Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ECW's 100th Missing Pioneers

It was interesting to see the format for last night's "Grand 100th Episode of ECW", as it didn't have the same feel as Raw's big anniversary episode did. You'll recall the episode of Raw featured everyone from The Million Dollar Man to IRS to Trish & Lita, to Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin. While the Rock and John Cena were absent, the episode payed a good tribute to the WWE's top cable TV show which has run for over 15 years, Monday Night Raw.

The ECW 100th show offered just 4-5 highlights from the previous episodes, and no returning stars. It kept with the format from most weeks, yet had some of the current roster (Richards, Miz & Morrison, Shelton) commentate on matches for good measure. Mike Adamle opened the show in the ring for a bit of the time as well to discuss his accomplishments, fumbles, and promises to do a better job. Kelly Kelly revisited her strip dance show, "Kelly's Expose", but it ended in a brawl with fellow diva Layla.

Colin Delaney may have had the highlight of the program as he officially beat ECW's General Manager, Armando Estrada, to finally earn himself a WWE Contract. As mentioned before, Delaney could become the next 1-2-3 Kid type star (X-Pac), with the skinnier body size. While it doesn't seem like he will win the ECW belt any time soon, he could eventually transfer to another show and pickup the Cruiserweight title if it were to return.

It was surprising that the man who helped make ECW famous, Paul Heyman was MIA, as were bigtime stars from the show such as Rob Van Dam, Sandman, and Sabu. For WWE to bring ECW wrestlers onto Raw in order to promote the show, you have to also wonder why a few of the Raw wrestlers involved in ECW could not have shown up for the 100th episode. Big Show and Hardcore Holly as well as Great Khali have all mbeen part of the show. Even the Boogeyman or his counterpart, Mini-Boogeyman could have arrived to make an appearance just to shake things up. Luckily, a Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox "Extreme Rules" match gave the show a good return to form for the most extreme brand of WWE.

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