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Smackdown Results 09/23/11

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John Laurinaitis was in the ring to start the show. He had assembled all of the Smackdown stars including GM Teddy Long around the ring. He spoke about how many believe that HHH has lost control of the WWE and fired two talented superstars, R-Truth and The Miz. He said he believes Triple H is in control, because he saw it in his eyes, full of resolve and determination.

Laurinaitis introduced new World Champ Mark Henry, who came down to the ring from backstage. Henry stood on the ramp and the Smackdown stars moved apart for him to go through, and get up on the apron into the ring. Laurinaitis shook his hand and handed the mic over.

Henry talked about all the non-believers on Smackdown, who are now believers. He was interrupted by Triple H's theme song, as the COO came to the ring to interject. HHH offered a handshake to the champ but Henry just looked at him and refused to shake. Henry handed the mic over, but Christian had a mic and got in the ring to interrupt. He told HHH he's doing a great job as COO.

Christian tried to lobby for one more match to become World Champion, saying all of Smackdown looks up to him as a leader. He said after Hell in a Cell when "you know who" chokes in the match, Christian will be the guy to be the three-time world champion by beating Randy Orton. Triple H said it was a good thought for him to step up as a leader by example. HHH said he'd give him the opportunity to lead in front of all the Smackdown superstars for a lumberjack match. Christian will take on Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship in the match.

Triple H left and Christian tried to argue his way out of it with his back to the champ. He turned around and Henry had moved closer up to him, face to face. Christian exited the ring looking at the various wrestlers around the ring.

Sheamus defeated Heath Slater by pinfall after connecting on a Brogue Kick to KO Slater.

Christian tried to talk Khali into having his back at the Lumberjack match later on. Khali seemed to have trouble understanding Christian though.

Wade Barrett defeated his former Nexus and Corre pal, Justin Gabriel by pinfall. Wade hit Wasteland after kicking Gabriel off the top rope.

Backstage, Randy Orton talked about how losing the title was like going to Hell. He said maybe he'll drag Henry or Christian to Hell with him, but when he comes back, he'll be bringing the World Championship with him.

Christian tried to convince Zeke Jackson to help him out later tonight, but ended up getting himself in hot water. Christian took off after trying to talk his way out of things.

Natalya & Beth Phoenix won by pinfall over AJ and Kaitlyn. Beth Phoenix hit the Glam Slam on AJ for the win.

Cody Rhodes won due to disqualification of Randy Orton in just over 3 minutes. Orton took Rhodes' mask off and was using it to him him, causing the DQ. Post-match, Orton snapped and kept attacking Rhodes, using his mask and then the ring bell. Rhodes was bleeding profusely. Orton eventually tried to hit the RKO on an announce table. He connected but the table didn't break.

Backstage, Christian tried to give Sheamus a potato as a peace offering. Christian reminded Sheamus that if he wins the title tonight, Sheamus is first in line for a title shot. Sheamus told Christian thanks for the potato and he'll "cherish it." After Christian left, Sheamus bit into the potato and then spit it out saying it wasn't from Ireland but Idaho.

Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal in just over two minutes. Khali gained the upperhand using several clotheslines and a huge chop to Mahal's head, then his huge slam for the pinfall win.

Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall in 3 minutes. During the match, Sin Cara went to the top rope for a move. The other Sin Cara rushed out to ringside and without the ref seeing it, shoved the other Sin Cara off the top rope to the outside. The new Sin Cara climbed to the top and hit a Swanton Bomb on Daniel Bryan to get the win.

Air Boom defeated The Usos by pinfall. Late in the match, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on the legal Uso, followed by Bourne's Air Bourne for the win.

In the main event, Henry had the advantage for most of the bout. Things eventually spilled outside, where the lumberjacks tried to beat up Henry. He brushed them all off, pressed Trent Barreta overhead and tossed him at a group of other wrestlers. Christian tried to flee with Sheamus grabbing him and tossing him into the ring for Henry to hit World's Strongest Slam. Pinfall victory for Henry to retain his championship.

Post-match, Randy Orton ran out to beat up Henry. Henry got in some strikes but Orton dropkicked him to the outside. The show closed with Orton's theme music playing, but Henry holding the belt up over his head.

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