Monday, May 5, 2008

Raw Preview 05.05.08

Tonight's Raw will come from the frigid Toronto, Canada. It also comes after last week's shocking episode where King of the Ring and Raw General Manager William Regal pulled the plug on the main event. Fans never got to see the conclusion of the Randy Orton vs. Triple H title rematch because the lights were turned out by an angry Regal. Now these two will face off at Judgement Day with Triple H defending his title again. What will these superstars have in store for tonight's show? Will one wrestler gain the upperhand and momentum?

Also, expect William Regal to be seeking revenge on Mr. Kennedy. Last week the loudmouth superstar, Kennedy, returned to Raw to spoil Regal's official coronation ceremony for King of the Ring. This lead to Regal's angry actions later on the show. What will Regal have planned as revenge for Mr. Kennedy's antics last week?

The tag team champs, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly may also be out for revenge this week. Last week, Rhodes began to taunt Santino Marella after a victory. With Rhodes trash talking Marella on the mic, Carlito snuck into the ring to hit a Backstabber on the young Rhodes. Will the tag team champs have plans for sweet revenge on tonight's show? Or will Carlito and Santino add insult to injury this week?

Last week also had JBL vow to hurt John Cena en route to recapturing the WWE gold. Will John Cena have a response this week? What will JBL's follow up to his vicious beatdown over Robbie McAllister be this week?

Find out these answers and more on tonight's Raw! Raw airs at 9PM EST on the USA channel.

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