Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWE NXT Results 06/07/11

NXT Results from Roanoke, VA:

The show opened with JTG doing an in-ring segment called "Straight Outta Brooklyn." JTG had Yoshi Tatsu as his guest and made all sorts of insulting remarks about how Byron Saxton was eliminated due to Yoshi being infatuated with Maryse. He said Maryse dumped him because he has a "small, tiny..." The segment seemed to end with JTG's music playing and him raising Yoshi's arm up. Yoshi turned his back on JGT who then attacked him. Matt Striker chimed in on the mic and suggested a Yoshi vs JTG match which the crowd seemed in support of.

Yoshi Tatsu vs JTG

Late in the match, JTG avoided a big kick from Yoshi then grabbed him in a waist lock on the mat. He started to trash talk Yoshi a bit trying to keep him grounded. Yoshi got to his feet though and escaped JTG's suplex attempt. From there he followed with the roundhouse kick on JTG for the big pinfall win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall over JTG.

The latest round of NXT elimination voting opens on WWE.com as of 12 Noon EST Wednesday.

William Regal and Todd Grisham talked Capitol Punishment and pondered what if the president had a press conference about it. They replayed the R-Truth mock press bit from last night's Raw.

Backstage, they had a routine with Conor O'Brian trying to break a board with his head. Hornswoggle tried to do it first though but couldn't. Titus O'Neil came into the scene and helped shove Horney into the board to break it. Vladimir Kozlov told Conor O'Brian he made it a win.

Conor O'Brian & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young

In the late part of this match, Kozlov was being doubleteamed by Chavo/Young. He eventually made the big tag to Conor O'Brian, but in the final sequence the four-man brawl resulted in Young hitting a finisher on O'Brian for the win.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young win via pinfall over Conor O'Brian & Vladimir Kozlov.

They had a promotional bit for "That's What I Am" and another reminder of tomorrow's NXT voting on WWE.com.

Titus O'Neil vs. Lucky Cannon

Cannon arrived out with his pro, Tyson Kidd, and Maryse. Apparently, Cannon had bought Maryse a new purse earlier in the day and Maryse tweeted about it. She had it with her at ringside.

Late in the match, Hornswoggle gave Maryse a special present, a velvet case with a candy necklace inside it. Horney grabbed Maryse by the leg and she clocked him with the purse. Lucky Cannon saw this and was distracted by yelling at Horney. Maryse's purse suddenly was revealed to be fake when it exploded. Maryse was angry about that and smacked Lucky with the purse. As he turned around, Titus O'Neil hit him with the finisher.

Winner: Titus O'Neil wins via pinfall over Lucky Cannon.

The show ended with Maryse storming backstage and Titus/Hornswoggle celebrating in the ring.

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