, Matt rolled Punk over and held his leg tight for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over CM Punk. Matt advances to the Over the top Rope Battle Royal.

Finlay vs. MVP
Championship Chase

Finlay was accompanied to the ring by his son, Hornswoggle. The little guy was instructed by Finlay to crawl under the ring prior to the match. Finlay took control to start things, with he and MVP eventually going to the mat to trade grappling moves. The two got back to their feet in the corner, with Finlay able to knock MVP down again. Finlay continued to stay in control as he brought MVP down in a headlock. MVP continued to get up and in Finlay's face, with the Irishman dropping MVP down. Finally, MVP was able to toss Finlay into the corner ringpost, shoulder first. MVP started to work on Finlay's left arm. Smackdown took a break as MVP had Finlay down with his arm pulled back.

The show returned with Finlay down on one knee, and MVP still applying a hold on his hurt arm. They got to their feet and Finlay was able to clothesline MVP down with his hurt arm. As Finlay recovered near the ropes, MVP delivered a solid boot shot to Finlay's head. Finlay fell out of the ring. As MVP went out after him, Hornswoggle provided distraction. However, as Finlay put MVP back into the ring, MVP yanked down on Finlay's arm against the ropes. MVP stayed in control again, working on Finlay's injury.

MVP began to kick Finlay's arm as Finlay staggered. Finlay dropped to the mat then tripped MVP down to work on his leg. MVP grabbed the ropes to break things up. Finlay got MVP to the center of the ring to continue a hold on his leg, with MVP eventually kicking out. Both wrestlers started to trade submission hold type moves on each other down on the mat. Out of nowhere, Finlay picked up MVP then suplexed him to the mat. Finlay had one arm over the fallen MVP, but both guys' shoulders were pinned to the mat. The ref ruled the match was a draw. Mick Foley and Michael Cole questioned if either man or neither will advance to the finals.

Winner: Finlay & MVP fight to a draw in the Championship Chase.

Michael Cole announced that the band Zididada provides "Take it All" as the official theme song for Judgement Day.

Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya

Natalya came down to the ring accompanied by her fellow diva, Victoria. Natalya rammed Kelly to the corner to start things off, then slapped her in the face. Kelly tried to fight back, but the stronger Natalya picked her up to slam her to the mat. Michelle McCool was shown looking on from a TV backstage. Kelly went for a handspring somersault type move towards Natalya in the corner. Natalya caught her in a bear hug, then slammed her back to the mat. Natalya continued punishing Kelly and shoved her to the corner. Kelly fought back then tried to climb the corner ropes. Natalya was quick to get over and yank Kelly by her leg down to the mat, then put her into the classic Sharpshooter. Kelly soon tapped out.

Winner: Natalya wins via submission over Kelly Kelly.

The stripping of Undertaker's World Heavyweight title was revisited. After highlights were shown from last week, fans were asked if Vickie was justified in her action to strip the title away. Fans generally seemed to view the stripping of the title as unfair, while some said it made sense if it's a rule not to use the submission hold.

Vickie Guerrero announced she was allowing both MVP & Finlay into the Over the Top Rope Battle Royal later tonight.

John Morrison vs. Batista
Championship Chase

Morrison was accompanied to the ring by Miz, but told him to head backstage, to indicate he could handle the match on his own. Morrison used several quick kicks on Batista, before rolling out of the ring. Batista continued to take the bait, chasing Morrison outside the ring. The quick Morrison got back into the ring and kicked Batista from the ropes. Morrison continued to employ this strategy each time Batista went to get in the ring. Finally, the Animal was able to ram Morrison into a corner, then began to take over.

Morrison slid off Batista at one point, then kicked him out of the ring. Morrison went to the outside, then shoved Batista to the steps. Morrison seemed to be in control of the bigger Batista, but couldn't capture a pinfall. Morrison even used a missile dropkick off the ropes, but it wasn't enough. Morrison began to try to wear Batista down with a headlock on the mat. Morrison continued to stay in control, even with Batista having him up on his shoulders. Finally, Batista began to make a comeback. As Morrison, went for a spin kick off the ropes, Batista caught him with a Spear. After a quick Batista Bomb, the pinfall went to Batista.

Winner: Batista wins via pinfall over John Morrison to advance to the Over the Top Rope Challenge.

Michael Cole and Mick Foley revisited the stripping of Undertaker's title again. Foley said he didn't agree with Vickie's decision at the time, but it's resulted in a great night of matches. Big Show was shown walking backstage on the way to the ring.

Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer
Championship Chase

Dreamer limped down the ramp as he came to the ring, due to his Extreme Rules match against Mike Knox this past week. Show pushed Dreamer to the corner early to hammer away on him. Dreamer tried to punch away at Show's midsection, but Show delivered a headbutt to him. Dreamer fought back briefly, trying to jump off the corner at Show. After getting a few punches in on Show, the Big Show slapped a chokehold onto Dreamer then slammed him to the mat for a pin.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer to advance to the Over the Top Rope Challenge.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane
Championship Chase

In the final one-on-one match for the chase, Chavo faced his nemesis, the ECW champ Kane. Kane took control early as he beat up Chavo in one corner then whipped him to the other. Kane was able to lift Chavo high overhead, then let him drop to the mat. Kane started to choke Chavo against the ropes, until the ref broke it up. Chavo finally capitalized on getting Kane's leg stuck in the rope, then dropped him to the mat. Chavo began to work on a leg injury Kane had off the side apron. As Chavo distracted the ref briefly, Bam Neely came over to smash Kane's leg against the side of the ring.

Kane recovered in the corner and was able to lift Chavo up with both hands. Kane's hurt leg gave way and Chavo escaped, then kicked Kane's leg. With Kane down on the mat, Chavo applied a hold to stretch his hurt leg. Chavo was also able to deliver a dropkick to end Kane down to the mat. As Chavo cockily walked towards Kane, the Big Red Machine sat up. A solid boot to Chavo off the ropes, dropped him to the mat for a near pinfall. Chavo continued to target Kane's leg afterwards to keep him down on the mat.

Chavo climbed the corner ropes but Kane was back to his feet. As Chavo jumped at him, Kane caught him around the throat with one hand. Chavo escaped that hold, but Kane used a Sunset Flip to pin Chavo for the win. Bam Neely tried to enter the ring to go at Kane, but Kane kicked him off the apron. Chavo was about to sneak up behind Kane, but the Big Red Machine turned around to scare him away.

Winner: Kane wins via pinfall over Chavo Guerrero to advance to the Over the Top Rope Challenge.

WWE Slam of the Week showed backstage footage of Deuce N Domino with Maryse telling Cherry they don't need her around anymore. After they all exited, Maryse returned to insult Cherry telling her she was nothing and "just a dog". Cherry took exception to the remark and slapped Maryse across the face, causing her to hit the floor.

Phil Atlas vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov dominated his amateur opponent, using power moves, and delivering a solid boot to send him to the corner. Atlas jumped at him, but Kozlov caught him then set him on the corner ropes to kick him. After a few more solid moves, Kozlov put Atlas into the reverse DDT finisher to win the match.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov wins via pinfall over Tony Atlas.

Michael Cole revealed the latest poll, where 76% of WWE fans voted that Vickie Guerrero was not justified in taking away Undertaker's title.

Over the Top Rope Challenge

Six WWE Superstars competed in the main event match, with the winner being named as Undertaker's opponent in a World Heavyweight title match at Judgement Day. All six men squared off in separate ring corners. Show started hammering away on Hardy and tried to eliminate him, but Matt hit the apron to roll back in. MVP continuously rolled under the bottom rope to take a timeout, then got back into the matchup. Kane and Batista tried to work together to eliminate Show, but had no luck. Show was about to eliminate Finlay, but MVP hit Show from behind for the save. Show continued to dominate all other opponents in the ring. Finlay tried to drop Matt out of the ring, but Matt hung onto the ropes to get back in. Smackdown hit a commercial break after Show knocked down everyone in the ring.

When Smackdown returned, Kane was working on Hardy, with MVP trying to go at Show. Show knocked MVP to the mat, then stood on him. Kane and Batista rushed Show but couldn't push him out. Matt Hardy and MVP battled briefly with Matt getting the best of things. MVP recovered in the corner as Matt and Finlay fought in the center of the ring. Suddenly, MVP got up rushed Hardy and tossed him over the top rope. Batista and Big Show started to trade punches, with Show eventually delivering a boot to knock Batista down. Show picked up Finlay overhead, but out of nowhere Batista ran and speared him down. Soon Finlay grabbed his shilaleigh and started cracking it down on everyone, until Kane hit him with a boot, knocking Finlay over the top rope.

It was down to MVP, Kane, Batista & Big Show in the ring. MVP ran at Batista in the corner for a kick, but Batista avoided it causing MVP to spill out over the top rope. Soon, Big Show took advantage of Kane near the ropes and clotheslined him out. Show and Batista were the final 2 and faced off. Show began to dominate Batista, knocking him to the mat with a massive clothesline. Batista finally escaped to trip Show as he charged him in the corner. Batista set up for the Bomb, but Show lifted him up on his shoulders and walked to the ropes. As Show tried to dump Batista over the top rope, Batista used a headscissors to flip Show over the ropes. Batista hung on as Show hit the floor and was eliminated.

Batista appeared to be the winner but Vickie Guerrero came out to the top ramp with an announcement. Vickie said the Championship Chase isn't over yet, because her fiancee Edge was just cleared medically to wrestle. Vickie said Edge will now face Batista as the challenge continues. Edge charged down the ramp and into the ring where Batista was trying to pull himself up on the side apron. Edge ran across the ring and rammed into Batista causing the Animal to fly off the apron and hit the ground. Edge was announced the Championship Chase winner.

Edge was all smiles as he walked up the ramp with his theme music playing. Edge glanced over at the World Heavyweight title which was in a glass case on a podium. Out of nowhere, an explosion sounded and the podium burst into flames around Undertaker's former belt. The Undertaker's bell sounded as Edge ran backstage.

Winner: Edge wins the Over the Top Rope Challenge and will face Undertaker at Judgement Day. The winner will become World Heavyweight Champion.

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