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WWE NXT Results 04/05/11

NXT Results from Charlotte, NC:

The show started off with Todd Grisham and William Regal on hand as commentators, just two days after Wrestlemania 27. They sent it to the ring with hosts Matt Striker and Maryse.

First competition of the night for the rookies was Hot Seat Trivia. The first category was Wrestlemania 27 winners, and Darren Young answered Bret Hart to be eliminated first. Lucky Cannon eliminated himself by saying he knew where Striker's girlfriend was last night. Next category was 2011 Hall of Fame inductees and Novak got eliminated. The final category featured Byron Saxton vs Titus O'Neil answering the names of NXT rookies from any season. Saxton won since O'Neil accidentally said Saxton's name as an answer again, after Saxton already gave it himself earlier. Byron Saxton won 4 immunity points for this contest.

Conor O'Brian vs Jacob Novak

During this match, Novak was able to hang Conor upside down in the corner for an attack. Later still, O'Brian ducked a clothesline by Novak, then rolled him up near the corner for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Conor O'Brian wins via pinfall over Jacob Novak.

They showed highlights from the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Todd Grisham and Regal talked about Shawn Michaels, then said they can't wait for next year's HOF class, right before The Rock returns to the ring at Wrestlemania 28.

JTG and Kozlov talked backstage about how they will transform their respective rookies. Kozlov said he'll make his rookie into a beast. JTG said his rookie will be a fly rookie before Kozlov's is a beast. They shook hands and Kozlov said "Fo Shizzle," but JTG told him "Don't do that."

Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young vs Titus O'Neil & Hornswoggle

Regal and Grisham noted that Titus has an impressive undefeated streak on NXT so far. Hornswoggle tagged himself in at one point and asked Chavo to tag in Darren Young. Young taunted Horney, getting down on both knees to fight, so Hornswoggle kicked him in the midsection. Horney kicked Chavo in the shin on the apron too.

Titus tagged back in, and some confusion happened over who was legal in the match. Chavo ended up chasing Hornswoggle under the ring. In the ring, Titus finished off Darren Young with his sit-out slam to get the pinfall victory. Hornswoggle and Titus celebrated their big victory on NXT.

Winners: Hornswoggle & Titus O'Neil win via pinfall over Darren Young & Chavo Guerrero.

They aired the Raw Rebound which was a replay of the John Cena and The Rock segment last night. The two agreed on a match for Wrestlemania 28, before fighting off The Corre together.

Ted Dibiase came to the ring without Maryse. Regal spoke about the Rock vs Cena match scheduled for Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. Maryse was waiting at ringside, acting as if Dibiase needs to win her over with the match tonight.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Ted Dibiase

Early in the match, Yoshi slapped Dibiase across the face. Later though, Dibiase gained control, pounding on Yoshi unmercifully with right hand fists. The ref warned Dibiase, but he wouldn't stop, so the ref called for the DQ after a five count on Dibiase.

Post-match, Maryse started to tell at Dibiase in French on the mic. Dibiase left the ring and grabbed the mic away from her. He said he's had enough of Maryse and asked her what it will be "NXT or him?" Dibiase left the scene, and Grisham questioned what will Maryse's decision be next week. That closed out NXT's latest episode.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins due to disqualification of Ted Dibiase.

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