Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smackdown's Debut on MyNetworkTV

Mark your calendars for October 3, 2008. That's the date that WWE's Smackdown show will officially start airing on MyNetworkTV. Just one day before, on October 2nd, the channel will air Wrestlemania 24 highlights including the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Big Show "Anything Goes" match.

More from the Associated Press:

Those dates pin down a notable transition for World Wrestling Entertainment, whose "SmackDown" series premiered on UPN in fall 1999. The past two years it aired on The CW. In February, the CW and WWE announced the end of their partnership after this season.

"SmackDown's" new home is appropriate: Some MyNetworkTV stations were affiliated with UPN before its 2006 merger with The WB to form The CW.

The "WrestleMania" special, billed as the first ever on broadcast TV, will feature highlights from "WrestleMania XXIV," including Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show.

Other WWE-produced programming includes "Monday Night RAW" and "A.M. RAW" on USA Network and "ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling" on the Sci Fi Channel.

So in about 5 months, Smackdown makes the big move from the CW Network where it's aired for many years now. Find more info regarding Smackdown's new home at

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