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Raw Results 06/06/11

Raw Results from Richmond, VA:

The show opened with R-Truth coming to the ring with Stone Cold and Mr McMahon already there from the Tough Enough finale. Truth was dressed like a Confederate Soldier to make his big apology and then started talking about conspiracies to Mr. McMahon. The Miz came out to interrupt demanding a championship match, then Alex Riley came out to interrupt him. Finally, John Cena came out to shed some light on them all and said it seems Truth has his championship match at Capitol Punishment PPV.

The Raw GM sent an email but before Cole could read it, Vince told him to shut up. Instead, Vince handled the match booking and made a main event of Alex Riley & John Cena vs Miz and R-Truth with Austin as special referee.

Santino Marella vs. Michael McGillicutty

Vladimir Kozlov and David Otunga were ringside to support their tag partners. At one point in the match, the ref was distracted with Kozlov outside the ring. McGill was outside the ring and yanked Santino against the ropes to gain an edge. However, in the ring when he rushed at Santino, Santino avoided his move, then wound up and hit The Cobra.

Winner: Santino Marella wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty.

Cole and Lawler showed a replay of Andy being announced WWE Tough Enough winner earlier in the night.

Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs The Bella Twins

In the closing moments, Beth had a pinfall on one of the Bellas after a slingshot suplex against the top rope. The other twin rushed in to break it up, prompting Kelly to rush in and bulldog her down. Kelly and the non-legal Bella ended up on the outside. In the ring, the legal Bella rushed at Beth who avoided her attack and grabbed her then hoisted her up for the Glam Slam.

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over The Bella Twins.

WWE returned backstage with Tough Enough trainers Trish Stratus and Booker T. Booker said he wanted to show Trish how to do a Trisharooney move. Trish got down on one knee as Booker instructed him how to do it. Jack Swagger came in to interrupt and ended up challenging Booker to a match. Booker accepted then told Swagger to back up off him.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Punk arrived out to the stage with Mason Ryan of New Nexus. Punk sat down and Ryan handed him the mic. Punk said he's beaten Mysterio like 600 times now, and he'll do it again tonight.

In the close of this one, Rey set up Punk by dropkicking him against the ropes. He rushed over for a 619 with Mason Ryan getting on the apron to prevent it. Punk grabbed Rey who did a whirling counter to knock Ryan off the apron, then DDT Punk down. He followed up with his diving splash off the corner for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over CM Punk.

Cole and Lawler confirmed that R-Truth will face John Cena for the WWE Championship in 2 weeks at Capitol Punishment. Lawler proposed the silly idea of an Obama press conference for the WWE PPV, and they cut to another fake one. This time, R-Truth was one of the media members, asking the president about a conspiracy theory. It ended with talk of being on a boat and R-Truth getting pushed overboard by the president.

John Cena and Alex Riley spoke backstage with Cena telling him he'd be his tag partner tonight but he better not try anything.

Alberto Del Rio arrived out in another fancy car to talk to the WWE Raw audience. They showed footage once again of Big Show getting hit by Del Rio's car weeks ago. Del Rio said he wanted to apologize to Big Show and invited him out. Show didn't reveal himself, probably due to injury rehab. Suddenly, his theme music went off and Big Show came out. Actually it was Ricardo Rodriguez dressed up like him and on crutches. He pretended to eat a hot dog and then brought himself to the ring slowly.

Del Rio pretended to have a conversation with Big Show, who kept letting out yelling sounds and Del Rio translated. Del Rio said he wouldn't settle with him on the charges, and said Big Show "don't make me your enemy, because if you do, you will get hurt." He reminded him "Bad things happen to bad people." Rodriguez revealed himself by tearing off the bald wig and moustache. Rodriguez let out several Alberto Del Rio's to end the in-ring segment.

Michael Cole had a sneak peek at "controlled frenzy" as they showed highlights of US Champion Kofi Kingston in a promotional video.

Kofi Kingston vs Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero joined Cole and Lawler for commentary. Ziggler said he was going to send out tweets during the match. Late in the contest, Kofi hit the double boom leg drop on Ryder. Moments later he hit Trouble in Paradise kick to KO Ryder for a pinfall win. Ziggler said he deserves a championship shot against Kofi.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

Backstage, R-Truth was having a conversation with himself when The Miz walked up to him trying to talk strategy.

They showed Tough Enough trainer, Booker T, walkin backstage on the way out for his first WWE match in four years.

When Raw returned, Cole said the Raw GM gave word during break that Alex Riley will face off against The Miz at Capitol Punishment on June 19, 2011.

Booker T vs Jack Swagger

Swagger avoided a scissor kick then took control against Booker inside and outside the ring. Booker finally hit a scissors kick near the ropes causing Swagger to roll out of the ring. Swagger didn't get back in to beat the countout, wanting no more of Booker, giving Booker the win.

Post-match, Evan Bourne rushed down to knock Swagger down on the ramp. Bourne ran into the ring with Swagger chasing, but Booker kicked him down. BOoker followed with his scissor kick finisher, then Bourne did the Air Bourne. With Swagger out of the ring, they did a double spin-a-rooney.

Winner: Booker T wins due to countout of Jack Swagger.

Alex Riley & John Cena vs The Miz & R-Truth

Stone Cold arrived out to officiate the match. The Miz was introduced next followed by R-Truth without music, then Alex Riley and John Cena last.

In the close of this one, R-Truth tried to go at Cena with a chair, but swung and missed. Cena dropkicked him down with the chair. Austin took the chair out of the ring as Miz and Cena collided with a double takedown to the mat. Riley grabbed the MITB briefcase from the outside and slipped in the ring. He faked like he was going to smash Cena with it, then rushed Miz and smashed him. Austin stepped up to kick Miz in the gut, the hit a Stone Cold Stunner. Cena followed with the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Post-match, Michael Cole kept whining about Austin's interference as referee. He got an email from the Raw GM which said the referee blatantly interfered so the winners are The Miz and R-Truth. Another email came saying that next week Stone Cold will be the special guest General Manager for next week's 3-hour Raw All-Star show.

Austin left the ring and grabbed Cole's laptop from the podium then threw it down. He knocked the podium over, then grabbed Cole and punched him before shoving him into the ring. Cole got a beer bath and then a Stone Cold Stunner. Cena followed suit and gave an Attitude Adjustment. Cena and Austin celebrated with a beer bash in the ring to close out Raw.

Winners: The Miz and R-Truth win due to disqualification of John Cena and Alex Riley.

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