Monday, March 28, 2011

Raw Results 03/28/11

Raw Results from Chicago, IL:

The show opened with CM Punk talking about Orton destroying Nexus one-by-one, but said he'll end this sick and twisted chapter at Wrestlemania 27. Orton came out to attack and nearly went for the Punt kick, but his leg gave out since it was injured by Punk last week. Instead the segment closed with Punk getting the upperhand to hit GTS on Orton.

Edge & Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay via pinfall after Edge hit a Spear on Clay. Post-match, Del Rio attacked both Christian and Edge, applying the Cross arm-breaker on each guy.

Santino Marella defeated Justin Gabriel by pinfall after hitting The Cobra punch. Post-match, Big Show celebrated in the ring doing Santino's celebratory trumpet. Kane gave him a weird look but then also did the trumpet, so everyone got a big laugh out of it.

They announced that Keri Hilson will sing America the Beautiful before Wrestlemania 27.

They had an in-ring confrontation involving Undertaker and Triple H. Shawn Michaels also showed up to help sell the big WM27 match. Taker said he humbled Michaels by retiring him and he doesn't have the same confidence he once did. HHH asked Michaels to speak on why he would defeat Undertaker, but Michaels ended up walking out and mouthing "I'm sorry" to HHH as he left him with Taker staring at The Game.

Jack Swagger won due to DQ of Jerry Lawler after Lawler hit him with a steel chair. Post-match, Lawler tried to destroy the Coal Mine with the chair. Cole threw a drink over at Lawler and his security held the King off.

Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus won via pinfall over Daniel Bryan & John Morrison. Sheamus hit his finisher Pale Justice on Daniel Bryan for the pinfall victory.

Trish Stratus and Snooki appeared live via satellite from a bar. A guy kept interrupting their talk so Snooki slapped him. Later in the interview, Lay-Cool arrived and a mini brawl broke out.

Final segment of the show featured The Rock in the ring talking about how he had dreamed of this moment to call out John Cena, but now it's reality in Chicago, the place where Rock had his first ever Wrestlemania. Cena came out and said Rock doesn't judge him for his music, colors he wears or who he is. Cena said he questioned why Rock left his millions and millions of fans. The Miz came to the ring and talked trash at The Rock. Alex Riley hit Rock with a clothesline but Rock made a comeback, and hit People's Elbow on Miz. John Cena snuck back into the ring to hit Attitude Adjustment on The Rock and did his "You Can't See Me" hand wave as a final taunt before Wrestlemania 27.

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