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Raw Results 05/30/11

Raw Results from Omaha, NE:

The show opened with no audio and audio technicalities as R-Truth was on a rampage. He was backstage tossing apart concession stands and merchandise areas. Truth went out to the audience and found a young kid and his father, calling them Little and Big Jimmy wearing their Cena T-Shirts.

Cena finally came out to the ring to confront Truth, calling him crazy. Cena and Truth were about to go at it, but the anonymous Raw GM sent an email to interrupt. Cole got up to read and announced that the GM had made the match official. He added "there will be no Lil' Jimmies at ringside." Truth asked if it was a joke, then told Cena "you gonna get got" and left the ring.

They looked at footage of Kharma breaking down in tears in the ring last week. Cole said she'll speak live tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Down the stretch, Kofi went for the SOS, but Ziggler held onto the ropes to knock him down. As Kofi staggered up, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on him for the big pinfall win. Vickie celebrated as Cole talked about how important a win it was for Ziggler over the US Champion tonight.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Cole questioned Alex Riley's actions against his mentor, The Miz, last week. Cole said he'll find out what was behind it all and get an apology from Riley later tonight.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio to the crowd. Del Rio drove out in a $100k Audi car, with Cole talking about how they drove around in it earlier. Del Rio talked about what happened to Big Show last week, and they had the footage shown of the tag titles lost to New Nexus, and Show getting run over by Del Rio's car backstage, causing a serious leg injury.

Del Rio had Ricardo speak in Spanish about what happen. Del Rio said Big Show made a mistake and brought all this on himself. He then added that Big Show owes him money for damaging his car so he'll send him a bill. Del Rio then said for Big Show to "get well soon." Lawler and Cole talked over Del Rio's attitude and the damage to Del Rio's car.

They showed the divas warming up backstage for a divas tag match, with Eve and Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins.

Eve & Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins

In under 3 minutes, Kelly was able to make a hot tag in to save Eve from the doubleteaming and eventually hit the Rocker Dropper to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly and Eve win via pinfall over The Bella Twins.

Cole interviewed and confronted Alex Riley about what he did to his mentor, brother and father, The Miz last week. Riley eventually snatched away the mic and told Cole to shutup. After Cole called Riley a bastard, Riley shoved him down to the mat and playfully kicked him around. Suddenly, The Miz rushed into the ring behind Riley to attack him.

However, as the fight continued, Riley got the upperhand on his mentor and fought him outside the ring. Eventually Miz took off running through the crowd. Riley got back in the ring and stood tall as the crowd cheered on their newfound hero.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

In the final stages of this match, Punk and Rey traded counters. Finally, Punk got in an enziguiri kick which was able to drop Rey to the mat, giving Punk the pinfall victory. Punk left the ring celebrating with Mason Ryan.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio.

WWE Diva Kharma appeared in the ring to talk about her dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar. She said on Season Two of Tough Enough, Jim Ross said she was too fat to be a WWE Diva. She said she took those words with her to Japan to learn to become a wrestling master.

Kharma noted that her other dream was to become a mother, and she is now pregnant. She said it's a high-risk pregnancy, which prevents her from competing in the ring. Kharma thanked everyone for letting her share her dream, then vowed to be back.

The Bella Twins' music hit and they came out to mock Kharma. They said they can't believe she's pregnant because they just thought she was really fat. In the ring, Kharma scared the Bellas, then said she hopes the Bellas are there when she comes back in a year.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger called out Bourne for this match based on what happened last week. Early in the match, Swagger cockily rolled Bourne into the ring from outside then made a pinfall attempt. Bourne escaped it and Swagger did some pushups on Bourne's back. Swagger started to play around and Bourne capitalized, quickly rolling him up for a surprise pinfall. Cole called it a major upset for Bourne. Swagger was visibly upset in the ring.

Winner: Evan Bourne wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

John Cena vs. R-Truth

In the main event, Cena nearly got the Attitude Adjustment, but Truth escaped it and left the ring. He went into the stands, with Cena chasing after him. Truth clotheslined Cena down hard to the floor. He jumped back over the guardrail then got in the ring to see Cena get counted out.

After the decision was given to Truth, he went back over to the little kid and his dad from the intro of Raw. He took the kid's soda and threw it in the dad's face before taking off. Cena came over and checked on them all, then gave the little boy his armband. Cena was just standing next to the family looking confused as Raw ended.

Winner: R-Truth wins due to countout of John Cena.

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