Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alex Riley Needs Big Smackdown Role Now

After delivering an epic beatdown on his mentor, The Miz, on Monday Night Raw, former NXT competitor, Alex Riley, was nowhere to be seen on Friday's Smackdown. Riley is a part of the roster, but aside from getting an RKO from Randy Orton weeks ago, has been absent from the show.

Riley definitely made a big statement in beating up The Miz on Raw, but now where does he go? Will The Miz go after Riley, or will Riley begin his career fresh on Smackdown? If anything, it seems like Riley could be a smart choice as an Intercontinental championship contender. Maybe even the guy who defeats Wade Barrett for the title (sorry Zeke).

Riley could become the type of guy Ted Dibiase had trouble becoming. The writers capitalized by having Riley beat up his mentor on Raw, and his mentor just so happens to be a former WWE Champion. Don't forget that Riley was runner-up on NXT Season 2 to Kaval, a guy who is no longer with WWE.

It's tough for Riley to get a spot on the Smackdown roster right now, due to all the storylines going on. Let's hope he's not going to be a squash opponent for guys like Great Khali and Mark Henry. Maybe he'll get some TV time on WWE Superstars for a while and then a push to the bigger roster.

What do you think will happen with Alex Riley? Will he get lost in the roster after beating up The Miz? Will The Miz and Riley feud? Leave your thoughts below!

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Blogger Fazel said...

i want to see undertaker on this you read me(say loud and

May 30, 2011 at 9:19 PM  

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