Friday, June 10, 2011

Smackdown Results 06/11/11

Smackdown Results from Roanoke, VA:

Here are tonight's Smackdown results including the latest between Christian and Randy Orton. Also featured on tonight's show were Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, WWE Diva AJ and The Corre.

The show opened with Christian arriving out to tell the fans he's done with his "Peeps." He said he wants one more title shot and talked about the people ruining his title reign because they voted for a title match against Orton, that he lost. Christian promised to be World Champion again, but this time for himself.

Ezekiel Jackson & The Usos defeated The Corre by pinfall.

Sheamus found Teddy Long on the phone backstage. He demanded a rematch with Orton after Christian cost him the World Title last week. Long booked a No DQ match against Orton later tonight.

Backstage, Barrett argued with fellow Corre members Slater and Gabriel. He told them they'd be nowhere without him. They wished him good luck defending the Intercontinental Championship, and said Corre is done. Slater and Gabriel left.

Jinder Mahal defeated Trent Barreta by pinfall to get a 2-0 start to his career. Mahal had help from Khali providing a distraction outside the ring. Post-match, Khali put the Khali vice grip on Barreta.

Jack Korpela interviewed WWE Diva AJ backstage. Tamina and Rosa Mendes interrupted and gave her a box which had a piece of cheese in it. They said it's a good gift for a little mouse like her. AJ said LayCool called and they want their gimmick back. Rosa reminded AJ she's wrestling on her own tonight. Natalya came in to scare off the heel divas from AJ.

AJ defeated Tamina by pinfall. AJ scored a surprise rollup pinfall out of nowhere when Tamina went for her finisher.

Randy Orton arrived out to confront what Christian was saying earlier. Christian appeared on the Titantron from outside the arena. He demanded a title shot again, reminding Orton that he could've counted Sheamus' pinfall on him last week, but he wants to beat Orton, because he knows he can. After back and forth arguing, Christian got Orton to agree to a championship match at Capitol Punishment PPV June 19th.

Sin Cara won against Ted Dibiase due to disqualification when Cody Rhodes interfered. The two heels tried to attack Sin Cara prompting Daniel Bryan to rush to the ring to make a save. Teddy Long came out and ordered a tag match with the four of them.

Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan won via submission over Dibiase and Rhodes. Bryan put the LeBell lock on Dibiase for the win.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton by pinfall in the No DQ match. Christian interfered towards the end. After Orton RKO'd Sheamus, Christian came in and knocked Orton out with the World Championship belt. Sheamus made the pinfall cover.

The show closed with Christian raising the Championship belt up as he looked down at Orton on the mat.

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