Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gregory Helms' Smackdown Return

It's been a long time since fans have seen the talented Gregory Helms on Smackdown inside a WWE wrestling ring. In his latest Myspace blog, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms has announced his return for Smackdown on this Friday's (December 5th) show. Helms mentions that the Albany, New York crowd was completely energizing for his return and was quite emotional. Helms discusses the issues he's dealt with over the past year and a half, including his injury setback, the loss of his mother, and the loss of two close friends.

Albany was very good to me! The various chants they gave me were exciting and I must admit also very touching. A "Welcome back" chant caught me off gaurd right off the bat, and it bought a touch of emotion to my return. The "Hurricane" chant was nice to hear after such a long time not hearing it. The "I'm just saying" chant almost made me chuckle, and right behind the "Welcome Back" was my favorite of the night! I believe there was a "Rosey" chant too, which I'm sure Big Ro-Ro will be happy to hear about. There was also a small chant about my tattoo, which I heard, but I couldn't make out exactly what was being said, but it was still very much appreciated. This past year and a half was about as tough a year as one could have and by far, the toughest of my life.

Helms is of course a former Cruiserweight champ, but now that the title is gone (thanks to Hornswoggle & Vickie G), it'll be interesting to see what his role becomes. Perhaps Helms starts to compete for the US Championship with Shelton Benjamin, finds himself a worthy tag team partner (R-Truth or Jimmy Wang Yang), or moves over to ECW to compete with Matt Hardy for the ECW title. Or just maybe the WWE brings back the title, which may serve as a nice secondary title on ECW. Here's wishing Helms all the best as he returns to the WWE!

Check out Helms this Friday on Smackdown, MyNetworkTV. Check your local listings for more info.

Read full blog entry by Gregory Helms.

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