Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Umaga is Released by WWE

Just recently a surprise move came when the WWE released returning superstar, Mr. Kennedy from its roster in the same week he returned to Raw. No real reason was given but gossip and rumors seemed to indicate Kennedy was in hot water with Randy Orton, and even worse with Vince McMahon.

Now the WWE has surprisingly released another if its talents, the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga (Eddie Fatu). The WWE put the following short release statement on its website just hours ago.

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of SmackDown Superstar Umaga as of today, June 8, 2009. WWE wishes Umaga the best in all future endeavors.

The WWE has always been bizarre but these lack of explanations not only hurt the product but the fans. Umaga was just recently in a Samoan Strap match with CM Punk at Extreme Rules, which Umaga lost. There was no serious injury and now no explanation for another superstar's release. It can always be speculated that Umaga was released for drug violations, as he was part of a massive suspension by WWE years back. He was listed in the articles by Sports Illustrated and Washington Post as one of several WWE stars to have purchased pharmaceuticals from an online pharmacy, violating the Wellness program policies.

Umaga has defintely made for one of the more entertaining and savage characters in recent WWE history, a throwback to the Wild Samoans, Kamala and the Headshrinkers. He was part of an interesting feud with CM Punk on Smackdown where he kept preventing Punk from capturing the World Heavyweight Title. Punk finally got the Bulldozer off his back so to speak, and now he really won't have to worry about Umaga standing in his way again. It's a shame to see this guy gone, and now we're most likely to see not only Mr. Kennedy but also Umaga wrestling in that six-sided ring on TNA.

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