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2008 Slammy Awards Preview

On next Monday's Raw the Slammy Awards make their return on a special 3 hour show. The "Slammy Awards" was a WWE concept where awards, similar to the Oscars and Grammy Awards were given to its superstars. The first Slammy Awards show was over 20 years ago, back in 1986. During that show winners included: Roddy Piper, Nikolai Volkoff and the Junkyard Dog. The Slammy's were done again in 1987, then took about 10 years off. The last "Slammy" Awards were handed out back in 1997. Winners then included Rocky Maivia for "New Sensation", Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music for "Best Finisher", and Sable for "Miss Slammy".

The categories in 2008 will include: Superstar of the Year, Match of the Year, OMG Moment of the Year, Diva of the Year, "DAMN" Moment of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, Best Musical Performance, Best Finishing Maneuver, Extreme Moment of the Year, Couple of the Year, Breakout Star of the Year, Announcer of the Year, Best Exclusive and Best Impersonation.

Here's some thoughts on who might take home the much-coveted Slammy awards in 2008...

Superstar of the year - The nominees were recently announced on Raw as Jeff Hardy, Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho, Triple H & John Cena. It's hard to see Hardy winning this due to his real life problems and the suspension that kept him out of WM24. Cena shouldn't win either, as he's only held the title for a few weeks. Cena had been injured and out of the title picture for most of 2008. That leaves Triple H, Jericho and Edge. Triple H wore the WWE belt for quite some time and Edge held onto the World Heavyweight for a great deal of time. One of these two should take the award, unless WWE is really looking to push Cena onto a Hulk Hogan level. Then again, these are just Slammy Awards..

One thing to definitely look forward to is the matches between these stars. John Cena battles Edge in a familiar match, while Jeff Hardy battles Chris Jericho. The Triple H vs. Batista could be a classic, but most likely won't see a clean finish thanks to Randy Orton.

Match of the Year may be the Edge vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell, Michaels vs. Jericho Last Man Standing on Raw, or Matt Hardy vs. Finlay ECW title match, but the WWE could go many ways here. Most matches Edge, Chris Jericho, or Shawn Michaels were a part of could qualify. Don't count out a Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H match either. We should get to see most of these on the year end review shows of Raw, ECW & Smackdown.

Diva of the year will likely go to Beth Phoenix or Michelle McCool. Each of these WWE divas has represented her brand well this past year and is the current title holder there. It's hard to see any of the other divas taking this one.

Extreme Moment of the Year seems to favor Jeff Hardy's Swanton off the scaffolding onto Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw. Out of all the incidents on all of the shows, this one screams "Extreme" more some than any other.

Tag team of the year: Right now The Miz & Morrison seem to be on a hot streak. They wore the tag titles, and with Cade & Murdoch out of WWE it's unlikely they'd give them a Slammy Award. WWE gives Miz & Morrison this award to continue their promotion.

Finishing Move of the Year: Evan Bourne's Moonsault off the corner turnbuckle is definitely a thing of beauty. The nod may go to more powerful superstars such as Triple H with the Pedigree, Cena with the FU, or Batista with the Batista Bomb. Jericho's Code Breaker is worthy as well. In 1987, Bret Hart won the award for his Sharpshooter, so possibly Cena's STFU takes it here.

Couple of the year seems like a no brainer right now with Santino and Beth Phoenix. However, you'd have to consider Edge & Vickie Guerrero also top candidates in this category.

Breakout star of the year
: ECW has quite a few of these, with Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne both doing well on the show. Ricky Ortiz is another. William Regal's winning King of the Ring as well as IC title may make him a breakout star, but he's a veteran wrestler who's been known to breakout from time to time. Jack Swagger likely takes this award following his impressive win over Ricky Ortiz to stay undefeated and become a #1 Contender on ECW.

Announcer of the year, most likely Lillian Garcia, with Justin Roberts coming in a close second. If they're referring to commentary, it could be ECW's Matt Striker.

Best Musical Performance - We can only hope this includes real musical acts and not Jillian's screeching in the ring. If it is for superstars, Santino's recent rap on Raw may take the prize.

Best Impersonation This category seems to favor Charlie Haas who put in a lot of different gigs impersonating everyone from Cena to Hogan to Jim Ross to Bret Hart. How will he not win this one? The only other superstar who really does impersonations is Santino Marella.

As for OMG & DAMN moments those are anybody's guess with all that's gone down in the WWE this past year! Will the DAMN moments only be situations where Ron Simmons exclaimed "DAMN!" at their conclusion? Should be interesting this year as the Slammy's return. Make sure to grab your popcorn and drinks, when this year's Slammy Awards air Monday December 8th at 8PM EST on USA.

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