Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jack Swagger vs. Ricky Ortiz - Round 1

ECW on Sci-Fi was off to a tremendous start this past Tuesday night, showing why it may soon have the ECW name respectable again. In the opener, the always cocky and boastful, Jack Swagger, demanded General Manager Theodore Long name him the top contender for Matt Hardy's ECW title. Teddy was hesitant to do so, and his lovely assistant, WWE Diva Tiffany, added in that Ricky Ortiz is also undefeated. Ortiz came out to agree with Tiffany's claim, and insult Swagger for his lisp in a rather funny moment. From there, Teddy Long set a match right then to decide who would be top dog, Swagger vs. Ortiz for the first time ever.

In the match (ECW recap here), both superstars looked good, but Swagger was just slightly better. There was no cheating involved as Swagger pulled off a clean win after beating up Ortiz outside the ring and then finishing him off. It definitely gives Swagger a huge push, and it may be a disappointing first loss for Ortiz. Matt Striker did make the point that John Cena was defeated in his first match ever, against Kurt Angle on Smackdown. So Ortiz losing 7 matches in is nothing to sneeze at. I still think Ortiz is capable of handing Swagger his first loss, unless Matt Hardy does so first. That said, Swagger has the making of a cocky ECW champion and it wouldn't be far fetched to see him take the belt. He also provides a heel that others can insult due to the lisp. Hopefully we see the Swagger vs. Hardy match at the Armgaddon PPV, and it's a good one, so that fans will renew their interest in the ECW product.

On another note, Teddy's assistant, Tiffany, definitely is smitten with Ricky Ortiz, as you can tell from her in-ring and backstage talk to hype him up. I'm going to bet she becomes Ortiz's ringside gal in the near future, and that Ortiz will feud with the other newcomer, DJ Gabriel. Makes sense as you'll have opportunities for a mixed tag match (Ortiz/Tiffany vs. Gabriel/Alicia Fox) as well as the two ECW divas feuding.

Overall the Swagger-Ortiz match definitely made for an exciting start to the show, to have a surprise match featuring two undefeated rising stars from the ECW. The two wrestlers' names even give the fight a boxing or UFC sound. If ECW can continue to set up these sorts of intriguing situations, it's definitely going to be a respectable WWE brand again, and considered less of a minor league for new stars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good re-cap. but btw i think ortiz can do better than -ew- tiffany.

January 3, 2009 at 6:55 PM  
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nice wwe blog and mine is check that also

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