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Smackdown Results 03/18/11

Smackdown Results from Kansas City, MO:

The show opened with Michael Cole making his own entrance to the Raw theme music. His safehouse clear cage/box was set up so he could provide commentary at ringside. Booker T and Matthews were perplexed by it all.

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge arrived to the ring to kick things off. Time for Edge to face Alberto Del Rio's bodyguard in the ring.

Edge vs Brodus Clay

Late in this one, both Ricardo Rodriguez and Del Rio interfered to try to help Brodus win. Edge was preparing for the Spear, but Ricardo got on the apron to distract the ref. Del Rio grabbed Edge's foot/leg from the outside. Brodus was able to smash Edge down to the mat.

Suddenly, Christian runs to ringside to take down Del Rio outside. That distraction allowed Edge to hit the Spear on a distracted Brodus Clay for the win.

Post-match, Alberto Del Rio got in the ring to attack Edge. Christian intervened. Del Rio and Christian continued to fight around the ring and over the announcer's table. Smackdown GM Teddy Long finally comes out and says he's ordering a main event match: Christian vs Del a steel cage!

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Brodus Clay.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

Kofi had serious momentum going late in this match. He hit a side Russian leg sweep on Sheamus, then the Boom Boom double leg drop. He was ready for a finisher, but Sheamus rolled out of the ring to the apron. Kofi went after him on the outside. They get back in the ring with Kofi hitting S.O.S. However, Sheamus was able to grab the ropes to break the pinfall.

Sheamus went to the outside of the ring, but Kofi got onto the steps and jumps onto Sheamus to attack. Sheamus tried to crawl away over the steps. Kofi goes after him, but Sheamus wisely kicks the steel steps causing them to smash into Kofi's knee. Back in the ring, Sheamus finishes things off with his Brogh pump kick to win it.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

A replay was shown of Kane attacking The Corre members last week, but then attacking Big Show. They moved to a backstage segment featuring Big Show and Kane. Show reminded Kane how they used to be tag champs before. Kane grabbed Show around the throat and then Show did the same to him. Show slapped Kane's hand away, so Kane did the same. Kane then joked, "You complete me." Show called him "one crazy man" right before Kane walked away laughing.

Trent Barreta vs Cody Rhodes

Rhodes arrived to the ring wearing his fancy suit and a face mask, as well as a towel over his head. When the bell rang, Rhodes threw the towel to the mat and started attacking Trent Barreta with vengeance. Rhodes waited for Trent to stand up before headbutting him. Cody got Barreta to his feet once again for another headbutt and then made the pinfall.

Post-match, Rhodes put the towel back on his head to walk up the ramp.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

They showed a replay video from months ago in September of 2010 when Christian's pectoral muscle was damaged due to Alberto Del Rio's vicious attack. Later tonight, these two will square off in the steel cage.

The Shawn Michaels video interview was shown with HBK discussing the impending match between Undertaker and Triple H. He talked about having to be focused and knowing what to expect. He said the opponent, Triple H, has not only Undertaker to face, but a legacy. Michaels said nobody's beat the streak before, so Undertaker has everything on the line and everything to lose.

Michelle McCool and Layla arrive to the ring for the next match, with Layla taking on Kelly.

Kelly Kelly vs Layla

Early on Kelly dominated this match, stomping away on Layla in a corner of the ring. Layla made a brief comeback, before Kelly gets her scissors lock on her. Later, Kelly went for her flip move across the ring from corner to corner. However, Layla got her legs up to block it and drop Kelly.

Late in this one, Kelly had the advantage and got onto the second rope for a move. Michelle McCool was at the ringside commentator's table and got up. The distraction cost Kelly as Layla swiped her legs out. After hitting the mat hard, Kelly was pinned by Layla.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly.

Kane & Big Show vs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
WWE Tag Team Title Match

Late in this matchup for the WWE tag team championship belts, Kane managed to escape the constant attacks on his leg from the Corre opponents. Once Show tagged in, he started to destroy Heath Slater. However, as Show eventually got the pinfall on Slater for the win, Justin Gabriel pulled the ref out of the ring. The ref rang the bell for a disqualification.

Post-match, Ezekiel Jackson arrived to the ring to knock down the Big Show. Wade Barrett also arrived and smashed Kane into the barricade. Back in the ring, Wade Barrett hit Wasteland on the Big Show. Ezekiel attacked Kane outside the ring with Kane fighting back. All of the Corre members gang up on Kane to beat him down. After tossing him into the steel steps, they take the stairs apart and drop the upper part of the steps onto Kane.

Big Show tried to make a save for Kane, but got attacked by The Corre. Corre ripped off the announce table. Barrett and Jackson both lift up Show and drop him onto the table, but it doesn't break. Instead the table tips over onto Big Show. The Corre ends the segment by raising their arms up in the ring.

Winners: Big Show & Kane win via DQ against Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Alberto Del Rio about tonight's main event. Del Rio cut off Grisham during his question, saying he's not happy with tonight's match. Del Rio said "they're being locked up like animals, but he is not an animal!" Del Rio then left the area.

Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

They showed footage from Monday's Raw when Cole put the ankle lock on Jim Ross in the ring, under Swagger's instructions.

Late in this contest, Swagger went for the ankle lock on Masters. Masters wisely flipped out of it. Swagger went outside the ring and grabbed Masters' leg to smash against the ringpost. Jack then got back in the ring to put the ankle lock on and win.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over Chris Masters.

There was a video shown about Chris Jericho and his upcoming appearance as part of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. Jericho said he wants to add the mirrorball trophy to all his wrestling accomplishments.

Rey Mysterio was shown walking backstage, on the way out for the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Ted Dibiase

Late in the match, Ted hit a Hurricanrana on Rey. Both men got up after falling to the mat. Rey managed to get on Dibiase's shoulders, but Dibiase hit him with a powerbomb type slam. However, towards the end of the match, Rey managed to kick Dibiase into the ropes and hit the 619. Mysterio finished things with his big splash off the top rope for the win. Meanwhile, Maryse who was at ringside, leaves angrily, dismayed Dibiase lost.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
Steel Cage Match

Plenty of great back and forth action in this main event cage match. Towards the end of the contest, Christian climbed up the cage, with Del Rio able to stop his climb. Christian got caught between the cage and the ropes, so Del Rio started to kick away at him, before stepping on Christian's back.

Del Rio managed to get up to the top of the cage, but Christian quickly climbed up as well. Both men fought back and forth on the top of the cage area. Del Rio smashed Christian's head into the top of the cage, and then started his descent. However, Christian managed to recover and started to get down the other side as well. Both men ended up dangling towards the end, but Christian managed to drop first for the win!

Post-match, Cole pointed out that Del Rio's arm was stuck near the top of the cage. Meanwhile, a sore loser Del Rio attacked Christian after the result. He tossed Christian over the barricade then got on the mic to say he'll destroy Christian now and Edge at Wrestlemania. However, Del Rio's car he drove into the arena in starts to honk.

Edge was revealed to be inside. He got on the mic saying it'd be a shame if the car got smashed up or scratched, but his friend the steel chair could do that. Suddenly, Brodus Clay rushed out to attack Edge. Edge was knocked to the ground and Del Rio ran up to put the steel chair under Edge's arm. He smashed the steel chair down on Edge's arm for a Con-Chairto. Referees and officials came out to check Edge's arm as he appeared to be in pain. Del Rio yelled in Edge's face as the show was ending.

Winner: Christian wins the steel cage match against Alberto Del Rio by escaping the cage first.

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