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Extreme Rules 2011 PPV Results

Welcome to the latest updated Extreme Rules 2011 results, courtesy of WWE Characters the Blog! The 2011 Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View airs Sunday, May 1st, 2011 and takes place in Tampa, Florida, starting at 8PM EST.

On tonight's card are a series of matches all fought under "extreme rules." These include a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship, a Steel Cage Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, and a Last Man Standing match between two wrestlers who despite one another.

Also, Cody Rhodes will look to continue his revenge against Rey Mysterio when they face off in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. In the most recent match, former friends, Michelle McCool and Layla, will battle one another in a No DQ/No Countout match, where the loser must leave WWE!

Below you'll see the latest match results and updated recaps!

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A video package opened talking about Wrestlemania 27 with some of the superstars celebrating the grandeur and glory of the event. However, tonight they will be fighting under "extreme rules" where nothing's too sadistic or malicious, or too extreme.

The pyro went off with the huge Extreme Rules digital lighting set up on stage. Rev Theory's "Justice" theme song blasted as Josh Matthews welcomed fans to the event in Tampa, Florida. Randy Orton was introduced after Justin Roberts explained the rules of the last man standing match. Lawler, Matthews and Booker were shown on camera as tonight's commentary team.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
Last Man Standing Match

The winner is declared when their opponent is unable to answer the referee's 10 count. CM Punk arrived out with the New Nexus along with him. Suddenly, the Raw GM sent an email which Josh Matthews got up to read from the laptop. The GM ordered all other members of New Nexus banned from ringside so that Orton and Punk could resolve their differences one-on-one. Punk removed one of the turnbuckle covers from the corner before the bell.

Orton got the early advantage, beating up Punk around the ringside area. However, when things got back in the ring, Punk gained control and tried to smash Orton face first into the exposed steel turnbuckle cover. Orton blocked it then tried to do the same to Punk, but he blocked and regained control.

A kendo stick came into play early with Punk striking Randy with it numerous times outside the ring. Punk pulled out a second kendo stick to use on Orton in the ring. The ref started up a count, with Orton getting up before 5. Orton kicked Punk as he came at him with the stick, then grabbed it to try to use on CM. Punk kicked Orton to prevent that.

The ref had about 5 counts on Orton while he was down. Punk had yet to be counted down in the early going. Punk went for a springboard move, but Orton reacted swinging a kendo stick into his gut and then smashing it on Punk. Orton went on a rampage with multiple takedowns and a backbreaker. Punk responded with a catapult move to send Orton face first into the exposed turnbuckle.

Punk and Orton exposed a near GTS and RKO segment, before Randy threw Punk into the corner where a steel chair had been stuck. Punk crashed through to the outside. Orton tore apart the announce table and the commentators got up for safety. Punk was able to head off Orton's attack near the barrier.

Punk countered the RKO and was finally able to hit the GTS on his third attempt. The ref started a new count which got to 9. Orton barely got to his feet and slumped in the corner, so Punk continued the attack, bringing a steel chair into the ring. Punk set up a chair to try to hit a side legsweep on Orton with. Orton quickly countered and RKO'd Punk down to start a ref's count which got to 9 before Punk fell out of the ring.

Punk gained the upperhand on Orton outside the ring, putting a steel chair around Orton's neck and shoving him into the steel ringpost. Later, Punk tried for a GTS on the table, but Orton countered and hit the RKO. The ref started a count on the table which got to 8.

Moments later, Punk hit GTS on Orton on the steel steps, causing Orton to stay down for a 9 count. Back in the ring, Punk got on the corner and Orton sprang up to start beating him with a Kendo stick. Randy climbed up on the corner where Punk was slumped over. Orton sat on the corner, then flew off with Punk to hit an RKO off the ropes. Both guys were down as the ref started to count. It got to 9 with Orton finally standing, leaving Punk on the mat. Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton wins the Last Man Standing match over CM Punk.

Backstage, Smackdown GM Teddy Long walked in to talk to Sheamus. Long said he will be defending his US Championship against Kofi Kingston in a Tables match tonight. Sheamus demanded he produce Kofi's birth certificate to prove where he was born. Long said not to worry because after tonight he might not even be the US champion.

They showed John Morrison backstage preparing for his cage match later.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus
US Championship Tables Match

Sheamus grabbed the table from under the ring early, but Kofi Kingston headed him off. Sheamus and Kofi battled around the outside of the ring, with the Celtic Warrior setting a second table up. He tried to backslam Kofi, but Kofi escaped. Sheamus tossed him in the ring but as he got on the apron, Kofi kept trying to ram him off onto the table. Kofi ran across the ring, with Sheamus able to jump over the rope and take down Kofi.

Sheamus left the ring to get a third table. Kofi grabbed him by the hair and pulled him onto the apron, but Sheamus snapped Kofi's arm against the ropes, then rammed the table into Kofi through the ropes.

Kofi seemed out of it, so Sheamus set up the table against the corner. He tried to run and slam Kofi through, but Kofi slipped off to drop Sheamus down. He did a double stomp on Sheamus' chest then slammed him up against the table. Kofi went for a running jump with Sheamus moving away. Sheamus tried for a Celtic Cross with Kofi escaping again. Kofi tried for a suplex over the top rope onto a table, but to no avail. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to send Kofi over the table outside.

Sheamus was out on the apron and Kofi managed to hit Trouble in Paradise. Sheamus fell to the outside, missing the table. Moments later, Sheamus was recovering against the table trying to stand up. Kofi got up on the corner, and jumped off to hit a double leg drop. He crashed on Sheamus through the title, to win the match and US Championship!

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins the Tables Match against Sheamus to become new United States Champion.

Todd Grisham interviewed R-Truth backstage about how he feels that he was once part of the steel cage main event. Truth asked Todd how he feels, then told him "Shut up!" Truth talked about how there was a conspiracy against him to keep him off the PPV card. He said he knows The Miz, Cena and Morrison don't want Truth in tonight's match. Truth said Morrison stole his opportunity away and he can't stand a thief.

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger
Country Whipping Match

Michael Cole and Swagger came out first, with Cole wearing bubble wrap all over his body. Justin Roberts announced that the use of leather straps is legal.

Cole got on the mic to do some trash talking about how he's not scared of this match against JR and Lawler. He said he's covered some tough news stories and seen atrocities that would make most audience members shake in their foundations.

Jim Ross was introduced, followed by Lawler. In the ring, Lawler started against Swagger. Swagger didn't notice he has his back near JR in the corner and got slapped by the strap. Lawler started to swat him with the strap. Cole cockily tagged in and kept letting them hit him with their straps laughing because he had bubble wrap on.

Lawler soon punched Cole in the face to drop him, then tore his bubble wrap off. Lawler got a few strap shots in before Cole scurried over to tag Swagger back in. Swagger was able to take control against Lawler and used a strap to tie one of Jerry's arms to the middle rope. Cole and Swagger kept using their straps on Lawler since he couldn't move. The strap came undone, so Swagger whipped Lawler to the corner as JR watched from the apron.

Swagger missed on his running Vader Bomb move as Lawler moved out of the way. Cole was back in briefly, as Lawler backed him into a corner. Swagger came in to attack from behind, taking out Lawler's leg. Swagger had the Ankle Lock on and pulled King towards center ring. He had his back to JR who swatted him several times with the leather strap multiple times to get him to drop the Ankle Lock.

King managed to DDT Swagger down, allowing JR to finally get in. JR used the strap numerous times on Swagger then put the Ankle Lock on him. Swagger was in agony and managed to jump over to tag Cole in. Cole didn't want any of Ross, and JR finally threw him in through the ropes.

JR was in control and finally got to start whipping Cole with the leather strap. JR put an Ankle Lock on Michael Cole, but Swagger came in and grabbed JR saying "What are you doing old man?!" JR did a low blow on Swagger, then started to whip him again. Cole saw it, grabbed JR and rolled him up for the schoolboy pinfall to win it. Cole escaped out of the ring to celebrate with Jack Swagger outside the ring. They did the Eagle victory run up the ramp together.

Winners: Michael Cole and Jack Swagger win via pinfall over Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in the Country Whipping Match.

Backstage, Todd Grisham talked to John Cena. Cena said June 20, 2010 was the last time he was WWE Champion, ten months ago. He said he's been through a lot with old Nexus, new Nexus, The Miz and The Rock. Cena said he's done it all but become WWE Champion, so that'll change tonight.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
Falls Count Anywhere Match

They showed a video package before the match to relive all of the events leading up to this match at Extreme Rules. Rhodes vowed to turn Mysterio into a monster and make kids horrified at the sight of Rey's face.

Rhodes was flanked by two of his employees in suits carrying paper bags. Matthews said these guys first showed up in London, England with Rhodes to hand out bags to members of the WWE Universe to hide their faces. Rhodes got on the mic and asked fans to put paper bags on their heads because they are extremely ugly. The men in suits handed bags out to several fans, before Rey Mysterio was introduced.

Rhodes had an early pinfall attempt up the ramp, but Rey kicked out. Cody kept hammering away at Rey as they went up the ramp. Rey managed to counter Rhodes attempt to toss him into the set, and tossed Cody into the digital display face first. Rhodes went off the ramp towards the crowd and Rey did his West Coast Pop after a running start. Another early near fall, this time by Rey.

The fight went up into the crowd, with both guys trading offensive strikes. Mysterio got the upperhand and walked Rhodes up the stairs, beating on him more. Rhodes managed to regain control and put Mysterio in a Boston Crab through the stair railings.

The fight continued up the stairs and backstage into the concessions area of the arena. Rey fought back and tackled Rhodes through a few plastic trash cans. A nearby crowd cheered it. Rey went for the pinfall but Rhodes kicked out at 2. Rey nearly smashed Rhodes face first into a big mirror. Rhodes blocked with his foot then did his running boot kick from off the mirror area. Fans started up a "Holy S--T" chant and then a "this is Awesome!" chant. Booker said he agreed.

Mysterio kicked Rhodes down the hall and they headed back into the arena, down the stairs. Rey chased Rhodes who went down towards the ring. Rey and Cody kept fighting through the crowd. As Mysterio rushed at Rhodes, Cody did a hip toss on him over the crowd barrier to the floor.

Things finally got back into the ring with Rey taking command. He dropped Rhodes against the ropes for a 619. Rey exposed his knee brace and started to run, but Rhodes got out of the way. Moments later, Rey went for a big leg drop but Rhodes avoided it. Rhodes came back to hit an Alabama Slam on Rey.

Rhodes and Rey started to fight up on the corner. Rey gained control after Rhodes rushed at him. Rey spit some sort of green mist or spew out in Rhodes' face. He followed with the 619 and the Springboard Splash off the ropes for the pinfall win in the ring.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins the Falls Count Anywhere with a pinfall on Cody Rhodes inside the ring.

All of the divas were backstage talking including Kelly, Rosa Mendes, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Tamina and others. Layla walked in and they all got quiet. She said she just wants to apologize to all of them for anything she may have done. Beth said she's right about them not liking her, but they like Michelle McCool a whole lot less. Kelly wished her good luck before Layla left. The divas got catty again.

Michael Cole was now inside his Cole Mine box, gloating about his victory earlier. Coming up is the Michelle McCool vs Layla Loser Leaves WWE match.

Layla vs. Michelle McCool
Loser Leaves WWE Match

This match also has the stipulations of no countouts or disqualifications.

McCool kicked Layla as she did her entrance pose on the ropes. The bell finally rang with Michelle taking it to her. Layla dropped McCool and tried to pound away a bit, but Michelle got away then tossed Layla out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Layla ducked a big boot from Michelle then dropkicked her down for a near fall. Michelle started to beg Layla acting like BFF's, then hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Michelle missed on a running kick near the barrier, so Layla took advantage. Michelle managed to jump off the barrier with Layla and smash her face first to the floor.

They got back in the ring again, with Layla getting frustrated to the point she started crying near the ropes. McCool ran over with a big boot for the near fall. McCool set up for Faithbreaker, but Layla blocked it, countered and was able to hit a neckbreaker. Layla had the pinfall but McCool got her foot on the ropes to break it.

Moments later, Michelle managed to hit the Faithbreaker. However, McCool was still out of it and layed on her back on the mat. She made the cover after pausing, but Layla was able to kick out and reverse it for the winning pinfall! Layla was crying as she backed up the ramp. McCool cried inside the ring about the result as well.

Layla went backstage with Michelle still upset in the ring. Suddenly, some eery theme music hit and out came Kharma (TNA's Awesome Kong). Kharma dropped some sort of armor off her back and headed to the ring with a scared McCool still inside. Cole and the other commentators marveled at the size of Kharma. She got into the ring Michelle pleading for her to leave her alone. Michelle tried to escape but Kharma grabbed her and hit her finisher (from TNA), very similar to Michelle's Faithbreaker. They showed the face divas backstage in the locker room watching what just happened.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Michelle McCool. McCool must now leave the WWE.

Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez was practicing his Alberto Del Rio intro's. Del Rio was standing nearby and had him start over. He finally got it right with Del Rio smiling in approval.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

The World Heavyweight Championship was shown hanging up above the ring. Del Rio drove a Gran Turismo out near the ramp worth $167,000. Ricardo Rodriguez handled his ring intro. Ladders were set up on stage where Del Rio posed with his pyro sparklers. More ladders scattered around the outside of the ring. Christian was introduced next, before the match was finally ready to begin.

Del Rio and Christian traded early attacks in the ring. The fans started up the early "Let's Go Christian" chant to rally Captain Charisma to take control. Christian hit the backdrop and then got on the corner for a flying forearm uppercut.

Del Rio gained the advantage and kicked Christian underneath the ring apron then grabbed a ladder to get in the ring. However, Christian came out on the other side of the ring, got in the ring then did the baseball slide dropkick into Del Rio holding the ladder.

Christian got back in the ring to set up the ladder. He made a quick climb up towards the belt, but Del Rio rushed into the ring and yanked him off. Alberto started his own climb, but Christian pushed the ladder against the top rope. Del Rio landed on his feet then did his kick to the back of Christian's head.

Del Rio set up a ladder from the side of the ring to the commentator's table. Both guys avoided hitting the ladder at different spots. Christian gained control and put Del Rio face first on the ladder. Christian went to the corner, with Del Rio going over to knock him off. Christian leapt over onto a ladder nearby, then jumped off onto Del Rio on the floor.

Later, Del Rio set up a ladder in the corner of the ring. Both guys battled in the center of the ring. Del Rio nearly had the Cross Armbar, but Christian blocked and tried for Killswitch. Del Rio powered out, but Christian flapjacked him face first onto the ladder.

Later in the match, Christian made another climb attempt. Del Rio grabbed his leg, then got Christian on his shoulders. Christian managed to flip him out onto the apron. Christian brought the big ladder over to use, but Del Rio blocked and hit Christian. Christian managed to backdrop Del Rio from the apron onto the ladder in the ring.

Christian got up on the corner with the large ladder to use, but Del Rio did his running corner kick onto Christian's head. Capt Charisma fell to the mat on top of the ladder, then collapsed on the mat.

Del Rio knocked Christian out of the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez gave a steel chair to Del Rio to use, but Christian blocked and tossed Del Rio into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Christian prepared to salute his pal Edge, signaling the Spear. Edge hit it to drop Del Rio to the mat. Christian began to make a climb but Del Rio yanked him through the rungs. Del Rio began to climb but Christian got free and pushed the ladder into the corner.

Christian was layed out on the ladder set up from the ring to the commentary table. Del Rio went for an elbow drop with Christian rolling away as Alberto crashed onto the ladder hard.

Back in the ring, Christian set up a ladder, began to make his climb and finally got to the top. Christian clutched the belt, but suddenly Brodus Clay got in the ring and pulled the ladder away. Christian hung from the belt, then Brodus pulled him down and went for a move. Christian escaped and sent Brodus into a ladder in the corner.

Del Rio rushed back in and managed to drop Christian, then put the Cross Armbreaker on Christian with the small ladder. Del Rio set up the ladder and made his climb. All of a sudden as he prepared to grab the belt, he heard a honking horn. Edge was up in a jeep near Del Rio's car. Christian got back in the ring to shove Del Rio off the ladder. He fell out onto Brodus and Ricardo.

Edge came running down to the ring to cheer Christian on. Christian set up the ladder, made his climb with Edge pounding the mat to cheer him on. Christian finally reached up and pulled down the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge got in the ring to congratulate and hug his good friend for winning the championship for his first time ever. They reviewed the replay of Edge driving the jeep out from backstage near Del Rio's car, honking the horn to cause a distraction.

Winner: Christian wins the ladder match against Alberto Del Rio to become World Heavyweight Champion.

They showed the Santa Barbara Film Festival where they showed 3 select films including "What I Am." The cast and crew were on hand for some interviews about the movie. Ed Harris and Randy Orton were among those there for the anti-bullying movie's presentation to an audience.

Backstage, Alex Riley was talking to The Miz in the locker room about how unfair it is that he's in tonight's steel cage triple threat match. He said he's only got a 33% chance to win tonight. He reminded him he gets an automatic rematch. Miz gave him a look so Alex Riley started to say "you'll win, because you're the Miz and You're..." Miz stopped him fast and stared at him angrily saying "Don't you ever do that again!" Miz walked out of the locker room.

Ezekiel Jackson & Wade Barrett vs. Big Show & Kane
Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match

Kane was against Barrett early on. After a clothesline on him in the corner, Kane hit the side slam and set up for the Chokeslam. Jackson distracted Kane from the apron, allowing Barrett to toss Kane out for Tyler Reks, the Usos, Gabriel and Slater to beat on. Kane went back in the ring, so Show went over and started to beat up the lumberjacks. He tossed several in for Kane to drop. That distraction allowed Zeke to tag in and level Kane with a clothesline.

Later still, Jackson was preparing to win after a huge slam. However, Barrett tagged himself in and tried to finish off Show with Wasteland. The plan backfired, with Show able to drop Wade with a chokeslam for the victory. Ezekiel was disappointed from the apron.

Post-match, a brawl broke out with the lumberjacks on the outside. Inside the ring, Show and Kane managed to grab Gabriel and Slater to chokeslam both guys to the mat before leaving to Kane's theme music.

Winners: Big Show & Kane win via pinfall over Ezekiel Jackson & Wade Barrett to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

In this match, The Miz defends the championship against John Cena and John Morrison inside the steel cage.Cole said the next Pay Per View is May 22nd, with Over the Limit in Seattle, WA. John Morrison was the first competitor to the ring. He climbed the cage wall to pose for the fans, then dropped into the cage.

Next up, John Cena. Cena did his run down the ramp, but stopped at the cage wall instead of diving into the ring. Smart move. Cena gave away some of his gear to fans in the ringside area of the crowd, then enter through the cage door. Finally, The Miz was introduced. He arrived out without his apprentice, Alex Riley.

Miz went for a quick climb up the wall, but the two Johns grabbed him and began a doubleteam attack on the champion. Morrison went for an early pinfall on Cena and had control, but Miz got back up to clothesline him down.

Cena soon gained the advantage on Miz, but Morrison sprang up to drop Cena for a near fall. Miz tried to make a climb when nobody was looking, but JMo got up on the top rope to knock Miz off. Miz almost got hit by the AA, but instead grabbed the cage wall and went for another climb. Cena and Miz tightroped the top rope battling it out, until Cena did a flying bulldog with Miz off the corner.

Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Morrison on the mat, but Miz was back up to hit Skullcrushing Finale on Cena. Morrison started to quickly climb the wall and nearly seemed ready to escape, but Miz got up to stop him.

In an amazing spot, all three wrestlers battled up on the cage, with Cena and Morrison Superplexing Miz off the top of the cage wall. All three were down on the mat, with Morrison trying for the escape. Cena went up to retrieve him and yank him down by his leg. Miz was still down in the ring.

Later though, Miz was back in it. He saw Morrison trying to get up the cage wall, and put him in the electric chair before throwing Morrison against the cage wall. Miz followed with a running boot on Morrison against the cage wall. He went after Cena, but Cena tripped him down for the STF. Miz crawled towards the door and grabbed the bottom rope. Miz started to crawl under the rope through the open door, choking Cena against the rope, causing him to break the hold.

Cena and Miz both nearly had escapes through the door. Morrison sprang up the cage wall fast, with Cena chasing after him. Miz tried to go out the cage door, but Morrison managed to dangle from the top of the cage and kick the door into him. Later, Cena crotched Morrison onto the top of the open cage door.

Miz yanked Morrison off the cage door and into the ring, with JMo kicking him down. Cena knocked JMo down and had a near fall. Miz DDT'd Cena for a near fall. Morrison tried to make another escape over the cage wall as Miz was beating Cena against the opposite wall. Miz finally saw it, then rushed over and sprang up the wall to grab Morrison by his pants. JMo managed to knock Miz down off the wall onto the mat. Cena went up after him but fell down next to Miz. Morrison sat on top of the cage, then flipped back with his Starship Pain onto both guys.

Jmo started to slowly crawl towards the door to get out of the cage. Cena and Miz were still down as Morrison was sliding out through the door. Suddenly, R-Truth arrived ringside and pushed the ref away from the door. He saw Morrison's head hanging out through the opening, then ran and kneed him into the steel steps. Truth got into the cage, closed the door and began to beat away on JMo.

Cena tried to save Morrison, but Truth hit a leg drop to knock Cena out. Morrison finished things by climbing up the cage wall and dropping onto the outside floor on both feet. All three men down in the ring as Truth left up the ramp.

Miz was the first up and tried to make an escape. He got up to the top, but Cena sprang to life and went up after him. Miz was dangling over the outside floor with Cena hanging onto him. Cena and Miz started a back and forth punching match on the top of the cage wall. Miz almost fell into the cage, but grabbed Cena's leg to stop him from descending. Cena grabbed Miz up on the corner for an Attitude Adjustment and hit it from off the corner. Cena with the quick pinfall and the win inside the cage. New champ, John Cena!

Cena climbed up the cage wall to pose for the crowd on the top of the cage. The commentators reviewed the events including R-Truth's interference to prevent Morrison from winning.

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over The Miz to become the new WWE Champion.

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