Friday, May 23, 2008

UFC's Tito Ortiz Coming to WWE?

tito ortiz with jenna jameson AZ's National Ledger has speculation that UFC fighter Tito Ortiz and his movie-star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson may be headed to pro-wrestling, mainly the WWE. The site discusses that Ortiz has his last fight this Saturday night at UFC 84 Pay-Per-View. Ortiz takes on Lyoto Machida in the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Octagon. With Ortiz' career in UFC about to end, former ECW owner and WWE personality and power, Paul Heyman speculated that Tito may be used in pro wrestling, along with his girlfriend who has star power.

More from National Ledger AZ:

The only hint Ortiz offered was when he stated "I made (UFC) a lot of money and they have no respect for me, they really treat me bad and I'm just going to go elsewhere where a company respects me."

In a recent blog for the SUN (UK), which airs Heyman's broadband video series "The Heyman Hustle," the former sports entertainment power broker listed his Top 5 Most Underutilized Talents in Professional Wrestling. Coming in at number 5, surprisingly, was not a wrestler or person presently in the grappling game: Tito Ortiz.

Heyman wrote, "Tito is finishing up his UFC contract this weekend. What does he do next? Wear out his name in MMA, or capitalize on his love for pro wrestling and exploit his larger than life personality by joining WWE or TNA? And remember, where Tito goes, so goes Jenna Jameson, the best self-promoter in show business today.

This move would make a lot of sense, as in the past fighters like Ken Shamrock, boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and even football players have crossed into the WWE. Former pro-wrestler Brock Lesnar has crossed over into UFC, so why not have Tito come to WWE? Ortiz has the star power and his girlfriend would work well as one of the WWE Divas. Ortiz has recently appeared on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice as well, and was amongst the final 6 or 7 contestants. He's got the size, the star power and the fighting ability. Only time will tell if Tito joins up with WWE or its competitor, TNA.

Read more at "Are Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson WWE Bound?"

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